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Nov 18, 2009
After watching the series, I went straight for the follow up movie 'Resurrection'. While I did somewhat enjoy it, I felt that it was a disappointment compared to the series.

The story was pretty weak with this one. And I knew this not even 20 minutes into the film, simply be hearing the antagonists 'plans'. By taking Afro's fathers remains and bringing him back to life... to torture him to death again to make Afro suffer... yeah, it's ridiculous. And really, this just simply felt like a poorly recycled version of the original shows storyline.
Granted, there are a few bright moments but not enough to make read more
Nov 17, 2009
For the longest time, I've been meaning to watch this after seeing AD's for it on Spike TV. Well, lucky for me I recently found it and watched all 5 episodes in one sitting and I must say... I was very impressed with it.

The story is rather simple. Afro Samurai is out for revenge for his fathers death, and he'll f*** anyone who stands in his way.
With each episode we learn just a little bit more about Afro and his haunted and blood filled history, and this all builds up to the final showdown. The plot overall, is rather simple and straight forward, but read more
Sep 9, 2009
Hellsing is my favorite manga of all time. It combines a fun story, memorable characters, quirky humor, stylish art, and unrelenting gore and brutality all into one little paper back graphic novel.
So naturally, you'd think that the manga would make an awesome anime. Well, Chiaki J. Konaka and Umanosuke Iida thought so too and took it upon themselves to make an anime based off the popular series. In many ways, they succeeded. But they also failed...

The anime was released in 2001, long before the manga series would be complete. So they were forced to come up with their own story, completely unrelated to the read more
Sep 7, 2009
I was chatting with a online friend, and somehow anime was brought up. He then mentioned 'Paranoia Agent', and raved about what a masterpiece this anime was. I had never heard of it and read up on it. At first, I wasn't expecting to much, just a standard anime series... and boy I was wrong. I can not tell you how wonderful and absolutely addicting this show was.

It was superb across the board. From characters, animation, story, sound... everything was excellent. But be warned... this anime becomes very surreal and bizarre... far from what I was expecting.

The story starts off fairly simple. Some kid in read more
Aug 5, 2009
Yet another anime I remember watching during my Toonami days. I remember not liking it very much when I was younger, due to the dark plot. But I've recently rewatched it again (years later) and I must say, this was a kickass anime.

I was rewarded with a great plot, jazzy music, excellent animation, and a good moral lesson.

The story itself had a pretty interesting and original twist on the End of the World genre of movies. With the theme's of man vs nature and such (it does this much better then The Happening, but that isn't very hard to do).
I only wish that they'd read more
Aug 4, 2009
I remember awhile back, I use to come home from school and watch this on Toonami. This and DBZ were the highlights of the few hours I spent watching TV before getting to homework.
I just recently found Outlaw again and decided to rewatch the series again, since it had been years since I watched it last.

It was not as good as I had remembered... it was 10x better! I enjoyed it from beginning to end, and I wasn't bored... once. And if your able to keep my attention for 26 episodes straight, then your doing something right.

I'll start with the story. It was very read more