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Until finishing Ano Natsu, I had thought the OBVIOUS similarities between the two were nothing more than examples of the anime industry's lack of originality. But it turns out they were written by the same person, with Ano Natsu linking into Onegai Teacher at the very end. So, it wasn't theft: it was just the writer being lazy. Glad that's clear, now. Two alien Mary Sues come from space. They have the same basic character designs. One becomes a teacher; one becomes a student. They fall in love with scrawny, four-eyed midgets. There's drama.
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Same producer, same style, same atmosphere. Both stories are about an alien girl (with red hair) come to earth and meet the Hero. Both stories are happened in a school at remote area. Both Hero are wearing glasses and are students. Both Heroine are older than the Heros. Both have a girl likes the Hero. Yukari is acting very similar characters in both animes.
report Recommended by gundamfranco
Same writer, story, character designs, setting and even opening theme singer (KOTOKO) If you've watched one then you've practically watched the other and can update your MAL list accordingly ... disappointingly unoriginal ..
report Recommended by Allografter
First episode of Ano Natsu - is it Onegai Teacher's remake? Looks like author is the same also
report Recommended by Uriziel
story feels very similar and even the opening gives same feeling
report Recommended by ksanders
Oh come on, how similar can you get with these two? Good looking aliens? Check. Guy romantically involved with said alien? Check. School setting? Check. The main difference I can point out is the storyline. Onegai Teacher tipped more on the drama scale. AnoNatsu has better art style and animation though. Anyway, both were entertaining to watch.
report Recommended by CommanderOfDeath
Aside from the having the same writer, Yousuke Kuroda, the overall tone of the series follows the same structure as Onegai Teacher. 1) A lot of inner monologues between the two main characters' and exploring their emotions with each other. The viewers are shown all the worries and thoughts of the characters. As if they were living in the character's shoes. 2) Easy to understand conflicts. A lot of explanations with dialogues, monologues, and clearly structured scenes to reassure all aspects of the viewer's thoughts.
report Recommended by lackofwords
The story is practically the same, only with characters with different names, but if they liked the romantic theme of the boy who falls in love with the beautiful alien woman and the existence of a strong love triangle, then I think this series should of interest. A beautiful story of love, friendship, comedy and drama.
report Recommended by Koshka_hime
-Both have the same genres -Both have Hero & Heroine wearing glasses -Similar Character & Artworks -Both have something to with girl from another planet -Both give the same feeling/atmosphere
report Recommended by FuuriZero
Ano Natsu de Matteru and Onegai Teacher are romance anime that have a very similar storyline where the main male protagonists fall in love with an alien girl from outer space. Both series feature amazing animation and character design. The conflicts that carry the story are pretty much the same and many of the characters bear a strong resemblance, in terms of design and personality. It's safe to say that, if you enjoyed watching Ano Natsu de Matteru, you will most likely enjoy Onegai Teacher, and vice versa.
report Recommended by FireHeart
It's the pseudo-remake of Onegai Teacher. Rejoice. -They're both straight romances. -They both showcase a high school boy as the protagonist. -The heroines are both older (senpai in Ano Natsu and sensei in Onegai) then the protagonist. -The female leads are both red-haired bespectacled aliens with cute companions (Rinon and Marie). -The cast in general feel similar. -They eventually live together. -They occur in a rural setting. -They both showcase a love triangle with the protagonist's close female friend. -They have the same writer. -The story also feels similar. -The art feels similar. -Even the sound feel similar. -Most importantly, They're both interesting.
report Recommended by legwkio
As alot of people have already pointed out, this anime is very similar to onegai teacher. (same writer/producer) However, i'd like to extrapolate from that and go as far as to say that the two animes occur in the same universe. Firstly, lets compare Ichigo (strawberry) vs. Remon (lemon). Looks very similar and have the same VA. They've implied in the last couple of episodes that Remon had standstills. She mentions about being "eternally 17" and how Tetsurou teases Remon for "still being in highschool". In addition, her personality is almost one in the same as ichigo. Also Remon reiterates the words ichigo spoke, "Don't stop.   read more
report Recommended by butteredcorn
Both story revolve around a "normal" high school kid and his life along with his friend, where suddenly an alien girl/lady pops in. Even the personalities of the characters are kinda similar.
report Recommended by pyredo
Both have a red headed main female character and both females have a similar objective or desire involving earth plus both females come from space
report Recommended by CollegeWeaboo
The story line of both is similar. Both have an alien and human romance in it with a good ending, give the same feeling/atmosphere, have something to do with the theme of summer, have similar art, and are interesting.
report Recommended by OtakuSama369
Alot of similarities in both series over all if u like 1 you will definitely like the other! -Both have a relationship with a girl not from earth - Both good comedy/romance
report Recommended by Kabbag3
Both Series is about alien girls (Both have red hair and glasses) come to earth and fall in love with a human boy (both have glasses). Both series have more than one love triangle going on and spuriously the main setting is at school (Like any other high school harem) Both series also sharing the same genres such as Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Ecchi & Drama. The only differance between Please Teacher and Ano Natsu de matteru is that the alien became a teacher at the school (Please Teacher) instead of a Grade 12 student. Never seen two series that's so much alike with each other so if   read more
report Recommended by SnowLife
Alien crashes into both towns The alien moves in with kid Both romance/comedies Both have aliens try to break them up Onegai teacher feels like the predecessor to Ano Natsu
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
Is the same thing!! really, sometimes i kei kusanagi and mizuho-sensei in cosplay?? :S The story is very very very similar, the personalities of characters, etc Ano natsu de matteru has better animation.
report Recommended by KPBouvier
-Both have an alien that comes to earth -In Both the main character finds out and has to keep it a secret -In both the guy falls for the girl (in Onegai Teacher The girl also falls for the boy right away) -Both have another girl that likes him and he has to chose between the two -They both have the same concept -Both are extremly Fantastic anime that made me wont to meet an alien :) So If you've loved Ano Natsu de Matteru You'll love Onegai Teacher
report Recommended by Deperil
The same story Tell about human and alien love story
report Recommended by blacktiger8
Similarities: - Same author - Same alien bullsh*t - Similar character designs (four-eyed midget MC, Voluptuous main heroine) - Similar storyline Difference: - Onegai teacher is slightly more mature than Ano natsu.
report Recommended by Xynic
Ano Natsu de Matteru is the spiritual successor to Onegai Teacher and they take place in the same setting with a plot point near the end that connects the two together.
report Recommended by RogerSmith2004
A young human in a relationship with an alien woman in a school setting Both take place in a small town, where their relationship ends up impacting the lives of their colleagues, in different ways in the two works.
report Recommended by lknkira
* Both have similar characters ( not by designs, but personalities ) * Alien girl/woman living under the same roof with four-eyes male lead... * Strong SOL/Supernatural/School vibes... * Lot's of annoying monologues....again again and again.... * In both, characters looks like 15/17 years old as minimum, but they're acting like 10 year old kids who doesn't know anything...even the super/high IQ alien * They both have several hilarious or just funny moments... * Romance actually goes somewhere....idk it's just plain boring in AnoNatsu...unlike Onegai Teacher!
report Recommended by Konte
Neither has much to talk about the difference between the two, because they are IDENTICAL, simply Ano Natsu de Matteru was based completely on Onegai Teacher but Ano Natsu is best known for being current, having a beautiful animation, then you who already watched Ano Natsu de Matteru run and watch Onegai Teacher which is simply great, particularly prefer Onegai Teacher, is spicier and has a more charismatic characters.
report Recommended by HiImGina
Plots are similar with some minor differences. An alien goes to earth to complete a mission and where in one anime she disguises herself as a teacher in the other anime disguises herself as a student. They both fall in love with their classmate/student who both discover the other's identity. I liked Ano Natsu de Matteru better because I think it has better character dynamic and character/relationships development. And it was just so cute ^^
report Recommended by CallMeAi
well onegai teacher and ano natsu de matteiru are almost 82% similar. the only difference is onegai teacher is a bit depressing but ano natsu de matteiru was good compared to that. like mc's friend is in love with him and like most of the anime mc is in love with other girl, onegai teacher is depressing cuz it seems like a forced one.
report Recommended by Twilight_rose
Both have a very similar premise - a young high schooler meets an older alien girl and they fall in love. Ano Natsu's alien is his senior at school while in Onegai Teacher she's his teacher (duh), they both have access to advanced technology (including a strange helpful creature that integrates with their ships), and have to hide their identity. Imo, Ano Natsu has much better visuals and a more interesting plot.
report Recommended by FinalReality56
both involve older female love interest that turn out to be aliens both have a side animal that came with them to earth. Very similar endings both have love triangles with with a neither girl likes the MC but the MC likes the main girl and both strangely have a girl that looks like a loil but shes actually like 25. buts its kinda the same show hell both main boys wear glasses same with the the main girls but i prefer please teacher at the end of the day cause i think its better
report Recommended by Powebat8907
I think they were actually inspired by Onegai Teacher when they did Waiting in The Summer, there are a lot of similarities between those two that you will notice right away. Main female character = Alien ✅ Second main female character = In love with the Main Character ✅ So on..
report Recommended by Toolfuti