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Dec 24, 2021
This show would be amazing if it didn't get so freaky all the damn time.

(mild spoilers btw)

Jobless Reincarnations a sick fuckin show that forces you to watch a couple of children bang in order to experience the most interesting fantasy anime in recent memory. It takes full advantage of its R rating by being completely unapologetic about the degeneracy of the story and its MC who is a grown man who’s a little too aware of child grooming tactics. Aside from the over-sexualization of children and child-like characters which I’ve become numb to after last season, Jobless Reincarnation still read more
Oct 4, 2020
Review of Re: Zero 2nd Szn (MILD SPOILERS AHEAD)

This will likely be a divisive point of contention, but continue reading with the understanding that these are just my personal opinions. That being said, my god is the art just absolute shit. The backgrounds look like the uninspired Deviantart pieces that I used to make in middle school with no absolutely no sense of character. This makes for such an extremely generic and dull setting, which is unfortunate for the fantasy genre in anime which is in desperate need of an artistic reawakening. Just look to another show in the genre like Attack read more
Sep 16, 2020
A Brief Review of Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch (Mild Spoilers)
Written By: a Code Gayass stan

For a continuation of a television series with such a conclusive ending, this movie was able to execute a perfectly satisfying sequel, or rather a presentation of an alternative timeline by adding to the story without lazily undoing the knots that were tied at the end of the original story. In a way, it acts as its own stand-alone movie with how it ends essentially the way it started, while simultaneously acting as a direct sequel by extending its plot threads ever so read more
Aug 25, 2019
*Mild spoilers ahead*

Carpe diem is a Latin phrase that means to, “seize the day.” It’s often associated with the modern-day acronym, YOLO, yet holds an entirely different meaning within the context in which it is used. The full Latin phrase is “Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero” which translates to “seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future.” Where YOLO is often used as justification for spontaneous and often dangerous behavior, carpe diem encourages living as much as you can now since the future is uncertain.

Okay, so what was the point of giving a Latin lesson in the first place (aside from read more
Jan 21, 2018
We are prisoners to the things we think we need.

Is it possible to die satisfied? Surely we will all have doubts, the "I wish I'd done this", as we contemplate all the things we could've done differently had we known how short and unforgiving life truly is. However, if you were given a timestamp what would you do? How would YOU live out your given amount of days? Doesn't it seem futile? You're going to eventually die anyway, so why even bother? Is there any point in living in the first place?

This is the true mystery of life; we all know we will die someday read more
Jan 7, 2018
I'm really sorry if this review turns into a rant, but I'm just pissed that I wasted my five hours on this thing.
This is my first encounter with Devilman so I'm not too familiar with the source material, but after seeing the Netflix special i had to get this off my chest.
Also before I get into this, just a reminder that this is subjective and you can take my opinion with a grain of salt


Art [6]
The animation was quite honestly the only DECENT category. Many of the action sequences at least were well executed (for the most part), but the character designs were pretty average. read more
May 31, 2017
Never in my entire life did I ever have the slightest, most minuscule interest in ballroom dance. Like many others, I thought it was for "old people," where the closest thing I've ever gotten to was when I'd watch "Dancing With the Stars." I didn't respect the art behind it and the effort and passion people really put into it.
Finally, after reading Ballroom e Youkoso, I can say that I still don't really care about dance. Despite, I can respect people who do dance and what it stands read more
Jan 17, 2017
This is not a review as much as it is a analysis over the last scene in the film thus, it will CONTAIN SPOILERS of the ending of the film. When it comes to Evangelion, you either really love it's story and characters or you hate the entire thing. I'd just like to convey my fondness for the ORIGINAL series and the EOE. I do hold the TV series and the film on a very high pedestal and refer to them as the closest things to masterpieces in the most subjective way possible.


That aside, the topic I'll be discussing is the last scene in read more
Dec 29, 2016
Synopsis: 17 y/o Rin is trapped in a position of physical stasis where in her head she experiences a simulated reality where she's essentially the "God", and has the ability to create whatever she wants through her magical iPad. In her imaginary world she's the only one, she's alone (Side note: however since she has the ability to create and change her world, wouldn't it be possible to create life?). During one of her uneventful days she sees a swing. Knowing that she hadn't drawn it, she curiously touches it where she recovers some of her memories. Her simulation begins reciprocating her memories before she read more
Sep 23, 2016
[Story] 6
For the most part, KonoBi takes place in a generic school setting where the main cast spends their days in the Art club. The story revolves around the art club members but mainly focuses on Usa and Uchimaki. Throughout the show, we get to see Usami-chan's experience in having to deal with Uchimaki-kun's addiction, and don't worry, this story isn't that dark. This sets up a handful of hilarious scenes and minor plot twists that might squeeze out some air from your nostrils. The story doesn't do anything in particular with the school setting that would've changed the story drastically if it didn't take read more