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Non Non Biyori
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Non Non Biyori
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
Two slice of life comedies about the characters at school (most of the time) and focus just on their everyday. Despite differing in plot and setting, their slow paced natures and style in how their episodes present themselves are very similar to each other, both directed by Shinya Kawatsura and from the same studio too which could've had an influence to this. Even their next episode previews are similar in feel too as well as both OSTs composed by the same composer. Both shows are fun, relaxing, and a good time to be had. There might not be as much moe in Tanaka-kun but if you like one   read more
report Recommended by BonBonToro
○ Both have relaxing atmospheres ○ Similar comedy ○ Good friendship elements ○ Great visuals ○ These are both perfect shows for when you're feeling super lazy!
report Recommended by Sawp
The main characters Tanaka and Renge are very similar because both are lazy, clueless and quiet persons. They are funny in a unique way because they see the world in a different way. Both are simple persons who don't realize anything. The atmosphere in both shows is calm and relaxing and the type of comedy is very similar because both have awkard moments, unique characters interaction and a lot of misunderstandings.
report Recommended by Akzhu7
The music composers are exactly the same! I was so surprised to figure this out. Anime, for me, is all about the soundtrack. Mizutani Hiromi is a really good composer, and I love listening to his pieces.
report Recommended by tomohaha3
same studio, same relaxing atmosphere, same.......sigh........ just watch it
report Recommended by liberatey0urmind
While their plots and characters are quite different, Tanaka-kun and Non Non Biyori evoke the same feelings of peace and calmness, with some comedy so as no to be too boring, so, I think, people who liked either of them would enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Codename_Sako
In general, Non Non Biyori and Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge are very calming series, and both portray the iyashikei subgenre very well. Characters from these two series are often found doing whatever they feel like doing, and the atmosphere simply accompanies them throughout any situations they find themselves in. The friendships in these series are very friendly and warm, with Tanaka-kun ever-so slightly developing a romantic relation on the side. Non Non Biyori details well childhood/adolescence in a rural countryside, and Tanaka-kun in high school - always emphasizing the importance of friends and people you care and love. The music composer also works on both Non Non   read more
report Recommended by Boazanian
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