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the main plots are very simmilar, the bigest differance is in the main characters. in To-Love-Ru the main character is shy and in-experanced with girls. but in Urusei Yatsura the main charater thinks of himself as a lady killer.
report Recommended by redcrowe9
Crazy alien chick? Pervyness? Yep, we've got 'em both. Somewhat similar stories as well. Both series also can tend to give the feeling, "yeah, this doesn't seem like it will get anywhere, but WHATEVER! :D"
report Recommended by Godel
To-LOVE-Ru has the same EXACT story setup at the beginning. Guy has a girl he likes who also likes him, alien princess comes from outer space, alien father could destroy the earth if he doesn't stay with her, etc. You could say that Urusei Yatsura is the origin of this type of story.
report Recommended by Fuku
Both stories involve a lead female character who is a beautiful alien that becomes the fiance of the male lead character through some misunderstanding even though the male lead has his eyes on another girl.The alien girl also loves spicy food and sometimes tries to use machines with disastrous effects.
report Recommended by ezikialrage
To Love-Ru is almost a direct copy of Urusei Yatsura, not only the main concept but multiple episodes, characters and ideas were "borrowed" from Urusei Yatsura.
report Recommended by wishIwasabear
The premise of the story is sort of the same: Basically an alien girl princess arrives on earth and falls in love with the main character. The similiarity is basically: they are both sort of harem, at the beginning of the series the main has already a love interest, lot of groping involved (though it's caused by different actions) The difference between the series is that the main character of To Love-ru is a bit more shy and not much of a lecherous guy as opposed to the main character of Urusai Yatsura. Another difference is that Urusei Yatsura is more of a crazy comedy anime   read more
report Recommended by Reapermask