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Both made by Kyoto Animation, graphic styles are similiar both tells a story about four girls, both are school comedies
report Recommended by Atanazy
This is very similar because both animes have four main charaters and slowly start to gain more charaters toward the end. They both express chibi scenes to make childish comedy which i could help but laugh at. The only differnce is that K-on is based around learning music and Lucky star tries to referance anything they can while at school.
report Recommended by usgprotector
Lucky Star and K-ON focused more on the drama/slice of life and comedy. So, if you found Lucky star worth watching, then so is K-ON. There are also character that act for the "moe", the serious one, etc.
report Recommended by vnewis
Both of these Animes share a good amount of comedy as well as being slice-of-life shows. Not only that but all four of the main girls from each series have a similar personality. Like... -Konata=Ritsu, both of them seem to have a hyperactive attitude and act not as normal as others. -Kagami=Mio, both share a good study habits and are really smart. Plus they can act really strict . -Tsukasa=Yui, both of them don't really like to study that much and they really like to eat sweets. -Miyuki=Tsumugi, they both come form wealthy families and they also have a sweet personality.
report Recommended by Nara-Sama
Both animes follow four average girls on their "journey" through high school. both sets of girls look rather young for high schoolers, but face similar struggles as those that real high schoolers face. Also, while K-ON! has more to do with music, both have great songs! These comedies are both so great and if u like one of them you'll definitely like the other!!! hope this helps!!!
report Recommended by gosakurago
In a daily life of a girl, there are countless joys hidden just waiting to be uncovered. Sometimes, the most dull and boring of places can actually be the most fun once you found a reason to cherish it. In the midst of all this, music serves as the glue in the joyful adventure. 'K-ON!' and 'Lucky Star' established themselves as some of the top contenders of simple, carefree 'FUN' without having the need to cross the boundary. In each of the series, friendships are formed with a group of girls that do not have a clear sincere dream they wished to pursue. The comedy and   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
They're both a slice of life anime with 4 cute girls and are made by Kyoto Animation.
report Recommended by Fumiko
It's humorous, sweet and beautiful look, as Lucky Star.
report Recommended by brendon14
Randomness all over the place xD Lucky Star is better though.
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Made by the same studio, both have very similar type of humor, both are about a group of girls in high school and both are moe
report Recommended by doorotka
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the charcters from lucky star all of a sudden created a rock band? well here you go. you can even see the characteristics of each of the characters being almost he same. The seiyu are different and not as well know but they are all rising starts in the anime business.
report Recommended by weimingden
K-ON and Lucky Star are very similar in many ways. Firstly: the characters are similar. Examples: Mugi and Miyuki are similar because both are rich; Konata and Ritsu are similar because both are crazy; Kagami and Mio are somewhat similar because they try to control the crazy ones; Yui and Tsukasa are similar because they both forget things, sometimes important things. Secondly: In both anime, The story is revolved around 4 girls. In Lucky Star: Konata, Miyuki, Tsukasa, and Kagami. In K-ON: Mio, Mugi, Yui, and Ritsu. There are also teachers involved and other girls. Thirdly: In both anime, the theme is comedy and school, however K-ON   read more
report Recommended by wonderlander_7
K-ON and Lucky Star are both slice of life moe comedies that mainly take place in school. The characters are extremely similar, for example: Konata-Ritsu Tsukasa-Yui Kagami-Mio Miyuki-Tsumugi
report Recommended by bprrie
Moe and funny what more do you need in any show. Both shows are lighthearted and fun to watch.
report Recommended by Chaos6789
The story centers around four high-school girls who go about their daily lives, with various themes at the center. K-ON! is very similar to Lucky Star, but replace the 2ch references and otaku culture with music.
report Recommended by omgNova
Lucky Star and K-ON! Has Similar characters, not by looks but by attitudes as well. It doesn't have the same storylines. But if you watch Lucky Star or the latter, you will feel the same atmosphere in both animes. They are produced by Kyoto Animation as well, giving you the same amount of humor, Lucky Star brought us.
report Recommended by haejin
They have a simple plot and they are really random. They focus on high school girls and their teachers; even the lead characters are similar. (Kagami - Mio Konata - Ritsu Tsukasa - Yui Miyuki - Tsumugi)
report Recommended by MisaTange
K-ON is pretty much Lucky Star with musical instruments. Both are made by the same company. If you liked Lucky star you will like K-ON also. (Judging by the 1st 3 episodes only)
report Recommended by toxicrat2
K-ON! and Lucky Star are both easy-going, slice-of-life anime that have practically matching character personalities. K-ON has a hint of a story-line, but ends up with the pointless and random almost every episode, just like Lucky Star. If you loved one, there is no way you'll not love the other.
report Recommended by Little_Sparrow
K-on is simply LS ripped off. Devoid of all its simple charm and pros. If you have to eat sweets at least choose these that won't make your stomach ache.
report Recommended by Rychulubicz
There are four main female characters (until Azu-nyan came on later in the series of K-On!) and very few male side characters for both anime. Some of them have similar traits too: Yuki-chan (Lucky Star) is prim and proper like Mugi-chan and Yui is somewhat an airhead like Tsukasa. The girls in both anime are energetic, happy, cute and random. Both anime are in the comedy genre.
report Recommended by ilyssacrescent
They're both fairly random anime about a group of four high-school girls going about their everyday life and having fun together. :)
report Recommended by butterflyswimmer
both are EXTREMELY hilarious!!! just girls hanging out, talkin about stuff and doing things that makes you laugh!! the characters are very similar... Yui- Tsukasa Mio- Kagami Ritsu- Konata Tsumugi- Miyuki the teachers who hangs around with them have the same personality as well, the 4 main characters treats them as if they're the same age.... Sawako- Nanako (they're also teachers who doesn't have any boyfriend so they have nothing else to do xD)
report Recommended by itzMojoj0
If you liked Lucky Star, you'll definitely love K-On! The characters are all loveable, and its comedic aspects and slice of life genre will definitely appeal to all viewers :)
report Recommended by PockyLoveLove
K-on! is just like Lucky Star in so many ways. Even though the plots are different, the main characters have a lot of the same personalities and traits and it centers around their school life. It is also just as funny as Lucky Star =P.
report Recommended by Terra_Strife
Lucky Star and K-ON! are just the same. They are comedy series about a group of girls having fun and enjoying their lives. Both are slice of lives, and very enjoyable. Also, the characters are kinda the same. So, if you liked one of these two, just watch the other one, and you'll know what I mean.
report Recommended by Nerdo
They are pretty similar in how they both function, I can't say "If you like Lucky Star you will definitely like K-ON" but I can say you should give K-ON a try.
report Recommended by u8sand
Both have the school girls and the funny moments without any real drama and tons of humour about their everyday lives.
report Recommended by goofydude
They are both moe slice of life anime about school girls.
report Recommended by hk850
High school, friendship, randomness, you'll love this anime serie.
report Recommended by Ragebeast
In the both shows there are 4 moe girls with similar personalities.
report Recommended by pospanko
this is moe too. but k-on! is better but this is ok too
report Recommended by justagaf
Light weighted fluffy anime! Also extremely random.
report Recommended by thedeviousfiles
They both don't have a strong and solid plot, which means there's a lot of scenes that are fillers but are actually very funny. I thought I'd never find another anime like Lucky Star but then I found K-ON :) They're both wonderful
report Recommended by kamibear
School girls enjoying life, however I feel that K-On had a little bit more structure as opposed to Lucky☆Star. Nonetheless, I think if you enjoyed one you'll probably enjoy the other. Characters are incredibly similar: Yui, Tsukasa, they have cute, and silly tendencies. Mio, Kagami, they are both the ones that more or less keep things in order, but both have lapses in that attitude from time to time. Tsumugi, Miyuki, they are rich girls, kinda ditsy and super cute in the same ways. Ritsu, Konata, they are both hyper-active and often come up with crazy ideas.
report Recommended by RedCellophane
Main characters are girls and the series revolves around them getting through highschool.
report Recommended by xXShikaChanXx
Daily lives of a group of girls and great art too.
report Recommended by SweetKiichigo
Both series are relaxing slice of life shows which feature good friends going through high school and enjoying themselves (with loads of cuteness and fantastic humor).
report Recommended by Aurumai
Both have strong and funny female characters who you get attached to as the series progresses. When both animes end, you feel as if you've graduated with all of them. Boh animes keep you laughing until the credits, and many of the characters are extremely similar.
report Recommended by whitneysanime
Both have cute group of friends who live a daily normal life at school. Genre is slice of life for both and there isn't a concrete story but just their talks of a daily japanese school student who wear cute uniforms and like to discuss about cakes and sweets! Both are really kawaii!
report Recommended by ine-chan
Both have a quirky sense of humor and don't have much of a plot or continuous conflict that builds through out the story. Both share the Slice of Life genre and usually take place in a school environment.
report Recommended by TanookiTail
Both Animes present a more or less carefree High-School life, while focusing on the comedic aspects. Drama, Tragedy and Sadness are not present. Furthermore, the protagonists are quite similiar: Both have a textbook airhead, a Tsundere and a rich, well-mannered girl, who sometimes fails to keep in touch with reality.
report Recommended by HiroKnopperanksi
Moe, moe and more moe!! Both are slice of life/comedy shows which have a four girl main cast. If you like watching girls doing cute things and having a laugh then either is worth a watch.
report Recommended by almostacrayon
Watch them if you're into moeblob, or simply a KyoAni fan, definitely DON'T watch these if you've recently begun to watch anime because you'll end up hating it!
report Recommended by Totentanz94
It has a similar basic premise of four young girl friends in school. Both feature a lot of slice-of-life comedy and cute characters.
report Recommended by MeOhMyra
If you like the Moe genre with shows like K-ON! then check out Lucky Star which basically started the Moe genre.
report Recommended by jordanhig92
Same studio and a very similar slice of life feel to both shows. The big difference is that Lucky Star's comedy is very much geared towards otaku and geek culture whilst K-ON! uses more general humour that most people can understand. In that respect it appeals to a less niche audience whilst still complying to the great SOL structure Kyoto appear to have perfected,
report Recommended by KurtJP35
- Both follow the slice of life antics of of girls and both have similar animation. - Both anime focus on the everyday life of a group of Happy-go-Lucky High School girls going through an average high school life. - Both are centered around the friendship of 4 characters. - Both focus more on the quirky relationships than any overriding plot. - They are both entertaining and have their own unique comedic values. - They go through life everyday doing many things such as going to see a doctor, practicing for an upcoming concert, or just trying to do your homework and pass the test. - They   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
When it comes to moe shows, they're all so cut-and-paste you only really need to see one to see them all, amirite? Nah, dawg. K-On! is a downright masterpiece, incorporating the four high school girls doing cute stuff formula into an actual coming-of-age story with super subtle character development and lovably relatable themes of friendship and finding something to be passionate for, as one does during teenage years. It has everything Lucky Star had and more, with top-notch animation and the same painted backgrounds KyoAni is known for. If Moe shows really are all the same, let Lucky Star be your gateway, then watch K-On!   read more
report Recommended by GigaDonk99