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In my eyes, Lucky Star is KyoAni's version of SHAFT's Hidamari Sketch. The main characters in both animes have similar personalities (the tomboyish Miyako is like Konata; Sae/Kagami; Hiro/Miyuki; Yuno/Tsukasa; and their sensei both act childish). Episodes consist of random but amusing talk about everyday life things and Japanese culture and an occasional reference to another anime (though unlike Hidamari, parody is one of the central themes in LS). Lucky Star was made specifically for the otaku and its pace is much more frantic than the laid back Hidamari. Nonetheless, when watching, you can’t help but notice that these two animes feel very much the   read more
report Recommended by Nek0
Hidamari Sketch and Lucky ☆ Star both have this charm to them. They are extremely similar animes about teenage girls going to school. Animation is unique in both. If you liked Lucky ☆ Star you will most likely get into Hidamari Sketch, and the other way around too. =)
report Recommended by nOObman
They are very similar. The characters are very funny and cute! You can match up the characters from Lucky Star and Hidamari Sketch by the way they behave.
report Recommended by zombiescones
Character personalities and style of story (pretty random) between Lucky Star and Hidamari Sketch are very alike.
report Recommended by Godel
Follow the everyday lives of 4 school girls as they make their way through High School pitfalls while living on their own. Excellent Slice of Life/Comedy with similar appeal to Luck Star.
report Recommended by darzin
Similar to Lucky Star, Hidamari Sketch is a slice-of-life comedy with four high school girls as main characters. While Hidamari Sketch has very few references to other animes, its calm, relaxing atmosphere and background music are perfect for winding oneself down at the end of the day.
report Recommended by Oscar
both show talks about the daily life of group of girls .. =)
report Recommended by LoveSong
Both are laid back, easygoing slice-of-life comedy animes about four girls in high school. Each character in Hidamari Sketch also has a matching character in Lucky Star, if you think about the way they behave.
report Recommended by Midnight_Catgirl
They have the same kind of atmosphere, for the most part. It's funny, relaxing and I think you'd have to me in the minority if you liked Lucky Star and not Hidamari Sketch. I should mention that you follow the art students just as you followed Konata and her friends in school. They both contain moe.
report Recommended by Yuniashi
Four high school girls talking about random stuff.
report Recommended by Alex2422