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May 27, 2022
There is no plot to the anime, but if you like watching cute anime girls and would like to learn some things about cooking and some background info on the specific meal that they highlight for he episode, you are in for a treat.

Overall, the events that happen in each episode are wholesome, and I would heavily recommend it if you are looking for something to watch that anyone can enjoy.

I liked the voice actors, and the general background music and theme song. I couldn't even bring myself to skip over the opening and ending song, because I enjoyed i THAT much.
May 27, 2022
Preliminary (97/? chp)
The main character's goal was very straight to the point: to survive because she woke up as the antagonist one day out of nowhere. This was the second manga I read in a row that had a theme with dukes and duchesses and all the nobility.

As for art, you can find pretty/attractive characters, the usual scenes with all the pretty flowers (almost feels customary now that I think about it), and every now and then very nicely drawn sceneries.

Although it says that the manga is still ongoing, the main story ends with Chapter 92. Now, the author is just giving us extra side ...
May 25, 2022
Preliminary (125/125 chp)
(This is my 3rd isekai/magic-sprinkled monarchy manga that I have read in a row. Overall, I tend to enjoy isekai settings, so I am biased for sure.)

I thought it would be very light, but I was surprised to find out that it had a bit more depth to it. As usual, it will have its very pretty scenes with the bright lights and the aesthetic-looking flowers.

I am glad that they didn't stretch out the story tbh - otherwise it would have been annoying. Personally, I just tend to look for material that has good world-building whether it be through text or art so maybe ...
Jun 7, 2021
tldr; Only finished it because it was on Netflix. If I had found it on an anime site, I would have immediately dropped it.

So many panty shots, bad depiction of boobs in clothes, and cliche lines. Why do the characters even have to have some sort of connection between each other? And was the anime made in a way so that the MC and her sidekick kind of has borderline gay vibes going on because it's going to be on Netflix? Or is it just pure coincidence that it turned out this way?

The only cool character in the anime is the sniper with the mask ...
May 28, 2021
Definitely not something that I come across everyday, that's for sure.

The art was great, from the get-go, you get a lot of fighting scenes, and if you're the type to go over all the details the artist drew, you will probably have a super fun time reading this one.

Tldr; I think this one is dependent on how fast you read it - I read it in two sittings, and I ended up feeling rather empty, almost underwhelmed. But if you take your time reading it, maybe 5 chapters a day, you might enjoy it more than I did.

As I have said, I ...
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Apr 26, 2021
tldr; It started off super cool, but then it fell off. The only reason why it's even this high is because of Langa (the dude with the blue hair).

Maybe it's because I kept on seeing screenshots of the anime in my Facebook every now and then, which built up the hype for me - but it was pretty underwhelming.

There's little to no world building. they all skate at this one location during night time on certain days (Fridays or during the weekend I assume) and they 1v1 against each other to see who is the better skateboard guy.

Oh, I should also note that ...
Mar 18, 2021
If you're a fellow Makishima simp, this is the real good good.

This one is real cute, because we get to see the third years being all cute when they were just in their first year of high school. Even though the starting clip kind of hints at how we might be able to learn more about the gang member-esque member of Hakone, we don't get to really dive more into his story--instead, we get two Makishima stories with one about Toudou in between. Although if you wait for the credits to finish, we do get a nice short clip of Arakita with a cat. ...
Mar 17, 2021
tldr; Onoda is an irritating MC with plot armor that saves the team from difficult situations, but 3 characters save the day by being consistent.

I initially watched almost the entirety of the anime's first season 2 or 3 years ago, but I couldn't watch anymore of it once they introduced Midousuji, so I dropped it at the time. But with the pandemic and all, I gave it a second try, and surprisingly enough, I was finally able to finish the anime (the first season at least, at the time I'm writing this). Midousuji still gives me the creeps, with all the disgusting sounds that he ...
Mar 15, 2021
tldr; A wholesome episode mainly revolving around how Onoda and Makishima got to be closer through Onoda's weeb activities during a training session that takes place prior to the Hakone race

This episode made me simp for Makishima tbh - he's so sweeet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

In the main anime, we only got maybe a single episode of the team preparing for the race as a whole, so it was nice of them to make a special episode of nothing major happening, just some extras for fans of the series.

Since Onoda is the main character of the anime, obviously he's still gonna get hung up on something stupid (which ...
Jan 24, 2021
God damn it, the closer it got to the ending the more nervous I got but I am so glad there wasn't a bad ending.

It's so wholesome, you can watch it with anyone and as long as they are able to react as how one would normally, they would enjoy this anime. There's nothing major happening in the anime, it's literally just a single parent trying to bring up his daughter while trying to keep it a secret that he's the author of a manga with a lot of dirty jokes.

I don't even want to write more about this, just very easygoing and ...