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Feb 17, 2011
I'm not gonna lie but this show was made and marketed to sell more Gunpla toys, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad thing.

The story itself is nothing to marvel at as it follows a youngsters who was inspired to build Gunpla models after witnessing the life sized Mobile Suit Gundam erected in Odaiba years ago. Later, they discover the existence of 'Gunpla Battles' an arcade mobile suit simulator that allows people to drive their own personal Gunpla models in heated battle. The show does however draw homages from previous Gundam series and parodies in a sort of way that makes it enjoyable. ...
Feb 15, 2011
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Some would say it is a 'childish' anime to handle such adult themes. Yet, it is one scandously enjoyable show as it parodies pop culture in a way that is entertaining and fun to watch. Additionally making very strong political statements about traditional values and censorship.

This follows a very basic structure to those of magical girls genre as the story follows two angels by the name of Panty and Stocking. They collect Heaven Coins by defeating materialized evil created out of human.

Personally this somehow ties to the popular American cartoon 'Powerpuff Girls' as an episode is normally ...
Feb 6, 2011
The easy way to write this review is to simply tell you to go watch it RIGHT NOW! But it probably is by far one of the quintessential mecha genre anime out there. It has everything you would normally find in a story about mecha, with a very likeable protagonist and well liked side cast. The underlying themes are striking and realistic such as the idea of problems experiencing space/time.

Comparing this Gainax series with another, Neon Genesis Evangelion does not hold a water to the this timelss story. Many suggest that Evangelion is the best mecha has to offer, but to be honest it ...
Oct 28, 2010
For a Japanese cult classic like Kamen Rider, this manga has been revolutionary. Comparing this to showa era riders is like comparing a base of a pizza with a fresh out of the oven pepperoni pizza. It is innovative, stayed true to the original series and linked all these shows together like a spear gutting several fish with a single strike.

In order oto understand what this manga is really about, you need to have a firm but basic knowledge of the original showa riders. Most fans of the original kamen rider know what to expect in this manga, its bloody, dark and turned the ...
Oct 28, 2010
Those who have seen Macross Frontier would expect more of the same of this top quality movie. The movie although has a near identical plot to the animated series has in fact some very specialised moments exclusive to the movie. Much of the story again revolves around the main protagonist Alto however has less of an emphasis to a RankaXAlto relationship but an all round SherylXAlto one.

The music itself is once again top notched, with notable additions to the original music which stayed true to the theme of a 'Galactic Superstar'. Personally, I hoped for a bit more on characterisation as some felt like ...
Oct 20, 2010
Iron Man (Anime) add
Preliminary (2/12 eps)
Aside from the obvious connection between Marvel's ever growing ego and the development of the anime industry, iron man is a mediocre and pretty pointless show. Evidently the show suffers from having a mixture of both Western and Japanese cultures due to how the show is set in Japan yet Tony Stark could speak fluent Japanese without any decent explanation.

To many, this show is a great disappointment as it demonstrates a clear and hopeless contrast between the animated trailer promoting the anime and the anime itself. The animation itself feels moderately satisfying especially scenes such as the suiting up of the armor however, it does ...
Sep 16, 2010
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (155/203 eps)
Worst piece of sh!t I've seen in a long time. First off, I've seen this up to the end of the Future arc and to be damned honest its probably one of the worst decision Jump's ever made about serializing a manga. It was decent and readable when the author thought of just making a simple comedy, it was actually pretty interesting when the author created some interesting fighting styles to counter the ongoing struggles with antagonists but what really pushed me over the edge was the fact that the characters was blatantly uninteresting.

The love interests of the main protagonists spend at least 20 ...

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