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At first glance ef-a Tale of Memories and Air do not seem to have much in common, the first being more focused on romance while the second deals primarily with tragedy and family ties, however these titles have a similar atmosphere to them. Both are character driven through and through, the interaction between the characters is what advances the plot. These anime are highly emotional in the way they approach human relationships, a stellar soundtrack and flawless animation make them akin in more ways than one. Especially relevant is the attention to detail in the several scenes that feature the sky that are simply   read more
report Recommended by Nocturnal
First of all, similiar, beautiful art. They both tell a little bit sad, psychological story about life, happiness and relationships. If you liked one than you will probably like the other.
report Recommended by Frisco
Both of these series contain romance, tragic, and is emotional on several levels. Both series contain the style of dreams, memories, and deals with the theme of being alone but finding someone that cares about them. Needless to say, these two series contain a similar atmosphere. Both series also contain a more mature story and has deep drama. Human relationship is explored in these two series that can give the viewers a better look at the mature side of anime in its state of being.
report Recommended by Stark700
Ef is like a work of art. It has a beutiful plot, just like air. It connects the lives on others through spirit.
report Recommended by Bawoo
They are both deep, emotional dramas. They are also very heart warming and romance related. Both are great animes with amazing characters and story lines. Definitely worth watching!
report Recommended by animeaimee00
Have yo ever asked yourself why you couldn't fly even though you have wings! Or just consider you are in a complex, dramatically Situation in which only love can let you feel like a normal person. Both anime provides you hunmanistic thrilling storries with a bit magic in some kind but with heartbreaking caracters and backgroundstories you would not get, even if you were a professional storyteller.
report Recommended by Anilexx