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Aishiteruze Baby★★
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Aishiteruze Baby★★
Usagi Drop
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Usagi Drop
Same feel and similar plot. A young guy takes on the responsibility of raising a young child. In both stories, the male lead finds the child's mother, and even let her see her little girl, but she makes it clear that she does not want the child in her life. The male lead also finds love with someone that becomes somewhat of a mother figure to the girl. I can go on and on about how similar these two shows are, but instead, I'll just wrap it up by giving you my   read more
report Recommended by 101swoop101
In both Animes the mother abandons the children, and some one is forced to raise them.
report Recommended by BahamianGurl25
In both the older male character is left in charge to take care of a little girl. They both learn the difficulties and challenges of raising a child. Both have a sweet atmosphere about them. Both have bright visuals.
report Recommended by Deer50
Both series primarily deals about the difficulties and challenges of raising a child. The two are similar because the male leads willingly accepted the responsibility despite the fact that its not their own child but somebody else.
report Recommended by Ghostalker
They both have child issues and have to take care of children that are not theirs.
report Recommended by ChizuruMio
Slice-of-life series with the same feel. A man has to take care of a young girl, who provides a source of frustration for them. They learn about the responsibilities of taking care of a child.
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
Both involve a character who has to suddenly adapt to taking care of a child. Also, both are just soooo heart-warming!
report Recommended by 4649
Both of these anime involve a child being brought into the life of an unsuspecting caretaker, and cute/comedy ensues. I prefer Usagi Drop because it has a superior art style (despite Aishiteruze Baby being somewhat recent, it's art is pretty bad) but Aishiteruze Baby doesn't have a bad story at all.
report Recommended by datanimeboiii
Both stories revolve around a single male having to take care of a little girl due to family circumstances. Both little girls are super cute and the stories focus on the development of the relationship between them and their new caregiver. Aishiteruze Baby has more mature themes than Usagi Drop, whose focus centers more around new parenthood and day to day challenges (not as dramatic)
report Recommended by TokyoCrazyPXD
Both are about a man take care of little girl but Aishiteruze baby contain some romance while Usagi drop is more into Darma
report Recommended by Accelerator10
Both are about a male character taking in a child due to a similar situation and raising them.
report Recommended by M_F_M
These shows feature male MCs taking the responsibility of caring for a child. Both series revolve around how this responsibility affect their daily lives and change the person that they are. Usagi Drop and Aishteru ze Baby are light-hearted shows that will leave a smile on your face each episode. Additionally, the child lead of both animes is irresistibly adorable and lovable.
report Recommended by ALLONA
Both anime are very similar in the feelings/emotions conveyed and the overall plot of the story. While Usagi Drop features a 30-year-old man who ends up taking care of a young child, Aishiteruze Baby features a young teenager who is tasked with taking care of a young child who was abandoned by her mother. Both delve into the realities of parenthood, the heartwarming satisfaction felt just by seeing a smile of happiness from the young children. Both have all the reason in the world to break down and cry at any possible moment, and so seeing how they can find solace and continued happiness with   read more
report Recommended by Araluen
They both have similar character scenarios. Where an older male mc meets a child mc and goes through changes and motions of raising a child and understanding themselves while they are at it.
report Recommended by Takishima_Shin
Two animes with the premise drama with children, for those who like drama must like both.
report Recommended by Henrique_Leal