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Apr 21, 2021
Haru no Noroi (Manga) add
Haru's Curse is a manga that goes far past any forbidden romance or typical love triangle, and it oftentimes deal with familial relationships more than the romantic. This manga demonstrates how grief can affect people far after their loved ones are gone, sometimes even making it resemble a curse.

Natsumi, our main character, is dating Togo. The only problem is that Togo was Natsumi's little sister's fiancé up until her untimely death. Natsumi agrees to go out with Togo in exchange that they visit the places he and her little sister visited, as a sort of way for her to pan through her grief. Natsumi, however, ...
Apr 8, 2021
Gokushufudou (Anime) add
Please note I have NOT read the manga yet, so I will not be making detailed comparisons between the manga and anime...

Gokushufufou, or Way of the Househusband, is comedic in every aspect, including its animation. I've seen very many people critiquing Househusband for its lack of "quality animation," but this factor did not, by any means, ruin the anime for me. In fact, I believe the crappy lack of animation is intentional, much like in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, which JC Staff also produced. While I feel that Househusband didn't quite hit the mark as well as Saiki K did, I can still ...
Apr 1, 2021
Mixed Feelings

Wonder Egg Priority started out magnificently. You had no idea what was going on, but in a good way. You were suddenly thrust into this dreamland with the main character, except it was more a nightmare than anything. You actually wanted to figure out what was happening, and the story had so much potential. It even reminded you of a somewhat more realistic Madoka Magicka... maybe even a better version of it. BUT THEN, after episode 7, it turned into you not knowing what the hell was going on, in a very, very bad way. It became nightmarish, unintentionally, and you were lost ...
Mar 27, 2021
Koroshi Ai (Manga) add
Preliminary (46/? chp)
Koroshi Ai, or Love of Kill, is the perfect manga for someone who wants a more adult shoujo story with badass characters and a splash of questionable romance, which I will soon delve into with more detail. It's not often I can find a josei that is both entertaining and well-crafted. Oftentimes, they reel readers in with unbuilt relationships and too much intensity from the very first chapter. While these josei stories are good in their own way, Koroshi Ai is a slow-cooked stew that makes you wait for the full flavor. And d*mn, is the resulting dish good.
First off, Chateau Dankworth is worthy of ...
Jun 11, 2020
First off, I'd like to mention that I've never read any yaoi before, this being my first one. After hearing so much about Killing Stalking, and being enticed by its, say, 'edginess', I decided to give it a quick gander.
I finished this series in a day.
Being a typical shoujo/fantasy fanatic, this series was different from my usual cup of tea. But might I say, damn was it good. The psychological elements really just had me going. I kept thinking certain characters were redeemable, that they could start over again anew through true love... but then they murdered another victim and stored them in the basement. ...