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Gin no Saji
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A boy goes to a special high school. Gin no Saji is about Hachiken trying to get used to the agricultural lifestyle, while Shokugeki no Souma is about Souma trying to become the best chef. They are both hilarious comedies involving delicious-looking food.
report Recommended by toblynaruto
The Mc both went away from their family to attend a school so that they can pursue their dreams. The characters are the type that will help others. The comedy is very good in both anime series
report Recommended by -Alians-
+ Both has high level SOL story about boy who goes to special highschool to learn something new.... + Both has pretty character designs ( just some of GnS chars reminded me of FMAB which were quote ugly ) + Funny character interactions with each other....(supporting cast is awesome) + Food x How it's made x Results type of shows... + Both have little to no romance at all (only that Souma is dense af, he doesn't realise that he has a HAREM) + Both are not your typical battle shounen....(for which I'm grateful!!!) + Both have delicious looking food, which makes you wanting to eat while watching these series...(basically, it's   read more
report Recommended by Konte
Both main protagonists go away from home to attend school. Similarly, both have themes of cooking to it, while food wars is centered towards information of food, silver spoon is about the process before the food with a touch of school life added to it.
report Recommended by TakeTheWindward
If you liked silver spoon for the food and want more mouth watering scenes then you should definitely watch shokugeki no soma! Shokugeki no soma is a cooking school unlike silver spoon but they are both equally really good anime!
report Recommended by trashbag
Silver Spoon and Food Wars for me have the same vibe of happy and upbeat!
report Recommended by Blackstar233