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Sep 25, 2023
Preliminary (42/? chp)
tldr; refreshing fusion of the commonly-found, overpowered FL with a level-up system granted by gods. I honestly don't know why this isn't more of a thing in manhwas. Overall, there's alchemy, religion, and a sprinkle of nobles (with no mention of a king/emperor) so far. I don't think the story will push hard for the usual nobility drama because it's been avoiding/making fun of the usual cliches.

The manhwa artist has a knack for choosing pretty colors, draws fairly nice art (and thankfully, no absurd body proportions). The main character's facial expressions are also pretty unique compared to the average manhwa.

As for the story, ...
Sep 23, 2023
"Oshi no Ko" (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
tldr; Idol/Acting anime that ends on a cliffhanger almost every episode. A few episodes feel long, but others seem short.

The characters are alright, though there wasn't that much character growth. There was one small-to-mid-size development in the story, but I guess that's what happens when there are two "main" characters. I understand that when it comes to these types of stories, it's hard to rush things, but it was still unsatisfying. The end of the season just left me with a "Is that it??" type of feeling.

On the other hand, I may have had too high of an expectation because of the hype ...
Aug 5, 2023
Mixed Feelings
85% recommended, 15% mixed feelings because the chapters near the end, starting from around Ch. 120, were way too rushed.

tldr; no reincarnation but the main character gets visions of her future, a pure political drama series, the novel has the juicy parts, the art is pretty good.

Usually when it comes to these characters who either got reincarnated or have some sort of knowledge that almost seem like a cheat code, I am impressed by how "smart" they are at handling things but in this manhwa, I was more impressed by how the main character was already actually very clever/had good social awareness. It didn't ...
Aug 1, 2023
As a 20-something reader, this was one of the manhwas that was the hardest for me to finish.

Maybe it is me being used to the main character being cool-headed, but I was only able to feel ok about the FL only after the main story finished. On the other hand, I had no problems with the epilogue.

The villain got up to so much unnecessary things, for no good reason except for how she has always stolen the FL's love interests lol. The characters felt very basic, from how I read it, it didn't feel like they had any character development.

The only thing ...
Jul 27, 2023
tldr; a cute manga to binge read.

The art was fairly standard, both the main characters were better drawn as the chapters went on.

As for the story, I teared up/cried once during these 54 chapters but then again I cry very easily so don't trust me on this. The main plot is pretty straightforward, they are a high school couple, but turns out the ML is the son of a strict household that ended up having 2 Prime Ministers, so they have to manage their relationship alongside having to follow the rules set by the family for generations.

Thankfully, there wasn't any extra drama ...
Jul 17, 2023
tldr; gave off the same feelings i get from minecraft, but instead of survival, the main character is obsessed with books

I pretty much binged this, each episode feels very light but doesn't have any filler content. At the start, the art felt a bit lackluster, but I got used to it + it probably got a bit better as the episodes went by.

As for the story, I teared up/cried at least 2-3 times during these 14 episodes. Yes, it's an isekai but not the typical one. Maybe it's because I like slice of life stories, but it felt like I was watching one of ...
Apr 30, 2023
Preliminary (96/? chp)
Oh lord, so far, with 96 chapters in, this made me cry/tear up at least 3 times (do note that i was listening to golden hour - Fujii Kaze remix on loop as I was reading this manhwa) - you could almost think of it as a handbook for how to evenly give attention to your kids as a stepmom.

The art is pretty. I would rate it around 8/10. One thing that I might nitpick is the fact that they give "bigger" noses to the stepsisters to make it seem as if they are "unattractive". But I guess it's hard to make a character ...
Apr 28, 2023
Preliminary (40/? chp)
I fricking love wholesome romances (at least so far in season 1).

The art is pretty, and the main characters are cute. Of course, there are antagonists, and even they aren't drawn like typical "ugly bastards".

One thing that I found particularly unique compared to other reincarnation-themed manhwas is that for once, the main character isn't so focused on getting revenge.

In the first 40 chapters (Season 1), there hasn't been that much world building which was a bit sad, but the events purely focused on the main character's romance so it's all good. As per usual, chapters seem to be coming out once a ...
Apr 27, 2023
A satisfying read that gives you the answer to questions you might have about what happens to the main characters in the future.

It's another one of the type of manhwas where the main character is brought into a different world, but at least this one isn't TOO dramatic, and you get to become used to the male and female leads as you read more. Compared to the dramatic ones, this has been fairly wholesome. I only wish it had more world building. All the events mostly focused on the main two, and the female lead didn't try to use her "modern world" knowledge in ...
Apr 23, 2023
Preliminary (139/? chp)
tldr; quirky "slice of life"-esque manhwa with a reincarnated MC, but her reincarnation isn't pushed down our throats 24/7

Compared to the usual style of manhwas, its art is quirky - but if you are willing to not mind it as much, this one is pretty fun to read. I just finished reading up till the end of its Season 3 (Chapter 139), and the plot is finally moving, there is finally going to be something that might keep us on the edge of our seats.

Overall, the manga has a very "slice of life" feel to it. And yes, it does have the reincarnation thing ...

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