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Aug 5, 2011
I admit it. I watched this due to the rolling success of K-on! (Sorry!). But I probably would not have looked at this series otherwise. This anime was better than I had anticipated. You could say this was more of a guilty pleasure anime considering the other shows that came out this spring. What I enjoyed about it though was the fact that it felt very relaxing to watch. No cliffhangers no heavy drama, just light antics that had me smiling and laughing with the occasional "aww".

Story - 7
The beginning two-thirds of the series seemed to be more random and fun with interactions with different read more
Jun 20, 2011
Upon writing this review, I believe the series has delivered pretty well and is likely to change in a good way.

I had looked forward to this story simply because of the plot summary. Time travel was always mysterious and unproven so it allows the writers to roll with some imagination while at the same time adding logic and even modern events to the equation. Seeing a female and male lead I always hope for some sexual tension between the protagonists. I haven't played the visual novel and do not appreciate spoilers without warning so hopefully I can write this without giving away too much.

Story - read more