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Another story about humanity's survival. Shingeki no Kyojin and Owari no Seraph both share some parallels. Firstly, they are produced by the same animation studio (Wit Studio) and share the same soundtrack composer, Sawano Hiroyuki. In terms of story, in both worlds, humanity is at the brink of extinction and is endangered by another species (titans - vampires). The protagonist is also a young boy who joins a squad to fight that species and to take revenge for losing a family member. In both anime, the atmosphere is a dark and serious one and the animation style is quite similar. If you are a fan of Shingeki of Kyojin, you   read more
report Recommended by Lichtspiel
Generally speaking, Seraph of the End and Attack on Titan share a nice amount of similarities. Let's start off by our hot-blooded teenager main male character who has a clear objective: Kill all the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) Kill all the vampires (Owari no Seraph). This creatures have taken away from our protagonist, dear family and friends in very painful ways. Later on they join the 'force' which will help them in order to get revenge against vampires/titans. Impulsive, stubborn and reckless main characters with a bunch of friends behind trying to stop them from doing stupid things, as expected, hardly ever works. Despite SnK   read more
report Recommended by mirana
Okay, the main reason I'm recommending this is because the first ep of OnS reminded me so much of AoT. In both series, the main characters' worlds are turned upside-down by incredible creatures. OnS deals with an apocalyptic vampire attack, while AoT deals with an already apocalyptic world's fragile peace being destroyed. I both series the main characters have lost their families to these creatures, and have a strong desire for revenge. After the first couple of episodes, there is a time skip, and the mains have undergone tough training to be able to fight their opponents.
report Recommended by Nyaominyan
They're basically the same thing with different enemies. Post apocalyptic setting with humanity inside a wall to keep the bad guys out. The main characters are the squad of badasses that venture outside the walls and kill the bad guys. The main characters are basically the same dumb-as-rocks, brown-haired, green-eyed, slightly-shorter-than-average, sixteen-year-old boy, hellbent on revenge against the bad guys, though Eren is slightly dumber. There's also the mentor character who is way more badass than the main crew (Levi/Guren), the tall, short-haired rival of the main character (Jean/Shihou), the sweet, adorable, best friend of the main character (Armin/Mikaela and later Yoichi), the girl that   read more
report Recommended by Jennpocalypse
They both share the same characters; you can literally match the characters from both sides. The plot is also the same; humanity is on a brink of extinction because of a source they know very little about and now humanity is fighting back. If you liked Owari no Seraph you will love Shingeki no Kyojin!
report Recommended by Armagenix
Both feature main characters who are dead set on annihilating the monsters that roam their respective worlds. The anime also share the same animation studio and a pretty unique art style for both. Also, both main characters have something special about them that sets them apart from everyone else.
report Recommended by Protaku
-Male lead character -Story revolves around revenge for the monsters that killed his family -Same studio -Humanity is on the brink of extinction because of said monsters -Strongly puts across that no-one is safe -Groups that fight against the monsters Though I'm not reminded of Shingeki no Kyojin while watching Owari no Seraph, I can see the similarities, and I do think that if you liked one, you will like the other.
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
Music is really, really similar. The animation and drawing are super similar too. (Really thick lines) The main character wants to kill all Titans/vampires and wants revenge for his dead mom/family The protagonist has green eyes and is an angry teenager. The protagonist has 2 friends which are a badass girl and a weak-looking boy. Humanity was almost completely annihilated but there are a few people left. The bad ones eat people. The main character uses sword/s The main character has to leave his mom/family behind to survive and sees the moment they die.
report Recommended by Lindanga
Shingeki no Kyojin is actually better than Owari no Seraph but they are still pretty similiar in everything except the animation. In both animes, humanity is nearly extintion. In both anime, the main protagonist looks for revange. The soundtrack used so far was similiar to Shingeki no Kyojin. With only 2 episodes i can´t tell much about it but so far it seems that is going to be similar.
report Recommended by Visceras
A stabarn hero and his family killed infornt of him and he decided to kill all the race that kill his family but war absulotly alike. And In both anime its a stragule to live a singe day so the enviorment is also same
report Recommended by otakurifat11
-Vampires=Titans -Yuuichiro Amane, the main character= Eren -Shinoa Hiiragi, The girl with the purple hair= Mikasa -Yuuichiro's friend= Armin -The army= The survey corps (the main character wants to join them) -That guy who killed that vampire= Levi -Yuuichiro Amane said to the vampire "it's been 4 years"= Eren said to the colossal titan "it's been 5 years"
report Recommended by Zero395
-They were both animated by WIT Studios -The MCs are both teens who, after seing their family getting killed, join the army to fight a supernatural threat (Vampires and monters in Sereph and Titans for Shingeki) -They are both set in worlds were humanity has a natural predators and lives hidden -The plot is similar as well as some characters -In both series there are characters who have untapped potencial
report Recommended by You_Go_Now
Titans/Vampires are my trigger!! That's basically what the main characters say. Both of these shows deal with humanity on the brink of survival in a world where non human beings are trying to kill them. The main characters are all gung ho about killing the other beings, have a special ability that no one else has, are hunted down by multiple people, and have a friend named Mika/Mikasa. Attack on Titan is definitely the better of the two, but Seraph of the End is a good watch if you enjoyed Attack on Titan.
report Recommended by Hamaneko
Both anime are set in a theme of monsters and destruction. In both anime, the protagonists have a feeling of revenge (due to death of their loved ones) to take down these monsters, but both of them were a turned into something non-human. Also, in both anime, the human civilization has been pushed to its brink and is now living within a confined environment due to thee monsters. Both anime also have a Army-based theme about them.
report Recommended by VectorX
Another story about humanity's survival but are not titans are vampires.
report Recommended by Pedr025
Almost identical plots. MC's family is killed by superior beings, MC grows up plotting revenge for the ones who killed his family, MC joins a group that fights back against superior, MC kicks ass and takes names. The MC even look exactly the same
report Recommended by Tacco-sama
Both anime are similar in the way that is apocalyptic, with Shingeki no Kyojin being humans against titans and with Owari no Seraph being humans against vampires. The main characters of both, Eren (SNK) and Yuuichiro (OnS) are both teenagers seeking revenge for a close family member being killed/attacked by either a vampire or a titan (Eren's mother or Yuuichiro's foster family). Both have the strong female lead, Mikasa and Shinoa, dominating the main boy yet protecting them. Both Armin (SNK) and Yoichi (OnS) are characters that are emotionally/physically weak at first but soon grow and become strong and determined. Jean (SNK) and Kimizuki (OnS)   read more
report Recommended by princesssinon
Both of them is similar because: -They both is set in a world where humanity population has been crippled and fights for survival, defending themselves against vampires (Owari no Seraph)/ titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) -Both main characters tries to take revenge, and kill all vampires/titans -Both main characters has a similar personality. If you enjoyed Shingeki no Kyojin, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy Owari no Seraph.
report Recommended by Sprucime
-Both are dystopian societies that are fighting their predators. -Both have military groups that protect the society. -The main characters both had someone important taken away from them; they want revenge. They both seek the annihilation of their predators. -Although they don't have the same art style and colour scheme, Owari no Seraph reminded me of Attack on Titan. They have more similarities than you think. Both are great animes to watch if you're a fan of dystopian worlds.
report Recommended by -Heika
Both straight forward MC's who only cares about revenge. It's all about avenging family! Shingeki no Kyojin - Eren Yeager whom live a normal life years before the Colossal titan attacked Wall Maria. Afterwards, There was one unexpected day where the Colossal titan appeared and shocked every people's expectation. Eren and his friends were taking a walk inside the wall minutes before the titan attacked. Then after the titan appeared Eren ran and tried to go to his house and sadly saw his mother wounded and trapped in a pile of blocks. Unfortunately, his mother died and then Eren became so obsessed of avenging his mother   read more
report Recommended by Tsururugi
They do have similar type of drama and plot: - Basically humanity is at the brink of extinction and humans are fighting for survival - The protagonist joins an elite squad to revenge his family - The protagonist has a "special" ability , and the story kinda revolves around it
report Recommended by Allahakbar
These two anime are very similar because the main characters both want revenge on the species that killed their family, have a weak but smart friend, is rivalling a friend, and comes close to death several times. Both of the anime's first episodes give me the same feel because well.... reasons. I suggest you check it out and this if my recommendation is spot on!
report Recommended by Gwenben
-Both MC joined the army -Both series got strong enemies (SnK= titans and OnS=vampires) -cool anit-gear (Snk=3D maneuver gear and OnS= Cursed gear) -Both MC act cool, but are scared inside -Mysterious experiments in both series? -Most characters in both series experienced smth really sad. -Both MC has the desire to kill the enemies OP: The series has a lot in common, but after some episodes they are really different. I myself, watched OnS first and then SnK, but I think you can also watch the other way around. Most people even say that Yu = Eren 2.0 lol :P. So definitely check it out, it might be smth you like.
report Recommended by Duatizer
Humanity is about to be annihilated by another specie vaguely known to humans. In both series, the main characters driven by their hatred against beasts, seeking vengeance for their treasured memories. To do this, they both enter a troupe for exterminating the beasts.
report Recommended by Eureka
Snk is very similar to OnS. WARNING : SPOILERS AHEAD, SCROLL TO BOTTOM For starters, both animes have a young lead role, and when the action began to surface in both animes, Yuichiro (OnS) was twelve and Eren (SnK) was 10/11. Next, both animes have some sort of apocalypse, in which the main character(s) wants to defeat the cause/enemy. In SnK, it's the Titans, and in OnS, it's the Vampires. Another similarity I found was that in both of these shows, one of the main characters is 'turned into' their enemy. For example, in SnK, Eren becomes a titan shifter after trying to defend Trost, and he can turn   read more
report Recommended by tastelesspepsi
(also on my review) 1:Humanity on the brink of extinction from a super powerful enemy. 2:A black haired MC who wants revenge for his family getting killed. 3:An overall military theme, with one superior officer taking a liking to the MC. 4:Cool uniforms. 5: (Minor spoilers, skip this one)...... Both MC have an ability activated by either near death, or server pain, and become (one of the enemies) and becomes OP. 6:A large, unique cast, but with a main focus on the main squad, and the superior officer. 7:A decent amount of mystery behind what's going on, and what cause humanity to nearly die off. Also   read more
report Recommended by doge_desu_sugoi
Both share similarities: - both are people fighting to survive - Titans x Vampires - both have characters development through the episodes - intense action battles. - sword fighting.
report Recommended by xull
Both shows deal with the human race being near its extinction from creatures that eats humans. At the brink of extinction they have special soldiers to exterminate the beings whose consuming humans.
report Recommended by CoorsLight
Well those two animes are similar in a lot of things first: both main characters seek revenge for their family,second:both of the enemys sees humans as live stock in owari no seraph they see them as live stock cause they drink their blood and in shingeki no kyojin they see them as live stock cause they eat them that was my point thanks for listening :)
report Recommended by ABODKALDHILAN
Mankind endangered... the heroes are needed to protect the mankind from dangerous titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) and bloodlust vampires (Owari no Seraph). Therefore, Eren and Yuuichirou were born to protect the mankind with their unbelievable ability. They with their companion worked hard to destroy the enemies and save mankind. Fear, sadness, and desperation wrap every situation in both anime. Watch it and you will join and know how much effort spend by Eren and Yuuichirou to save and protect the mankind.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
Similarities: -Both main characters get their family killed at a young age -Both have creatures that are a threat to humanity -Both are about the survival of humanity -Both made by WIT Studio -In both humans are viewed as livestock -In both the protagonist joins an army place to fight against the monsters -Both protagonists start out in the series as young children then for most of the series are teens -Both protagonists grow a hate for the creatures -Both protagonists seek revenge Main differences: -SNK has titans while ONS has vampires -In ONS a lot of humanity was killed by a disease -ONS is more modern -ONS partly takes place in   read more
report Recommended by korekiyoshinguji
Both series star a naive protagonist whom strives to protect their said family and defeat evil. -Eren & Yuu have similar personalities, morals and both strive to defeat the antagonists (titans & vampires) of their series -A story about the struggle for humanity -Both protagonists wish nothing more than for the annihilation of the "monsters" that roam earth. and seek revenge -Both protagonists have lost a loved one(s) -Both face similar problems -If you like either of these animes you'll like the other
report Recommended by kilsan
These two animes are very similar. Why? Because the plot, characters, music and atmosphere are alike. The plot is apocalyptic, and there is a dangerous enemy they have to fight against. In Attack on Titan: Titans, in Seraph of the End: Vampires. Eren (Attack on titan) and Yuu (Seraph of the end) are very similar. Both are reckless, agressive and requires revenge. They are both supported by strong and nice people who also are similar in many ways. The music is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, so the soundtrack sounds very equal. It's a dark atmospere, with deaths and exciting fights. They are very similar and both are awesome   read more
report Recommended by Ia-san
The first two eps of Owari were so similar to SNK that I was afraid it was a case of blatant plagiarism. I had to pause the series and check their background to see if this was a case of plagiarism or not. Turns out, both anime come from the Same studio - WIT. So I guess they were trying to replicate the success of SNK. # Eren and Yuu both have anger issues and don't respond well to authority # Armin and Yoichi are the shotas that are saved by the protags from bullies, and end up being besties # Levi and Guren are the strict father   read more
report Recommended by Sonal1988
Both of these animes show the human race as being inferior to a Supernatural force that is Bent on taking them out,so the human Race decides to fight and take back the world they once had. Both of the stories see the main character as Weak at first but through pain and Trials and hard work he becomes Driven,Strong and ready for anything.
report Recommended by FujoshiSnoop009
The plot and characters are very similar. If you liked the revenge story in Shingeki, you'll love this.
report Recommended by -Melancholy-
Similarities: -Humanity survival thing -Main character screaming constantly thing (A LOT more so for AOT though) -Edgy senpai (senpai for the fandom I mean) thing -Army forces thing -Experiment thing How they differ: -AOT is obviously about Titans, while OnS focuses more on Vampire vs Humans/Demons -The characters do differ quite a bit -The MC for OnS actually develops pretty well in the second season.
report Recommended by LolaUGSK13
Similar universe of plots.
report Recommended by red1110m
The stories of those two Anime are somehow the same ,both of them are showing you how the mankind is trying to abandon the enemy that is besieging it.
report Recommended by Saba_chan28
Both animes feature people who live fearing another stronger species , while being confined behind protective walls .
report Recommended by OyAlinDesu