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These both feature a medieval Asian setting where the main character is paired with a younger male character. They both feature a lot of demons and spirits, and medieval combat. Moribito focuses on a strong female main character who is a Spearwoman, and Dororo focuses on a strong male character who uses swords. But they are very similar in that they are "Strong characters of few words" who are extremely competent in battle. You will very likely like one if you like the other.
report Recommended by Sara_Isayama
Both are historical supernatural stories set in an older day empire that focus on the relationship between an older and younger individual, as they venture through the miraculous world and become entangled in its supernatural and spiritual secrets. Dororo differs with its story focusing on the main characters recovering his lost 12 body pieces that were sacrificed to demons by his father in exchange for prosperity and rulership. While Seirei no Moribito focuses on its protagonist protecting and becoming the guardian of the lands prince as he it sort to be sacrificed by the emperor to save the land due to the manifestation of a   read more
report Recommended by Akoram
Both take place in a similar setting and time period. They both feature an asian setting, demons and spirits. Both protagonists take care of a younger child or are accompanied by one. They fight with similar weapons. Both anime involve politics as well and are overall a great watch.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_
Both take place in medieval era, with supernatural elements. Both are about a journey between the protagonist and a child who are strangers at the beginning. Both protagonists are badass fighters. Both deals with politics and history.
report Recommended by Yugao_
The similarities of the shows are uncanny they both involve demons and supernatural topics, they also both have an older character caring for a younger character. They take place in roughly the same era. The main characters are of high status. They both contain fascinating unique art styles. If you finish Either of these animes and you want more, there are no better anime that perfectly compliment each other.
report Recommended by Heliz
The main male characters in both shows are son of a lord and are inflicted with something supernatural which causes their father to want to kill him. They were both thought to be dead, but actually are still alive. They are also both a threat to their homeland due to being alive, with one being an offering to demons, and the other housing a water demon who could cause droughts. Female lead has to teach the female lead more about the world that they were ignorant to. These shows are basically identical to the point of plagiarism.
report Recommended by nathan34950