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While H.C is on a university setting, KTB is on High School but it has similar pace, similar friendships and even characters with similar personalities (the serious hardworking guy that wears glasses and is in love with a much older woman (Mayama/Kaname), the funny guy that always makes parodies (Morita/Chizuru), a girl from their age that is very small and used to be closed to others until she met them (Hagu/ Mary), a sensitive kind guy (Takemoto/ Shun), a girl that has an unrequited love for the serious guy (Yamada/Hisako). The difference is, instead of an older guy that is part of the group (Shuuji),   read more
report Recommended by Orulyon
Comedy, Slice of Life with a bit of romance thrown in, what's not to like? Joking aside, both these anime are pretty similar in that they show the life and times of students. While Kimi To Boku is more focussed towards comedy, Honey and Clover leans a bit more towards the drama and romance side of things. Must watch IMO.
report Recommended by sanjayts
These two anime are similar is terms of friendship, characters's personality, slow pace and love triangle. Although the set of Kimi no Boku is in Highschool but Honey and Clover is in College.
report Recommended by afflatus
Both are about a group of friends from school that hang out together in their spare time.Things get more interesting for them when a new student joins the group and changes their lives completely with his/her presence.
report Recommended by DreamerofDreams1
Both these series are similar art style as well as being sort of slow paced yet the same time enjoyable. There is comedy, drama, and slice-of-life genre involved. While Honey and Clover has romance themes, Kimi to Boku makes it up with its usage of brotherhood. There's also a lot of dialogue and funny scenes to go along with both series.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are slice of life, reliant on the background music/insert songs, atmosphere, colouring/art style and eccentric cast of characters. You will get the elegant and serene feeling from both shows, as well as a good dose of comedy and bittersweet love stories.
report Recommended by Mayuka