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White Album 2
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White Album 2
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku
Emotional love triangle underpinned by a trio that has trouble reconciling feelings and friendships.
report Recommended by Serviam
What's that? You like emotionally exhausting love triangles? Then have I got the show for you.
report Recommended by Amarrez
Romantic relationships and emotional struggles between a trio of close friends
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Love triangles at its finest.
report Recommended by firezero10
Shows that focus on the subtle relationship dynamics of that of a FMF love triangle. The situation is further complicated when the two main heroines in the love triangle are best friends, and hesitate to make a move on the protagonist.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Love triangles ftw. I find WA2 to be far superior, though.
report Recommended by GoodGonzoDoctor
If you've seen WA2, OreGairu Zoku will instantly remind you of it. From its production and presentation, to its ability to get you emotionally invested into it. But where these shows really shine is their similarity in having expertly executed love triangles. There are none better than these two in that regard.
report Recommended by ZachM
Romance. Friendship. Youth. Great personalities with realistic expectations. A love triangle that will have you cease to exist. Really, if you like the less-occurring heartwrenching aspects of Oregairu, you'll like White Album 2. If you like the beautiful character development and intercharacter relations in WA2, you'll like Oregairu. It can be argued that I'm overhyping both series, but this is my surface level recommendation and they really should be put together hand in hand in some aspects.
report Recommended by Sekaiou
Tragic love triangle. Three friends go through a roller coaster of uncertain feelings of love and friendship. The main two girls are best friends and the guy is stuck in between them. Both shows are amazing in their own ways.
report Recommended by kyle8998
Both series are similar in the regard that they focus on an emotionally exhaustive love triangle. They also the struggles of changing the status quo of a friendship. Oregairu Zoku is much more subtle in presenting its topic than WA2, but if you like one of them, you will enjoy the other.
report Recommended by PrincessZero
Exhausting love triangle? Teenage struggle? Having seen both shows. You cannot unsee/unfeel the similarities that these 2 series have.
report Recommended by Xenalius
Three students intentionally and unintentionally make a series of destructive relationship choices that ruin themselves and others, which ultimately results in a predictable and tiresome third act that may leave a poor taste in viewers' mouths.
report Recommended by goodbyegalaxy
Love Triangle , Setsuna Ogiso is similar to yui yuigahama and yukino yukinoshita is similar to Kazusa Touma both of them are similar love triangle but I feel like White Album has a bit more drama and romance and also White Album has like a lot of kissing and a sex scene
report Recommended by Revoltage1022
Same semi love triangle with a little love between all the characters. You have the cheery girl and the cool calm and collected girl. There's a sense of romance between all three characters, meaning there will be times where it's some what "shoujo ai" like. White album 2 focuses more on the drama part and the comedy is pretty bad, but the drama + progression more than makes up for it. Snafu focuses more on character development and sentiment + life values and has very tender moments. I would highly recommend both of them. P.S. Watch season one of Snafu and the first season of White Album has   read more
report Recommended by somedayasunbae
Love Triangles? A calm and cool girl, a friendly girl.
report Recommended by Austian
Centering on 3 people and trying to not break their relationship with each other.
report Recommended by Synistra-
Yui Yuigahama is similar to Setsuna Ogiso Yukino Yukinoshita is similar to Kazusa Touma Hachiman is totally different than Haruki though ... I personally think that event in White Album 2 is what could happen in Oregairu if they decide to break their status quo. Both are must watch
report Recommended by ZhiffZhiff