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Kimi to Boku.
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Kimi to Boku.
Isshuukan Friends.
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Isshuukan Friends.
The atmosphere in both are very, very similar. The shows live from their character interactions, how the main characters get closer to each other and create bonds. Also, both have a similar art style, very light and calming. While Isshuukan Friends is a little more dramatic, you'll definitely love one if you enjoyed the other.
report Recommended by Lazu
Although the plots are different, the slice of life genre filled with cute moments is similar. It gives you a relaxing vibe. The theme in both is friendship but it has a lovely romantic subplot. Also the art is quite alike.
report Recommended by Orulyon
These two both share a very lazy and cozy vibe. The art-styles are soft and easy on the eyes. They are both slow slice of life series about high school youths figuring themselves out. While neither has a particularly stellar story, they manage to grasp you with the way they tell their simple day to day narratives. If you enjoyed the mood and general style of one, you should certainly try the other.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Although they convey to different premises, I find both series' style similar involving friendship. The main characters explore friendship by doing simple yet meaningful daily activities together. There is a similarity with the messages both series tries to sent along with developments. The main male protagonists are also interesting when looking them from different angles. There is decent comedy with a similar art style taking place in a school life setting.
report Recommended by Stark700
Pure anime fluff at its finest, soft pastel colours, feels-worthy moments, innocence, friendship, high school adventures and slice of life. They share similar characters as well. The flower boy (Shun vs Hase) and nonchalant bro (Asaba twins vs Kiryu). Only few differences is that KtB is more about a group of childhood friends that add new ones and Isshuukan explores making new friends the obstacles. Isshuukan is more mixed cast rather than mostly all boys.
report Recommended by Mayuka
The atmosphere looks alike, really peaceful and calm. The shows show the friends relationship between the characters and how these relations progress. The art is also quite similar. If you liked the atmosphere , you should take a look at the other anime, you will probably enjoy it.
report Recommended by _Pingu_
Both are slice of life anime with a very similar sort of atmosphere and feel to it.
report Recommended by jessslyyyyy