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Sakamichi no Apollon
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•both anime are focused on the shoujo romantic highschool life genre, focusing around a group of musical students •both anime are focused on a group of students, 2 being relatively close, while another sneaks there way into the pair and causes the plot to deepen and develop while causing happiness and mayhem •both anime shows the protagonists relationship problems as it becomes a love triangle, as they face each others feelings towards the situations, while going through highschool and their day to day lives •both anime are heavily musical themed, with beautiful OST that will make you want to download them and listen to them on repeat •they are   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
WA2 and Kids on the Slope share many similarities. Both are romance drama anime centered around a complex love triangle between friendship and lovers and are both heavily themed around music. If you enjoyed one of these, you HAVE to watch the other you won't regret it.
report Recommended by josenewtype
They both SoL-School genre that strongly consist of music. They both got unique way to show us how music relates the relationship of the Characters. They both consist of Romance, and have their own love problem. the difference is White Album 2 is just a solid triangle love while Sakamichi no Apollon more complicated
report Recommended by Hentoki
Both anime are about friendship threatened by unhappy love triangels and show the sad but still realistic dark sides of love. In addition music is very important in both series, though the genres differ in jazz and pop.
report Recommended by Plinfa-Fan123
A musical group of teenagers in high school is formed over the course of the anime. The group members weren't close initially and became unusually close. - Some reciprocal Love relationships, and other not - Characters' choices affect their lives in the future - Drama - We can see the characters' efforts to improve by playing the instruments together - We also can see the characters after they graduate from high school
report Recommended by Biarogs
While watching White Album 2 I got a lot of the same overall feeling that I felt during Kids on the Slope. They are both musically themed shows that tell anything but neat stories of love and friendship. The characters connect over a shared love of playing music together and the stories feel more mature than a lot of other school based romances.
report Recommended by JessicaKari
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