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Apr 21, 2015
So I went and checked out the hype train despite my busy sched and backlogs, and ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to report that the hype.. is real! Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) is a MUST WATCH specially for fans of classical music.

Kimi Uso, if I would put into imagery, is like trying out this Black Forest cake specialty that uses sour cherries at this new classical cafe everyone is talking about. You walk-in, greeted by the beautiful classical ambience, and when your order reaches the table, you see that it actually looks great and appetizing. You start tasting it ...
Nov 23, 2013
This is the 4th Season of Minami-ke and I'm glad to report that a lot of effort seems to be put into this one, probably making it the best of the series, so it is definitely a MUST WATCH.

Just like the rest of the series, it is still a situational slice of life comedy so not much development is to be expected, which is reminded in each episode. The art is great and probably even greater than the rest of the series. It features the same VAs which fit each character, good OP and ED, and BGMs that fit each scene. They have the same ...
Dec 5, 2010
Baccano! (Anime) add
It is truly sad how the most popular shines so bright that it blinds most people from seeing such great things, and it is even sadder how personal interests or preferences discourage people who are unaffected by that blindness to view them. Unfortunately, I am one of those blind and discouraged people, but my curiosity about high ratings has once again given me the chance to experience great art. I encourage everyone who are still unfamiliar with Baccano to check it out because this series is definitely a MUST WATCH.

Baccano is a story about a series of mysterious events connected to immortality which occur in ...
Feb 6, 2010
Being related to a poor OVA of the same name, Canvas 2 surprisingly had good content. The title and cover would make people think that it's just a typical harem anime with a whatever plot and tiresome service, but it isn't like that at all. It has good story material, serious drama, and good humour. Canvas 2 is unexpectedly enjoyable.

The story, unlike what you would expect from the cover and the OP, is not about a harem. If you look in the information section, you will see that harem is not part of the genre, that is because the story is mainly about an art ...
Apr 17, 2009
Since the 2nd season of Minami-ke was a let down, this third season, Minami-ke Okaeri, was expected to bring back the enjoyment experienced from the 1st season. Good news is that it's really improved. The OP and ED is back to being good, and the show is now much more fun and interesting with the increased comedy and the cute developments. The character designs and animation has been modified again. According to some news I read before Okaeri came out, the producers tried to bring it close to the look of the 1st season and I'm glad to say that it didn't turn ...
Mar 10, 2009
With the first release of episode one, I mistook it as the episodes 1 and 2 of the whole OVA. This OVA actually has two episodes containing two parts each with different plots. It's really a great MUST WATCH because I've never enjoyed an OVA so much until I saw these two episodes of Seto Hanayome.

About the story, it's a four part OVA with different plots that have little to no connection. All are really enjoyable! But take note that at least the last part should be watched alone in the middle of the quiet night, in a dark room where the only light comes ...
Dec 10, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Finally! "Flame of Recca - Final Burning", The title sounds very exciting, yes?
The Flame of Recca series is good, and since the ending has left everyone so hung, seeing this title will surely make everyone want to watch it.
This is labeled here as a special sequel to Flame of Recca, but well... it's not really special... So, sorry to break the excitement because it wasn't made well.

This is the conclusion of Recca and company's story, with the dragons and the flames and the Hokage. Haven't read the manga yet so I have no idea what happened in between.

The art is most frustrating here. I ...
Sep 28, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Koihime Musou is unexpectedly more of a comedy anime. I was expecting something a bit more serious and action-packed but it turns out to be a funnier version of Ikkitousen with less service and less action. If you like girls and comedy then this is a title you shouldn't miss.

The story is a joke. It's based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and it was supposed to be about a girl on a journey to find a way to change the chaotic, war-torn world. They just took things from there and then made a comedy, service anime with some respectable action here and there. ...
Sep 23, 2008
Preliminary (2/13 eps)
The anime Wind: A breath of heart if taken as food, would look alright but will taste bad. This was one of the titles I was looking forward to watch in my collection since it seems so promising, but after 2 or 3 episodes (forgot how far i watched) I got too bored that I wasn't able to continue watching it. I've endured watching a handful of bad series but it looks like this series was the one that bored me the most because I still can't find enough motivation to finish it.

I'm not sure about the story yet since I haven't finished but I ...
Sep 17, 2008
Kujibiki Unbalance (2006), an anime that can be appreciated specially by people who liked Genshiken and the Kujibiki Unbalance OVAs. Unfortunately, it's a lot different from what you would expect from the OVAs but the art is definitely better. It's not a "must watch" but I believe that it should be tried by people who liked Genshiken and the Kujibiki Unbalance OVAs, and also by people who would like to have some good laughs.

The story is not much and the series is short, but it's not bad, it's "s'orayt". Chihiro and Rit-chan are still childhood friends here and it still has the same Kujibiki, student ...

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