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Peace Maker Kurogane
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Peace Maker Kurogane
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Both anime talking about the samurai in the Edo era, and the story talks about a group of people work in kill , wearing the same clothes
report Recommended by lady-leen
Same Shinsengumi characters, but different plot, and exact same time period and location, Kyoto. In both shows, the Shinsengumi Vice-commander, Hijikata Toshizo, takes in a young person and is placed under the care of the Shinsengumi. The most obvious difference is that in Peacemaker Kurogane, Hijikata takes in a 15 year old boy, Ichimura Tetsunouske and makes him his page, instead of a young girl.
report Recommended by NiiroGal
Both about ancient samurai, and there is similarity in the names of some characters
report Recommended by LOoOoVE
It's about the history of japan (politically). Both show unique personalities of the shinsengumi. So far it seems as though it might be just as gory as peacemaker. I would definitely recommend this anime if you liked Hakuouki.
report Recommended by LAIchun
Both are about the Shinsengumi. If you don't consider that the characters are drawn differently, and that the main characters are different, (Tetsu and Chizuru), then Hakuouki can almost be considered a "sequel" to Peacemaker Kurogane, (in a way), as the Ikedaya Incident was the final event in Peacemaker Kurogane, while it is one of the first events in Hakuouki. They're both awesome!
report Recommended by moeichi
Both about Shinsemgumi, both has characters called okita xDD People get ill, fighting and both very very good!
report Recommended by Gallient
both take place in the shinsengumi and they consist of a character that something happened to them leading to them joining the shinsengumi. in hakuouki the main character joins after witnessing a drug test going out of control where as the main character in peacemaker kurogane joins after his father is killed in search of revenge leading him to desire strength.
report Recommended by tantei-akane