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What the 2 have in common: It involves a Red Head demon who is in a relationship with a guy, both animes share almost the same genre, except the plot where in HSDxD the Red Head is the master, while in SMnT the Red Head is the slave due to some set backs.
report Recommended by Mugen900
As my first recommendation, High School DxD and Shinmai Maou no Testament have a lot of similar tropes. Main Hero deviate just a bit, but nonetheless are both badass. Main Heroine are both redheaded devil/demon. Plot is ecchi, yet genuine. Animation is decent and have continuing seasons. If you are looking for another harem, look no further, because I have guided you in the path of light.
report Recommended by Riias
If you enjoyed High school DxD and want another Harem Ecchi with action then Shinmai Maou no Testament is the perfect anime for you. why? -both have demons female leads. -both have "plot" and PLOT. -both have unexpectedly good animated scenes. I highly recommend both if you are into (ofc you are into) romance + harem + ecchi with Nudity.
report Recommended by MrMushin
At first, the premise of these shows might be a bit hard to swallow: hot demon chick meets boy, boy staves off evil, rescues the girl, and somehow collects a harem of girls in his abode in the process. The female leads of DxD and Shinmai Maou are in need of great support due to various circumstances, but Issei and Basara are able to take on these massive undertakings and come through for Rias and Mio. DxD and Shinmai Maou have a lot to offer once you strip off their outer layers. What is it like watching DxD and Shinmai Maou? At first, the shameless gratuitousness   read more
report Recommended by haplesshero13
- Both have a red-haired girl as the main female protagonist - The storyline of both is demon world - Both heroes have powers lying in their arms - OPPAI is the main attraction in both
report Recommended by fortuna89
Both consist of demons and the protagonistt trying to protect his family/friends. It also contains very similar ecchi and harem situations.
report Recommended by Kurisu655
Both Have Red Hairs Both Anime Is Ecchi Demons, Gods etc HAAAREEMM
report Recommended by Flare_Tide
Both have devil concept to it. The main heroine is red head just like Rias, and both are daughter to powerful devil lord. Both Issei and Basara can make weapon appear from their hand and help the main heroine. Both are well endowed and in highschool... Seriously you can make this into a spin off of each other.
report Recommended by elementkg
• Demons/Underworld • Main lead has a hidden power within him • Lot's of sexy erotic fanservice. Ecchi fans + • Crimson Haired devil bishoujo makes contract with male protagonist • Action-packed battles
report Recommended by AnimeLuver4Life
HS DXD story is a very close match to that of shinmai maou testament, red haired demon kings daughter with big (.)(.). and a hero that is slightly perverted. Although the Guy in HS DXD starts off a bit of a wimp and become strong, were as the main guy in shinmai maou no testament is already a bit of a bad ass. to sum it up. Habitual Ecchi that the most followed trend between these two anime and a harem of demons.
report Recommended by saintcena
In both: - Main protagonist has demonic special powers. - Both have a big harem. - Both have main protagonist that struggle to accept their demonic powers in the beginning. - Both protagonist go to school.
report Recommended by mcsehcookiez
Demon, Heroes and a noob male Protagonist who gets stronger after some time. Lots of Ecchi , harem and nice Animation.
report Recommended by QuellWisdom
Both anime is super familiar. Both main male characters have a weapon in there right hand. Both main female characters have crimson red hair. Both series have extremly much fanservice which can make it very annoying at times. Both of the female main characters are born to a demon lord. But in the end Shinmai Maou no Testament is just a copy cat of High School DxD.
report Recommended by StealthActivated
- Both are ecchi and Harem, with action. - World of gods and demons in conflict. - The protagonist is set to a "family" , and decides to protect her at all costs. In addition he possesses a weapon in his arm , whose power is increasing thanks to the perverted acts .
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
From having redheads as main characters to having devils and angels. These anime are very similar in certain aspects. Issei and Tojo, they are both protagonist that have to save the world. Shinmai Maou no Testament and Highschool DxD pertain to similar genres. Such as, fanservice, fantasy, ecchi and harem.
report Recommended by TacticalBacon_
~Characters are really similar (even in looks) ~Different stories, but really similar ~Art owkr is basically the same too
report Recommended by Krossover
+ Similar Characters (Issei/Basara Special Weapons) (Rias-Mio Red headed and Similar power as well both are Demon's Princess (Lucifer's Daughter) + Contain superpowers/ sacred gear +Demon,gods,humans... + A lot of ecchi (Shinmai Maou: Overboarding Ecchi Stuff !!! ) + Male Characters surrounded by harem + Similiar Tags + High School Background + They share the same house Difference: + Basara is way more smarter + Issei is a servant / Basara is a master of puppets + Basara's Teacher is in love with him (Favorite: Watch the OVA) Awesome !!!!!
report Recommended by Dudera
Both MC are pervert OP characters. Both girls are red hair and a family member of a demon lord. Both anime has harem and ecchi. There are always a bad guy who will become a good guy:)
report Recommended by JustJ0ke
Simply put, High School DxD is basically Shinmai Maou no Testament minus the borderline hentai. There is plenty of "plot" to be seen in both and the similarities can be drawn up from the same setting (demons residing in earth) to identical primary love interest (redhead demon). Nonetheless, in contrast High School DxD does not take itself seriously and the comedy aspect is emphasized. Fan service is aplenty but don't expect stark, hentai-esque boob fondling and boob sucking.
report Recommended by cTilki
-Both have a huge chested, redhead female lead -Both have involvement with demons and high school -Both main characters have some sort of power in their arm -Both have a massive harem much bigger than average
report Recommended by thelectricow
You like harem, ecchi anime? Well, bith of those are for you. With a pretty much stupid hero who doesn't understand that 96 girls like, and who tries to become stronger in both cases, and with plots talking about demons, angels and stuff like that, both anime are very similar in genre.
report Recommended by Noence
-Both anime tell about a boy surrounded with many non-human girl companions to do some activity and mission. -Both lead female character (Rias and Mio) are non-human girl (demon) and have red hairs and..., nice body. -Both anime have same genre, especially ecchi, harem, romance, and demon. -Both anime contain many fanservice and adult content, better watch it alone.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
Both have a red hair demon which is in love with a guy and both contain nudity on the chest and pants
report Recommended by rei_dew
-Both animes have an extreme ecchi -Both animes have demons/devils -Both animes have a good harem -Both female main character slightly have the samme attitude and appearance
report Recommended by Lelouch2122
Both are ecchi series. Both have a boy who falls in love with a devil princess with red hair. Both are somewhat enjoyable though DxD far outranks SMT due to having better artwork, more interesting character dynamics and cooler powers to boot.
report Recommended by -Mooners-
the plot is quite similar in both the shows ,containing demons and action.Both have similar ecchi situations and the protagonist is with a red haired female character and a huge harem.
report Recommended by swagmoto
In both animes theres alot of fan-service, the characters have supernatural powers, both the MC have a harem and in both animes the maingirl has something to do with the demon lord
report Recommended by I_Donut
"Oh no, a busty thirsty red-hair demon girl takes over my home!" In this battle between demons and gods, the main character finds himself a harem and uses it to become stronger. "Motto, motto!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Similar plot and setting: The protagonist, a high school student, sees his life change when he meets a demon princess with red hair. In both cases, the plot mainly takes place in a high school. Also, they are both harem anime, so the protagonist is surrounded by lots of female characters with different personalities. These characters are all related in one way or another to magic. The main character is also similar, because in both stories, he is a high school student with powers that can materialize on his arm. In addition, both contains a lot of fanservice.
report Recommended by MONOII
These anime have almost the same exact premise with very minor adjustments to set them apart. The biggest difference is in DxD the mc serves the demon princess while in Testament the demon princess serves the mc. DXD also has better story development but Testmanent has a lot more fanservice, so it just depends on what you value more.
report Recommended by AndroidRoberts
Heavy ecchi, almost hentai. Action-packed. The heroes are fighting demons using their own powers.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
-Both series are about conflicts between devils and creatures like that. -Both series revolve around a guy and his harem with girls. -Both series feature a redhead and big-breasted main heroine -Decent comedy and action, some drama as well -Both series are fanservice-heavy, although Shinmai is quite a bit more hardcore. If you enjoyed one, you are most likely going to enjoy the other as well.
report Recommended by MrCarelessS
The main cast in both anime have very similar personalities and character designs. All of the female cast are attracted to the protagonists, they are both some sort of gear and both are really powerful. The 2 main love interest have red hair and are a the daughter of the demon king in their respective universes.
report Recommended by Leo_Bronomce
If you like borderline hentai kind of ecchi, sexy red heads, busty girls, demon girls, magic, and demon lords? Then these shows have all of them packed into each other.
report Recommended by xinspire927
Both have Red Haired MC Girl.♥‿♥ OP MC boy Action Fights are great,Unlocks Hidden Power Harem,Romance are very similar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Devil or demon realm are slightly similar I highly recommend it if you love this type of anime. Good luck and have fun watching hentai based anime (ง°ل͜°)ง
report Recommended by sc0lter
Red haired girl with big OPPAI Both are about demons Both have strong male character And both anime are ecchi
report Recommended by liua
Both are tales of the supernatural with sexiness and comedy mixed in. Both involve battle harems being formed, trained and deployed in the demon world.
report Recommended by NoviSun
It involves a red haired demoness who is in a relationship with a guy which has double D's much like Rias,there is also a white haired loli that resembles Koneko, both animes share almost the same genre, except the plot where in HighSchoolDxD the Red Head is the mistress, while in ShinmaiMaounoTestament the demoness is the slave due to what happened in the anime.
report Recommended by LeoCratic
Similar art similar character kind of similar story too If you watched High school DxD series you should try this too.
report Recommended by StealthScorpion
We all know the reason why you watched High School DxD, am I right? This is just another typical harem+ecchi show but it is indeed very similar to DxD because of the Devil talk. Nice animation, really enjoyed it tbh (Might rewatch because of the quarantine hehe)
report Recommended by HikariNeso
- supernatural beings (demons, gods, heroes) - similar looking MC - similar looking main girl - MC with special skills - uncensored ecchi scenes ---> oppai massage, moan etc. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
report Recommended by biribiri-sama
Both are very similar. The protagonists look almost identical. The main female is a devil. There are Angels, Demons, and a 'Hero' faction. Both are harems, both revolve around the female lead's heir-to-leadership status. There are minor plot differences, but the jist is very similar. There are, however, two main differences. Testament to the New Sister Devil is basically HSDXD on steroids. The ecchi, if the original, non crunchyroll version, is watched, is FAR more extreme. Every girl has their own body part they're stimulated through, and it's a very large point of the show. The sexual scenes are far more egregious. However, it makes   read more
report Recommended by ShadowofSin
High School DxD but the Master/Slave roles are inverted and the mc doesn't just stand by watching as his partners are being assaulted
report Recommended by HellBorn99
same red haired best girl, lots of fanservice, both have harem, and both have the same demon angel sort of plot. However shinmai maou no testament has a better story and much more fanservice
report Recommended by Monzume
Shinmai Maou no Testament is High School DxD for people who only care about "plot". It honestly has a decent plot for what it provides us with, but I wouldn't personally recommend watching anything past season 1
report Recommended by jonarbuccle
Both of these anime has demons and the main girl is a red haired girl. The genre can be harem/ecchi.
report Recommended by Mqrker
I'll preface by saying Shinmai Maou no Testament, while sharing some similarities with DxD, is in its own (arguably lower) league but I do like it and can wholeheartedly recommend it. DxD's standout character, Issei Hyoudou is amazing. I just love his character. Very cool. That's something I can say about Toujou Basara too. He's very refreshing a character and not your stereotype harem mc. He has a backbone and a personality. The harem is also top-notch. If you liked DxD, give this a try.
report Recommended by SaintZeph
It is basically a rip off of High School DxD but is so well made that it is completely seperate from it. It has its own story and it is a bit more ecchi than High School DxD. The main heroine (Mio) is also red headed like Rias and there are much more similarities but as I said it is completely different and if you liked High School DxD it is definitely worth watching.
report Recommended by Thruddingsfly
OP male lead Demon , god and etc Both anime is ecchi Harem of beautiful girl Good animation and a lot of fanservice . If you like fanservice then this is a must watch anime .
report Recommended by Natsusama98
I swear when it comes to anime I turn dyslexic. Big Booba all around and the main girl has red hair' A semblance of a forced plot and AWESOME action scenes but that's not important, but SCARY demons SEXY time ME like
report Recommended by TrojanVirgin
both the plots along with the characters are highly identical.
report Recommended by ecchigodghost
These are almost the same anime except that the MC of Shinmai Maou no Testament is way better that Issei, in my opinion anyway. Basara and Issei are both overpowered MCs that slowly learn just how strong they really are. One this is that Shinmai has 2 fewer seasons than DxD but the content is just as good. Basara isn't as much of a complete moron when it comes to the women around him and how they really feel about him and his power up requires physical contact with the girls in his harem where as it take Issei 3 seasons to even get close   read more
report Recommended by Onii-Chan09
plot and boobs 👍👍
report Recommended by MamLagaSory
Its very similar in many ways, BIg tits , exotic sences, even the plot is about the same
report Recommended by Annski
Ecchi is same
report Recommended by Ilung
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