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Episode 7 of both series convinced me to make a recommendation. If you're looking for something with a similar story-line or genre, I suggest you skip this one. YOI is sports and slice-of-life, while No.6 is is some kind of dystopian scifi action anime. However, when I watched YOI, I felt a familiar vibe and at first I couldn't really point what anime this reminded me off, till I scrolled past No.6. Both series have a heavy focus on the relationship and tension between the main-characters. Imo, No.6 was the only anime I knew, who found it's place between 'gay baiting' and official Shounen Ai, but I have   read more
report Recommended by Lypse
Both anime pretend to be story-driven but slip to being mainly about fanservice-y relationship between the two male main characters. Those two are basically shounen-ai anime with the genre tag missing.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both have a romance between the main characters without being labeled as shounen-ai.
report Recommended by taiyou_midnight
-Both have two guys falling in love in a casual way -they aren't steriotyped like homosexual characters usually are -both are really good -neither are labeled shounen ai
report Recommended by Cleansahina
This recommendation is for viewers who enjoy the normalization of homosexual relationships that both of these shows bring to the table. Both series have characters that are in a believable romance that doesn't seem forced, and both partners of each romance grow and learn from their respective relationships in a healthy and satisfying way. Both series are about more than just "gay characters"; they are about "a normal series with a plot that can stand on its own without the crutch of 'gay baiting', but there are also characters who just happen to be gay." And while the overall story of these two series are   read more
report Recommended by wolfchasingtime
The feeling you get bwteen the two male characters in each anime is very alike. You can see that in both animes, they have a really close relationship, without openly showing it. If you liked Shion and Nezumi's relationship in No. 6, you might just like Yuri and Viktor's as well!
report Recommended by Artsy
Bromance is simply beautiful as same as romance. Attracted to each other. That is good thing. First of all, Both plot and genres are completely different. But main characters are very similar. Shion and Nezumi, Yuuri and Victor. They are close to lovers. Not strange meaning. Understanding each other. They know it. So they snuggle up each other, and share the warmth. Process until there is wonderful. Both cases are accidental and destined. At the same time, this is inevitable meeting. Their relation isn't over-familiar, but that isn't to say relation like family. The balance is exquisite. I'll talk others. Both soundtrack is pleasant. No.6 ED and YOI OP are truly   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
There is a similar kind of romance between the two main characters (however its is more obvious in the no.6 manga than anime)
report Recommended by otakupascale
Both anime have a homosexual romance as a subplot. Neither are just "bait" and both couples have healthy and supportive relationship development. However, the difference is that No. 6 has action and sci-fi storyline set in a dystopian while Yuri on Ice is a modern sports anime.
report Recommended by Tsukizono
Similarities: -Both is not labeled as shounen ai but actually they include gay relationship in a cute way. -Both is really good series. -One of the main characters have white hair. Differences: -No.6 is sci-fi yet YOI is sports anime.
report Recommended by Felicjanu
No.6 is another deep anime about the relationship between two men that isn't sexual.
report Recommended by sassaken
Completely different animes but there is a similarity you don't see usually, even when two main characters are male and female. While not lovers, they have a deep relationship that you want them to be always with each other. they may end up together. (still if it was for two of opposite sex, they have no other choice but to fall for each other at the end. you could have expected that from the start easily.)
report Recommended by Masood_sama_XN
The plot in Yuri!! on Ice and No.6 is not the same in the slightest. But, if you're looking for the right amount of shounen ai, look here. In YOI, the boy x boy relationship is not confirmed until the 7th episode by the director, but I'd say its about the same for No.6. Yuri!!! on Ice definitely does touch more on the aspect of romance, unlike No.6, but if you would like more then watch it!
report Recommended by herowithapen