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Aug 18, 2011
I really liked this show, regardless of what others say. I thought this story was rather unique. It had to do entirely with the economy, and a part of which questioned morals. It touched upon the subject that in order to achieve what you want, in order to reach your goal, sometimes, more often then not, you will have to trample over someone to get there. In this particular case, you would trample over that someones future. The vagueness of this toll becomes apparent throughout the show, as you see just how variant the tolls are between all the people, though they are all read more
Nov 25, 2010
Motto: to-LOVE-ru
Finally, the much awaited sequel to a show that hundreds if not thousands demanded have a sequel. Oh, when the OVA came out, that was not enough. The cries of the people rang in the ears of the producers, who then had to oblige. At last: a sequel that’s a sequel. They’ve kept us waiting long enough, right? But wait…is THIS what I’ve been waiting for?

What story? So far, all it is is a continuation of the first season. Not a sequel. Just an OVA that they named all fancy and stuff. There’re really no plot (at least none seen yet ). At the read more
Nov 22, 2010
Kuroshitsuji II
(two stars like this ** means that there is a spoiler coming up, and you should skip to the next set of stars)

And here we come to a sequel. Sequels can be a good thing, if expressed correctly and if it is relevant to the parent story, much like an OVA. And let’s be honest – if a show is THAT good, and it ends in a sort of open ended way, shouldn’t it just stay like that? I mean, I’m pretty sure no one wants to know what happened to Azmaria at the end of Chrono Crusade. And though I used to hope read more
Oct 6, 2010
Seitokai Yakuindomo

This one is a little hard to wrap my mind around. Don’t get me wrong – I was laughing like a damn maniac every episode because the things they say, or the puns they make, or the irony of the situation is just too hilarious. This anime really did make me laugh like no other one has. The only problem really is their way of doing so: sex jokes. That’s right, of every element known to man that has any comedic value sex jokes was the way they decided to go. And you know what? It was not even half bad. I'd recommend it read more
Oct 1, 2010
I honestly couldn’t be any happier with this one. It was a great show that I just absolutely had to finish in a day. The need to know what was going to happen next was overwhelming. I didn’t want to stop watching it for a minute, because I was so interested in what would happen. Now true, the story is a very simple one: zombie apocalypse, find your friends who are coincidentally big breasted and love you, get out and find your family. It’s what is expected when there’s a zombie apocalypse, right? But it’s made much more interesting then that when you get to read more
Sep 30, 2010
I couldn’t enjoy the flow of the show, because it was so thoroughly distracting. The show couldn’t make you keep a straight face, because every time you were serious for a battle, you just had to see some twit suckling a nipple. Everything that the producers and writers and developers of the last 30 years have tried to hide, was totally shit on. All the stupid coincidences of leaves blocking certain areas or objects closer to the screen that block a body – even the steam aspect of those ecchi genres made them what they were: ecchi! Quite honestly, that’s the way it was supposed read more
Sep 29, 2010
This is my first review, so bear with me.
This anime was easily a great masterpiece. The story is always mysterious and kept you wondering what would happen next. Its a great suspense, and amazing cast of characters helps to tell the story.

The story is great, and oddly unique. Its episodes that run by parts relating to separate characters isn't the unique part, but the flow of the story is very real. Its a good, realistic flow of events that you wish you got in other anime.

The art is outstanding. It not top notch or the most amazing animation ever, but the animation fits the story read more