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Both are extremely comfy shows with likeable characters, chill music, companionship, lots of scenery porn and facts about going outdoors. In addition, Yama no Susume is also about struggle and character growth, especially in the second season. And also encouraged me to take up hiking, even if it's just the nearest hill to me.

In short: if Yuru Camp is going to be the anime that makes more people to watch the wonder that is Yama no Susume, that would be great :D
report Recommended by gomennasai
Yuru Camp and Yama no Susume both focus on outdoor activities, Yama no Susume more about hiking mountains and the journey involved with doing so. Yuru Camp is largely focused on camping. Both shows feature a cast of female characters, high school age, and all very moe and cute. They have a similar atmosphere when watching, very relaxed and calming with beautiful scenery. If you are looking for a cute girls doing cute things type of show and want an easy laid back story about making friends and doing outdoor activities I would recommend both shows.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Both shows are about cute girls engaging in outdoor activities. Both are pretty educational and have a relaxing atmosphere to it.
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
Hobby-focused slice of life series where the hobbies are both related to the outdoors. Both also feature a certain degree of useful information regarding said hobbies, although the intent of the show isn’t necessarily to be educational.
report Recommended by Nicholaevich
1. Both are involving girls doing cute stuff around outside (Mount climbing for Yama no Susume and camping for Yuru Camp)
2. Calm and amazing SoL anime's
3. Also have sweet soundtracks and catchy op and ed themes!
and 4. One voice actor did work on both on those shows (Nao Toyama so far)

If you like Yama no Susume, highly recommend you to watch Yuru Camp! Totally the best way to watch both when it comes to outdoor activities
report Recommended by Madison_Brown