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Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru
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Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru
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A main male protagonist gets caught up in multitude of romance angles. Both Nisekoi and Oreshura display relationship angles between various characters. The MC also pretends to date a popular girl at school (although for different circumstances). Throughout both series, there is implication that the main girl (Chitoge from Nisekoi, Masuzu from Oreshura) might see more to their "boyfriend" than meets the eye. Expect comedy, drama, and misunderstandings. The main male protagonist also attracts attention of other female characters that complicates his life.
report Recommended by Stark700
In both shows, the main male and female characters are in a "false" relationship, where they pretend to be lovers. Also, other female characters are also interested in the male lead, to a point that many female compete for the affection of the one dense male lead. Misunderstandings, drama, and comedy are sure to follow.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both are similar in some ways, as in how the main boy and girl characters have to have some sort of "fake relationship."
report Recommended by WolfAnime101
Harems, you either hate them or love them. But these two specific ones will have to be some of the best and are very much alike. The main male characters life becomes complicated after being forced to be in a fake relationship with a popular student. They necessarily do not like each other at first but can be questioned later into the series. Rumours and awkward situations start to come into play when other girls are introduced who aim to win the heart of the main male character. Fake love? Real love? Love triangles? Love polygons? It has the drama, twists and comedy to have   read more
report Recommended by papsoshea
Same scenario is in both where the "boy was force to befriend a girl." Also, the artstyle is almost similar.
report Recommended by Kritzkingvoid
OreShura and Nisekoi are similar for me because first, in OreShura, Eita, the male protagonist, has two main love interests, and have two (or more) girls included in the harem. In Nisekoi, it's like that too. Eita even has a fake girlfriend, like Raku in Nisekoi. But the reasons are very different from each other. In OreShura, the story is more focused in the quarrels between the "childhood friend" and "fake girlfriend," as the title suggests. While in Nisekoi, it's more about the character developments and how they interact with the main character and develop feelings for him. Both have pretty art that is pleasing   read more
report Recommended by manakamukaido
If you liked the arranged relationship in Oreshura then you'll love Nisekoi! The story's are somewhat similar, but the story line in Nisekoi is more in depth and really pulls you in more. Both are harems in which the main character has to pick between some very different in personality girls. Words can not explain how great Nisekoi is though! If you like Oreshura then you'll love this recommendation!
report Recommended by bracheeley
Similarities: -Both had their male and female protagonists put up the "fake" couple act, but romance was still manifested... - Both had equal number of girls for the harem of the male protagonist -Three girls in the harem were childhood friends and one was not -Both possessed the same genre (Romantic Comedy, School Life and Harem) Minor Differences: Nisekoi - feud between two clans   read more
report Recommended by Sanisim
Let me just outline this out for you- --> A harem light-hearted comedy based around the MC and 4 girls. --> Set in School --> A fake relationship with the beautiful foreigner due to "personal" reasons --> The Foreigner falls for him by the end of the series --> The MC has simple aspirations just to work hard and have a good life, is unnecessarily burdened and forced to go along with the relationship because reasons. --> Quite relaxing, no deep plots or jump-scares --> The character personalities match a lot. like the Tsundere, the manipulative girl, the cute girl etc. Pretty much the same type of characters really. (Tropes) If you   read more
report Recommended by Fate-Symphony
Both protagonists are forced into a fake relationship with another female they don't enjoy being with. Other females are also interested in the protagonists, but keep their distances thinking its an actual relationship. Overall, they give the same kind of feel and I would definitely recommend both series to anyone interested in watching a romance anime.
report Recommended by TyroneBiggums
Both of these revolve around a guy in a fake relationship surrounded by girls who want to date him, however in Nisekoi, the lead male character is infinitely more dense making this whole story infuriating.
report Recommended by Vdubexwhyzee
What will you do if someone pretend to be your gilfriend/boyfriend? A romantic comedy anime that must watch.
report Recommended by mayura_loki
-Both fall into the same categories -Both have a similarity structured harem -Both are pretty good -Both have decent MC's -Both look very nice
report Recommended by ogiELman
Both have the same plot of couples faking their love for each other. The leading male characters are also surrounded by more than a single female.
report Recommended by Porofy
Similarities: -Both had their male and female protagonists put up the "fake" couple act, but romance was still manifested... - Both had equal number of girls for the harem of the male protagonist -Three girls in the harem were childhood friends and one was not -Both possessed the same genre (Romantic Comedy, School Life and Harem)
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
School Main characters get together early, and female character is a beauty. The relationships are both "forced" But they slowly start having feelings for each other as the anime progresses. Harem, but not as big as the one in Oreshura, it's actually a love triangle.
report Recommended by miX0N
- Both are comedy, romance, school, harem. - In both the male and female protagonist pretend to be dating, in Nisekoi to avoid a war between the organizations of their families (Shuei-Gumi x Beehive), already in Oreshura he is forced by the own girl (Masuzu) to prevent that other boys stay on top of her. - In the course of the anime is created a harem with other girls who were already or fell in love with the protagonist.But the relationship that was false is becoming real, feelings are developing.
report Recommended by DaviCardoso
Both are harem romantic comedies with a "fake" relationship and promises with childhood friends. Chances are that if you liked one, you'll most definitely like the other.
report Recommended by Shion
Fake boyfriend, harem and etc.
report Recommended by syakirarifu
Nisekoi and Oreshura are very similar to each other with both of them having a fake relationships which then turns into real love.
report Recommended by Jiyashinto
Both shows display a fake relationship at the begin but builds up a genuine relationship as the show progresses. And both shows have to deal with secrets from the past.
report Recommended by UZl
it has a similar scenario
report Recommended by Op_Razer