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These two shows are extremely similar. A couple of high school students are transported to a "different" world and the girl is chosen as a priestess. No difference! What you need to know are the differences, which are: in Fushigi you have a harem anime with tons of romance and the love triangles/squares/whatever are blatantly obvious, plus lots of comedy. In Harukanaru there is a much more serious tone and much less romance (well, it takes much longer to be revealed and then it's much more discreet). Other than this, the plot is almost identical.
report Recommended by algelic
Basically the same show, where a miko travels to a different timeline and is surrounded by handsome protectors, except the miko serves a different god.
report Recommended by Monochrome
Well you have your celestial warriors and then theres your love connections between each one of them to the priestess and well.....
report Recommended by mercywings
Similar in almost every way. The only difference is the length; HaruToki is shorter with only 26 episodes while Fushigi Yuugi is longer.
report Recommended by raindr0ps
Very similar themes - a miko recruiting warriors who are represented by Seiryuu, Suzaku, Byakko and Genbu
report Recommended by puedjies
They both have a girl that is pulled into another world. They both have the same four gods - Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu and Seiryuu. The girls are both made mikos - Miaka is the Suzaku no Miko and Akane is the Ryuujin no Miko. Both Mikos are surrounded by men and they are both of their GUARDIANS - both have signs (Tamahome and the others have chinese signs, Tenma and the others have jewels). Also, more than one character falls in love with the main character - like Tamahome and Hotohori and Tenma and Yorihisa.
report Recommended by bakaprincess
A girl in present time goes back to the ancient world to be a miko. Reverse harem theme. Fushigi yuugi is longer and has more depth, while Haru toki is shorter so you don't get dragging. Similarity: 3 1/2 *
report Recommended by yomu
In both Fushigi Yuugi, and Haruka the main girl gets transported to a new world. They become, priestesses to protect the world from chaos befalling the land. Plus they each have several protectors who help them in tight situations.
report Recommended by XxThageXx
both of them revolves around a girl from another world n they have many good looking guys who is protecting them so it kinda look similar in many ways. there s also romance involved n adventure..anyway i prefer fushigi yuugi cuz its wayy better but i enjoy watching both of em. gudluck >.<
report Recommended by P-CHAN91
they are both about a priestess and about 4 gods/people
report Recommended by Pixilate
just like in fushigi yuugi, the main character comes from a different world, but instead of appearing to the feudal era by book its by a well. the two are both priestess who have to search for the celestial warriors who are to help her in her mission to save the world from some sort of disaster. the warriors all have a relationship weather it be romantic or a relationship in which they hold her dear and want to protect her with their lives, just as fushigi yuugi. it is pretty much the same thing- except the romance is dimmed down.
report Recommended by Rainy_008
There's a girl who travels through time in both series and she has to collect seven mens to protect her and save the world. And both are priestesses, in Haruka; Ryuujin no miko and in Fushigi Yugi Suzaku no Miko. The theme is actually quite the same!
report Recommended by Kio_
Girl transported to an ancient world and is the chosen Pristess, has to find her warriors to complete her role as the Pristess.
report Recommended by Yonatay