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the main plots are very simmilar, the bigest differance is in the main characters. in To-Love-Ru the main character is shy and in-experanced with girls. but in Urusei Yatsura the main charater thinks of himself as a lady killer.
report Recommended by redcrowe9
Crazy alien chick? Pervyness? Yep, we've got 'em both. Somewhat similar stories as well. Both series also can tend to give the feeling, "yeah, this doesn't seem like it will get anywhere, but WHATEVER! :D"
report Recommended by Godel
To-LOVE-Ru has the same EXACT story setup at the beginning. Guy has a girl he likes who also likes him, alien princess comes from outer space, alien father could destroy the earth if he doesn't stay with her, etc. You could say that Urusei Yatsura is the origin of this type of story.
report Recommended by Fuku
Both stories involve a lead female character who is a beautiful alien that becomes the fiance of the male lead character through some misunderstanding even though the male lead has his eyes on another girl.The alien girl also loves spicy food and sometimes tries to use machines with disastrous effects.
report Recommended by ezikialrage
To Love-Ru is almost a direct copy of Urusei Yatsura, not only the main concept but multiple episodes, characters and ideas were "borrowed" from Urusei Yatsura.
report Recommended by Mokkori-Kuma
To LOVE-Ru is the essentially the author's own take on Urusei Yatsura. Both shows are about an alien princess falling coming to Earth and falling in love with a human boy. Lala is similar to Lum in a lot of ways. They both want to be around their love all the time, use a lot of advanced technology, and are often loopy. In both shows, the alien and their love get into a lot of shenanigans, involving both the extraterrestrial and supernatural.
report Recommended by KirbyDragons
Our MC has a sudden alien princess fall into his life. One thing happens and they somehow get married. Comedy, ecchi, harem, and romance dominate the two as well as sprinkling in a higher than normal episode count. What you're left with are two shows with pretty similar premises.
report Recommended by Wya77
Both have the same overall story, that is an alien coming and falling in love with a human who is a pervert. Urusei yatsura was the starting point of these kind of stories especially harem comedy. But now a days comedy in these genres are falling down, but urusei yatsura used to be the best comedy anime until gintama and nichijou came.
report Recommended by sran_lumchan
in both, the female mains are alien. in both, the female mains are good inventers tht eventually cause trouble to their darlings.
report Recommended by xotourlife