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Both have characters that are Beginners to sports. Through sheer will and hard work the character improves quickly one is in racing bikes and the other in tennis. Both characters have something unique about them one is an otaku and one is an expert note taker. I really enjoy both and if you have seen one, you definitely want to see the other.
report Recommended by Glamrgrl104
They may be related to different sports, but both series' main male protagonist are part of a club. And in that club, they find a new passion in sports. In similarity, there is the desire to win and achieve through hard work. Both series' main male protagonist struggle through obstacles. They face powerful rivals while learning more about the sport that they are enduring. It is a journey that they put their shoes into as the first step to achieve a name in the sports world. I recommend both series for anyone looking for an anime with energy, integrity, and what it means to achieve   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
These two anime can't really be much more similar than this. The only real difference is the fact, that one is about biking and one is about tennis. Both have main characters, who hold a really big potential to the sport in them, without really knowing it. And both are such hard working people, you wouldn't imagine. Both series tell a story about a rather unpopular guy getting good in a sport and striving his way through the competition there is.
report Recommended by seQuency
Both MC's have huge amount of talent and potential for the sport they later on gravitate to Both MC's want to be the best and go through tons of training and hard work to achieve it The two series show more than one main character trying to become the best which slowly shows a grow of friendship but also rivalry's as well Both series have Comedy, Sport, school life, Shounen, elements
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
Both are focused on a small group of people, the MC is new to their respective sport. Character development is very well done. They story for both keeps viewers wanting to watch more after every episode yet there is enough variation to keep them from being a copy paste with a new skin on it. Both currently have two seasons, YowaPedal has ended. (sadly)
report Recommended by Yuki_Yuuki
While Yowamushi Pedal is more akin to a shonen-style of writing when it comes to its logic in sports, the two protagonists are similar in that they are both unexpected golden players in their field. Both show the huge amount of progress both characters make throughout the series, but while Baby Steps is more focused on Eiichiro's growth and battles while occasionally showing glimpses of rivals and friends playing their games, Yowamushi Pedal is far more all-encompassing, deciding to instead show many characters and their interactions. If you want a Baby Steps that's a little more flashy but instead has many wonderful interactions with tons   read more
report Recommended by A_Fine_Egg
Both have a protagonist who is an atypical sportsman whose talent is discovered to their surprise. Both are hard workers who always stun people through their victories, though Yowamushi Pedal is a team story and has more rivalry dynamics, whereas Baby Steps is more about one boy and his relationships which gradually develop.
report Recommended by singmuse4