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Cowboy Bebop
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they both have the same coool feeling and both have a jazzy starting. Only one is a criminal escaped from prison and the other a Bounty hunter.
report Recommended by -smitty-
Both are pretty funky shows that take place in a slightly askew futuristic world. Similar music and art. Similarly wild characters and improbable situations and scenes. Nice gun fights. The babe in Michiko is similar to Fay from Cowboy Bebop--gutsy, scantily clad, nonchalantly violent.
report Recommended by Dorothea
There are adventures, good music, chases and shootouts and a little bit of drama. But is not the case, the main rhythm, rhythm was definitely one and the same.
report Recommended by -delete-account-
Soundtrack with an abundance of actual songs that aren't your average anime stuff. Huge mix of nicely shaken popculture tropes and brilliantly directed episodic structure with satisfying conclusion. Rare thing among modern anime.
report Recommended by Rychu_lubicz
Both shows give off the same vibe, as episodic but character driven entertainment, with high speed action, situational comedy and a tinge of melacholy. Thoroughly recommend both.
report Recommended by NoMercy
Even though the premise is different, Michiko to Hatchin has a very similar vibe to cowboy Bebop. Both stories are wild west stories build around a futuristic 70's style universe. Where Bebop had the bounty hunter's gallivanting all over the place looking for their big payday theme; Michiko has a classic wild west bandits on the run premise. The similar feel might be because Shinichiro Watanabe was the music director for Michiko to Hatchin. But even if you don't think they're similar, I'm sure you'll enjoy Michiko if you liked Bebop.
report Recommended by davemanspiff
Both are about searching for a loved one, with ties to the criminal underworld. They both have strong character designs, fluid animation and the same humour. They both also with hold information from the viewer, slowly revealing the story through flashbacks and conversation.
report Recommended by Dumbfish1
Both are silly without loosing the ability to deliver a dramatic message. Both use a linear narrative to tell a coherent story. Both have a strong ensemble cast. Both use quirky characters within a group dynamic to drive the story forward. Both are top notch entertainment where every episode is worth watching. Bebop's episodic nature makes it a better standalone series and allows it to play more freely with genres and styles. Michiiko's more continuous narrative allows for better character growth which builds deeper attachments to the various characters.
report Recommended by ashadowalker
Both have a very interesting soundtrack featuring Jazz. Both have good action and plot. While the Bebop crew are bounty hunters, Michiko is looking to reunite with Hatchin's father.
report Recommended by Luvrei
If you liked Cowboy Bebops, "cool" yet collective kind of vibes this anime has the same feel and sense adventure. Might have something to do with it being the same people who made it. ;) Watanabe, Shinichiro look at his picture on myanimelist, those shades say "cool" ;)
report Recommended by crystaldawwn
Both series have a protagonist that is searching for their love. Both offer heavily individual-theme episodes while building the over-arching plot up. Michiko to Hatchin offers a bit more interaction between the main characters while Cowboy Bebop offers more themes in the ep. Both also offer outstanding music (made by the same person).. so check it out
report Recommended by Byrdman
Both anime have: -Jazz music -Kickass main character -Good character development -Realistic setting -Amazing art with really fluid animations especially the fight scenes. -Main character that is looking for someone from their past -Nearly realistic characters -Some episodes that are stand alone.
report Recommended by EmNeM
If you like Cowboy Bebop you'll probably enjoy Michiko to Hatchin. They have similar style language, artwork and music.
report Recommended by xspeeddemon86x
Michiko to Hatchin and Cowboy Bebop struck me as very similar series. After all, Watanabe produced Michiko so it's not surprise that he'd take an interest in a series similar to his previous works. Both prove to be very stylish and musical. Cowboy Bebop has jazzy roots whilst Michiko has a more south american influence on the soundtrack. However, Michiko has a very jazzy opening. Both are very episodic but will occasionally have overarching plots that span multiple episodes. Both series are definitely, in my opinion at least, underrated. Bebop should be at 9 while Michiko should be at least 8.5. All in all, fun,   read more
report Recommended by HeroAppears
Both are similar in their episodic nature, as almost any episode can be watched on it's own. Strong characters, even supporting characters can stand out. Unique settings that aren't seen often in other anime. Fast-paced action and upbeat, well-done soundtrack. Also produced by Shinichiro Watanabe (director of Cowboy Bebop).
report Recommended by binsentosan
Both are from the same author and have similar plot style.
report Recommended by ChonenJuanpi
Gritty stylized anime focusing on a few characters that grow over the 22 episode run time. It has beautiful animation mixed with a great soundtrack creating some amazing set pieces that lead into a good story which does an incredible job of making itself enjoyable and resolving itself. Most of its filler episodes are enjoyable to the degree that they are not too annoying but they do slow down the plot a bit. Overall a good choice if your looking for something that might be aimed at a slightly older audience than average anime, especially if your tired of high school.
report Recommended by Oasisstorms
The director of Bebop was a producer on Michiko and Hatchin so even though he didn't direct the show feels quite a bit like one of his shows, Bebop included. Both shows are mainly episodic with a plot linking it's protagonist/s to a past they (well one of them in the case of Michiko and Hatchin) have difficulty letting of and that is kept mysterius, hinted at through flashbacks and linked to organized crime, with troubles from said organized crime driving the plot and action. Bebop though set in space draws heavily from the United States for its inspiration and aesthetic (not to mention sound) while   read more
report Recommended by SimeonStylitses
Both of these anime have a jazzy type of vibe. While these two anime aren't exactly the same, if you liked Cowboy Bebop you might like Michiko to Hatchin.
report Recommended by impossablank