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Jan 2, 2018
This a review of Houseki no Kuni (TV). I give my take of the anime and whether or not I would recommend it.

Story: 8

Houseki no Kuni (TV) has a very subtle and slow-moving plot. Throughout the 12 episodes, not much is really happening. The character development, except for one or two characters, are essentially nonexistent. For the most part, there isn’t enough information to advance the plot. However, for the sake of this review, I will differentiate between plot and story. While the plot has left me wanting, the story is extremely compelling. The mysterious aura of the anime keeps the watcher wanting to read more
May 18, 2015

Life is unfair, and according to Death Parade, even after our earthly demise, we are still subjected to the unfairness of our primal existence. The judgment of whether we go to heaven (reincarnation) or hell (the void) is still founded on a false system. It is based on flimsy assumptions of puppets who have never experienced love, pleasure, anger, jealousy, or pain. Even in this death, truth refuses to be universal, the subjectivity continues...Or does it? Do we all have this intrinsic darkness in our souls? Do some people have it in more quantity? Can this be drawn out by observing us humans in extreme read more
May 27, 2014
Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)

It is a delightment to be able to write a review for Nisekoi, though the anime was not perfect, it has provided me with significant entertainment during the last few months. Even if my review may seem negative, it is just because I am analyzing an anime by parts and category. As a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed Nisekoi.

Story: (30%)

The plot of Nisekoi is rather mediocre. With a redundant premise, Nisekoi has nothing new to contribute to the rom-com genre. The creativity of the story and its complexity is minimal at best, non-existent at least. Do no expect to be blown away by the story line, read more
Feb 17, 2014

“ Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
-Albert Camus

If nothing else, Kyoukai no Kanata was an entertaining anime. It was able to produce tears, surprise, excitement, and many laughs. The coherency of the plot may have been questionable, but nonetheless, the ride that the anime portrayed was over-exceeded any nuances with the direction of the story line.

The main read more
Jan 18, 2014

Would you obliterate this world for the sake of someone you love? Would you go against the logic of the world to achieve your goals?

Zetsuen No Tempest is a masterly written piece of work that challenges the watcher to reflect on their ideas of death, love, and logic. I started this anime with low expectations. I am a rather optimistic person, and the premise of a dystopic world did not attract much enthusiasm from me. Zestuen No Tempest, however, is not just a story of some parallel dystopian world, but rather a personal story involving love and tragedy.


ZNT prides itself in their story read more
Jan 3, 2014

This is a hard anime for me to review, and honestly, I'm not sure that the score that I gave it is really representative of my feelings towards White Album 2. Hopefully, as I'm writing this review, I can get some type of closure and maybe fortify my rating decision. So bear with me a bit.

I have strayed away from the pure romantic drama genre for years now, I thought that I was offered the best that a romantic drama can deliver in Clannad, and the worst that it can offer in School Days. I've also enjoyed shows like True Tears and Ef in the read more
Dec 28, 2013
The nonchalant Spike, The righteous Jet, The sneaky Faye, and witty Edward....

These beloved characters have in-printed themselves onto my heart slowly but surely.

CowBoy Bebop is an anime that was recommended to me by various sources. Knowing that the anime was about 14 years old, I was hesitant to start it up. Eventually, with the consistent nagging of my buddies and fellow anime fan, I started Cowboy Bebop.

Took me three days to marathon it, and boy what a ride it was!!


There only has been a few animes that were in a “episodic” style that I really enjoyed. Mushi shi was one, xxxholic was another, and I read more
Sep 29, 2013
Let me start off by stating that Guilty Crown was not a recommendation given to me by anyone, nor was it a show that I “planned to watch eventually”. Before watching this, I had never heard of GC, and the only reason I picked it up is because I came across it on some random anime generator and it seemed like a good filler show to enjoy.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the anime; with no external biases or influences, I was able to appreciate this anime for what it truly is : a decent anime. It had some really strong moments, and some read more
Jul 25, 2013
Kuroko No Basket is an anime that was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine who, like me, is a basketball enthusiast. I didn't take his recommendation too seriously when I read the description and found out that this was a sports anime. I never truly had an interest in sports anime since it didn't have a natural appeal to me. Anime were too me, a way to explore new realities, new universes where the laws of logic and (for some reason) gravity doesn't count. Places where you can be a ninja or a soul reaper, even a pirate. A place where read more
Jul 22, 2013
My rating for this show after watching episode 11 is different that what my rating became after watching episode 12, which is the finale. This had a very strong ending episode which boosted up the show up a level for me, from a six to a seven. I do recommend this show for anyone interested in a romantic drama, but I won't go as far as too say that this is a must-see for the genre.

Let's start off by acknowledging the similarities that Ano Natsu de Matteru has with Onegai Teacher. The basic premises is the same, you have a pretty humanoid female read more