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Acchi Kocchi (TV)
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Acchi Kocchi (TV)
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Love takes on an innocent style. For both Aichi Kocchi and Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, it follows group of friends at school and home as they live life at fullest. Within the centerpiece of their stories involve the concept of love, a concept that becomes complicated through each episode.

There is a lighthearted background with humorous dialogues between the characters. They also follow more of a slice of life format as opposed to a linear story.
report Recommended by Stark700
"Love is complicated, don't you think?" It follows the main characters who have trouble adjusting themselves on their feelings. They both follow on their similar themes, though the have a unique story that differentiate themselves. Expect some moe moments, funny dialogue and romance.

Mikakunin follows a girl who became confused when she has a soon-to-be-husband standing in front of her, often complicate things. Acchi Kocchi follows a group of friends but focuses on two characters who the girl has trouble expressing herself to the boy, which complicate things.
report Recommended by omega_d94
My first recommendation~

Acchi Kocchi is another typical, yet good Rom-Com for those who wants a mix of laughs and romance. The similarities between these two shows are:

- Both are Rom-Coms. (Acchi Kocchi is more comedy-oriented than Romance while Mikakunin de Shinkoukei is balanced between both Romance and Comedy in my opinion)
- Both have adorable/moe animation.
- The male leads, Hakuya and Io, are both dense and stoic. But Io is more talkative than Hakuya. (In my opinion, Io is a bit bland throughout the anime and too perfect, while Hakuya has flaws that I like and he gets more   read more
report Recommended by Mikura39