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Jan 16, 2019
This is a show I WISH got more recognition.
Listen, I actually had to give the first episode a few goes myself. It's a slow, forty-minute start to one of the best character-driven dramas I've ever seen. Due to this unfortunate beginning, it's been kind of overlooked which really is a shame because it's fantastic once you get into the backstory. (That of which takes up the remaining part of the anime's run time.)
The characters are all dynamic, they're all flawed in some way or another. I especially enjoyed Kikuhiko's and Sukeroku's relationship, it was very complex and interesting and it made my read more
Jan 14, 2019
Tiger and Bunny is an awesome take on the superhero genre that fosters a lot of warmth in it's characters and setting. It's nice to see actual adults running around saving people, especially when they're as lovable as all these guys.
The whole 'young cocky newbie and seasoned old vet' partner trope is one as old as time but Tiger and Bunny pull it off nicely. Mainly because, I think, their personalities clash with each other so much that it's funny to see. Kotetsu is a flawed (in a good way) main character that is refreshingly different and isn't over-powered like so many other read more
Jan 13, 2019
Mo Dao Zu Shi is a really good show. But it's also kind of confusing.
I believe that some of that confusion can be chalked up to the fact that it is, indeed a chinese animation. The characters all have about three names and I only really remembered them all nearing the end. But that's really no reason to not watch it because it was actually fantastic.
The first episode was confusing, I'll admit, but it's literally all flashbacks after that so I can aptly assume it will be fleshed out in the next season.
The animation is gorgeous, the voice acting is very emotive and read more
Jan 13, 2019
Fake (Anime) add (All reviews)
I decided to watch this as a joke and ended up enjoying it so much that I watched it again.
FAKE is old and it looks super old. Some of the... actions of the characters are kind of questionable but... I don't know a gay cop story where the main characters actually kind of have a nice chemistry was refreshing to see even in this day and age.
Also,,, the opening... Oh my God. I've been looking for the full version of it for years and I can't for the life of me find it. It's. A. Banger.
It has that lovely old anime nostalgia, with the bright read more
Jan 13, 2019
I stumbled upon this bad boy one night while searching for shonen-ai.
Now don't get me wrong- it's KIND OF shonen-ai but definitely not enough for it to be classed as that. I don't know if it's different in the manga but- well, I was kind of disappointed.
Nevertheless I actually found this a pretty interesting anime. The premise was kind of nice, the animation wasn't awful to look at (unlike most shonen-ai) and the opening was a bit of techno bop that I did not expect. The character designs were also quite refreshing. There was no seme/uke bull and the characters actually seemed like more read more
Jan 13, 2019
Is Gravitation one of my favourite animes of all time? Yes
Is it good? No.
Honestly if you're looking for some good ol' shonen-ai, look no further. The relationship between Yuki and Shuichi is pretty cookie cutter stuff- but the fact that this was written in the nineties makes it a bit more special. It actually does tackle some tough subjects like homophobia and sexual harassment but not well enough for it to be actually commendable. At least it isn't glorifying rape (*cough cough* koisuru boukun) And I have to admit... They're pretty cute.
Like sure, Shuichi Shindou is really, REALLY annoying but he's also like, my dumbass read more
Jan 12, 2019
Banana Fish is literally the edgy-dark new age thriller that everyone's always harping on about in the anime community. It's amazing to watch, heart wrenching, beautiful- the characters are likeable and complex AND THE OPENINGS/ENDINGS ARE ALL BOPS
It's such a shame that it fell on the wayside this season. I believe this is because people wrote it off because it featured elements of homosexual relationships and people are just... dumb? Like sure thing Chad, you didn't like Banana Fish because it was too 'edgy' but your favourite anime is Akame Ga Kill, go off.
I liked Banana Fish because it has great action direction despite not read more
Jan 12, 2019
Look, I'm not saying Akatsuki no Yona is an anime for everyone- it's got some mildly misogynistic tones and the writing may be a bit clunky at times but goOD GOD WAS IT FUN TO WATCH
I just loved watching Yona learn to kick ass and all the side characters were all very aesthetically pleasing. It was like she was a pokemon trainer collecting hot guys.
I'd been putting off watching it for YEARS until now but it's the first anime i've enjoyed watching the whole way through in ages. It was like a shoujo anime with actual stakes and I don't know, it was just read more