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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
Both animes are very similar to each other, both heroes plot an ingenius plan to survive, both keeps you guessing until the end and hunger for the next one, both has amazing storyline. Kaiji is a genius anime without the supernatural stuff from Death note.
report Recommended by CEMPUNK
The best of the best in terms of psychological mind-game series. They don't come any better than these two; Kaiji's initially alarming yet charming big-nosed art style aside. When you include One Outs, it's fair to say that Madhouse are THE studio to go to for detailed schemes and counter-scheming internal monologues. The tense intensity, which is amplified by the amazing soundtracks (same composer) and Kaiji's 'zawazawa' / narration, is truly something. Two aspects of Death Note and Kaiji differ from each other. The first is that DN has a supernatural edge while Kaiji does not. The second is Light (DN's lead) and Kaiji's (titular   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Same style of psychologically outwitting your enemies. Kaiji needs to be seen by more people, it is truly great.
report Recommended by animejnkie
Death note is a complicated strategy/mystery show in which people must constantly think ahead of one another to survive.
report Recommended by Dorothea
Although the plot is completely different, the similarities lie in brilliantly intelligent and original storylines. Death Note has you on the edge of your seat with the tension and Kaiji will get you doing exactly the same. You never know what will come next and it's strategical plot is immensely engrossing. Don't be put off by the art style of Kaiji, you won't regret watching this hidden gem.
report Recommended by roflman79
Both animes are very intellectually based, also the main character in both have to think several steps ahead to stay alive.
report Recommended by Andoru-Sukaruzu
In both anime moves of heroes are based on logic, and an insignificant mistake can cost the their lives.
report Recommended by Batter
The series use the same exact fuel to power the plot, and that fuel is mind games. If you love super smart characters battling each other out in a game of life and death only using their brains, both series are for you. I have not yet seen anything that would stand to Death Note's level of depth and complexity in thinking over the next step of your opponent, but Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji comes VERY close. I have been looking for a series like this ever since I watched Death Note, and finally when I got to it I had no regrets. Obviously both series   read more
report Recommended by fartownik
These two are masters of suspense. They are both fantastic thrill rides that will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Kaiji obviously has much lower stakes, but somehow it manages to make you feel as though the world will truly end if things don't go according to plan. The music is done by the same composer, and it fits both perfectly. If you are in the mood for tension, mind-games, and psychological thrills, then either of these are a perfect fit.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both series have like a protagonist a super-genius guy, who have to use his inventive to resolve different kinds of problems, it feels the same atmosphere in both series, a normal guy who's life suddenly change in a short period of time, while in death note it's because of a supernatural thing, in kaiji it´s a most normal problem, money. I highly recomend both series.
report Recommended by BrooklynZB
brain twisting and complex strategic plot
report Recommended by afgpride
The similarity between these two anime can be explained in an extremely simple manner. They give the same feeling when you watch them. They give the same rush the same thrill. The need to watch the next episode. The need to watch more. The same level of enjoyment. They are both series based on intelligence, risk and reward.
report Recommended by ABHISHEKV
Both geniuses .. but.... Kaiji is to much dramatic and in one episode they barely advanced, and Kaiji its "zawa zawa" -and poor animation. no action at all, but when its geniuses- its geniuses. (oh.. and its more likely for kids, but if you want geniuses give its a chance -10 eps)
report Recommended by avil56
Assuming you're not completely new to the industry or that you are not turned off by different art styles than these can very well feed your hunger for intense suspense anime which, for me, are hard to come by. They are both examples of mind games done right (for the most part at least...) with thought provoking and addicting narrative. Death note has its mystery and suspense coming from planned out strategies from both our protagonist and its rival with results taking some time to show which makes you want to see how the conflict will progress and who will outsmart the other. A game of morals,   read more
report Recommended by Angry-Muffin
These shows remind me of each other because they both contain a lot of mind games and suspense. A lot of high risk situations that can get your blood pumping, because one wrong move can ultimately destroy the MC. If you liked one of these shows for the psychological mind battles that happen between characters, then you'll definitely like the other
report Recommended by Qans
Both of these animes are purely psychological. They revolve around the main character coming into contact with someone who opposes him, and the two having a seriously intense battles that consist of one person thinking "I'm thinking this and there's no way my enemy will know" and then the other person thinking "Ah, I know he's thinking this, but there's no way he'll know I'm thinking this so I'll ruin his plans and do this" AND THEN THE OTHER PERSON THINKING "HA! Of course I knew you knew what I was thinking! Which is why I purposely did this in order to make you do   read more
report Recommended by Kaboom_07734
Both anime are very heavy on the thrills and the dark, psychological atmosphere, Kaiji even more so than Death Note, and both anime have an emphasis on the strategy involved in the scenarios they present, with the main character having to devise creative plans to survive, and both anime allow the viewer to think about the scenarios along with the main character. Both anime are extremely fast-paced and addicting, and both feature peripheral, but still decently well-done thematic explorations, with Death Note delving into things like overly simplistic morality, and Kaiji emphasizing on themes relating to status and wealth, and demonstrating what people will do   read more
report Recommended by Refracting
Both contain geniuses that use intellect and mind to beat their opponents. Both want to keep you guessing.
report Recommended by doublegambler
If you love anime with so much smartness and Characters pulls your attention to the max, Story hold much Not like any kind that highlight on the society we live in and talk about the inside of everyone our dreams fears and our frustration and the pursuit of happiness, Message to everyone and a reminder.
report Recommended by Death-Shadow
Both are Madhouse shows with a similar dark artstyle, which are about a highly intelligent protagonist and his plans to survive, using his intellect. The pacing is similar and makes both anime highly addicting.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
In terms of mind games, this one takes the cake. Just as the main protagonist in Death Note is trying to outsmart other characters with various orthodox or unorthodox strategies, Kaiji tries to think outside the box to survive and beat the gambling system and the heartless people in it.
report Recommended by Uniden
Kaiji has brilliant mind games as good as death note not to mention both death note and kaiji are made by same studio . Kaiji is about gambling and have amazing tension and soundtrack ZAWA ZAWA ZAWA ZAWA ZA-WA.
report Recommended by Spectral_Soul
In both series the main protagonist are confronted with antagonists that try to outwit them through a series of psychological battles. As there are two parties trying to outwit each other it makes both series unpredictable as the audience is constantly questioning who will be outfoxed. If you believe that Kaiji will not interest you as it lacks the supernatural elements that made Death Note intrinsically interesting you may be surprised. Even if you are not interested in gambling Kaiji's struggle to overcome more experienced gamblers through interpreting the situation and forming a simple but unique plan is reminiscent of the plans that Light Yagami   read more
report Recommended by GriffithisDaddy
Both have a genius character (that isn't overpowered at all) playing mind games with people on their's intelligent level. The MC needs to stay ahead by a several steps in order to survive. Both have brilliant and tension story that will have you on the edge of your chair.
report Recommended by IdleSolution
a lot of thinking, outsmarting and predicting your opponent. Very intense and keeps you watching because you just have to see what happens.
report Recommended by FinNote
Both are very intense non-battle battle anime
report Recommended by Atlos
Both psychological thriller anime where main character is constantly at risk of failure.
report Recommended by Cozye
They aren't really similar. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor isn't detective and main hero hasn't superpower (or super-object). But Kaiji is really wonderful thriller as Death Note, the only thing that maybe could you stop is animation, because it was made as old style. BUT it is made qualitatively. So if you aren't dependent of so sort animation and you like thrillers, this anime is for you. P.S. I would recommend to watch with subs.
report Recommended by Simeon_Shved
Both series are about outwitting your opponent by understanding their psychology while giving a fake sense of one's own psych
report Recommended by Ginsoka
Both are amazing thrillers (considering the first half of Death Note). The stories themselves are really different, so if you liked Death Note pretty much only because of the story and characters, i dont't know if you will like Kaiji that much. Now, if you liked Death Note because of the direction of the show, Kaiji may be a nice choice, as its direction is amazing, it builds up a lot of tension using audiovisual techniques and makes you always want to see the next episode, its overall a great thriller.
report Recommended by _Olsen