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Juuni Kokuki
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Juuni Kokuki
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Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Unlike the travel in time animes, Escaflowne and Juuni Kokuki both have separate worlds apart from Japan. These worlds have their own religions, technology, biology, history, etc. Where most other animes do not have deep thought.
report Recommended by hisuikirei
Both feature a high school girl who falls into a completely different world.
report Recommended by qqqqqqqq
Heroine is a high school student; she gets transported to another world and told she has a power that she never knew about.
report Recommended by daniquinnjames
both deal with a female individual that plays a role in this other world against their own will. Both includes drama and action.
report Recommended by bolei_cha
Both talk about a girl with special abilities visiting a strange - secret place- planet. If you likes Juuni Kokuki than you will definitely like Escaflowne which is superior, more tight story and keeps you from the first to the last episode
report Recommended by PitNix
both animes have little romance and very adventurous story boards and both of them also has a female as a main character who are transported to an fantasy world. but escaflowne had a german feel to it whereas juuni kokuki had a chinese fee to it.
report Recommended by ChiascuroDemon
This is a very similar anime in many ways, they both have a girl who is spirited away to another world that is slightly medieval in it's setting, yet also not. They both involve that girl coming to terms with the world she has arrived in and having to deal with the politics and power struggles of that world. Also both contain monsters and super powers.
report Recommended by Sara_Isayama