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-Both were aired at the same time -Both heavily focused on romance and drama, with a touch of fantasy for NnA. -shippers would actually have a bit of a hard time discerning who their favorite pair is -both are set (not focused) in schools Now this is where its different. you got a group of adults and a group of kids, but both groups have problems that are opposite of their age group. the "adults" are wishy-washy, cry a lot, and have problems kids could take care of. The "kids" on the other hand are way mature, actually have more sense to their thoughts and actions, and have   read more
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Romance, a classic theme presented in both series. Golden Time and Nagi no Asukara explore relationships from a multitude of angles. The main male protagonist is caught in a love triangle and comes across difficult decisions in his life. Golden Time takes place in a more mature environment (University) while Nagi no Asukara's setting has more fantasy elements. However, their small yet colorful cast of characters creates an atmosphere of dramatic sequences. Comedy also exists in both series.
report Recommended by Stark700
Romance and dramatic situations with some kind of love triangles. Both deal with the main male character's problems and some events around them which affects their friends.
report Recommended by Heiize
Kinda at a loss for words here but... this series is simply amazing. This series contains a lot of drama and is can become quite addicting. Early on in the series the viewer is given a quick sense of the social tension between the group of friends. With unrequited love as one of its main themes, you can expect a lot of drama. Like most most 'coming of age' animes, the series will kind of drag its feet. And may often feel a little rushed. But don't give up just yet. The series really picks up. There’s some good payoff for a relationship that has been   read more
report Recommended by duderus
Love is basically a central plot theme in this story, as well as conflicts in the character's atmosphere. While the story deals around on love, other conflicts such as a home town sea, or amnesia memories, became an obstacle of the main character's motivation and must deal the situation as they advance through. It is all about the drama, cries, memories, and losing something important, hang in their for 24+ episodes. Nagi no Asukara, is a fantasy drama, where the main characters are having conflicts in their hometown in the sea. Many relationships were shown here. Golden Time is a dramedy, where a character has amnesia   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both feature a protagonist who experiences internal conflict and have a tone of drama coupled with fantasy elements, though less so with Golden Time. Both protagonists have feelings for a girl that they struggle with.
report Recommended by Craterkid
Explore relationships variety of angles. And the protagonist is caught in a love triangle
report Recommended by Shaoran31
In both anime, there are many unexpected romantic actions, the outcome of which is quite difficult to predict, and after the review there is a strong emotional background. The endings of both anime will give a lot of different emotions that make you think about a lot. Some of the best anime in the genre of pure romance!
report Recommended by Niviera
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