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Apr 20, 2012
The art is cute, although the story is so episodic that I wouldn't really say there is a story line. This also isn't the story of love between the president and his secratary - more like a friendship, and how he gets involved in the secratary's business.

overall, there is no sense of completion, so I would read something else.

Apr 17, 2012
Puchi Puri (Manga) add
I have a lot of manga which I haven't read. The synopsis looks interesting, it is recc'd because of something else I read, or I just randomly downloaded/bought it.

Sometimes, in the midst of that, you find a gem.

It isn't deep. It isn't involved. But it is cute. So Very Cute!

It is about a high school student and a primary (elementary) school student. Yes, yes, it could have fallen into not delighful shota-con territory. But it didn't. It explore the blossoming relationship between these two in a cute, funny, and romantic way. Puchi Puri is a gem. A delightful book,

I awwww'ed as I read ...
Apr 12, 2012
This is about the love of two twins. Unexpectedly, their love does not end up being for each other (which is an interesting change from the sort of sibling BL books I normally read!)

The first story takes the first three chapters. The characters are simple, but engaging. The sex scenes are hot. I kinda like the fact that both twins end up the uke in the relationship. The twins go to different schools, and in the first chapter they pretend to be each other and the older twin (Saku) finds a lover (the older twins friend). The second chapter is my favourite, and the younger ...
Apr 8, 2012
This is just delightful!

This is sweet, sexy, charming, and just a lovely read.

The story follows Hatsune (a heir to a tea master), and Tokumaru (a not so smart jock). This is the story of their relationship. Tokamaru is forced to attend lessons by his sister, so he can lean some manners. He.. doesn't really. Across the story Hatsune lightens up, and learns to reveal what he thinks, rather than keeping an adult face, and Hatsune (needs to!) learn how to keep his smart alec mouth shut during sexy times. The feel between to the two is just lovely!

The art is clean. It took ...
Apr 6, 2012
Brother (Manga) add
I love this book.

Yes, yes I know there are two. The first one is funny, sexy, hard core and all sorts of awesome. The second was obviously and after thought, and only worth the read because it kinda continues the sory of two pretty awesome characters.

The story is common in BL - a younger, angstier sibling falls in love with the older, fluffier brother. The younger one can't deal with it, and ends up ignoring the older one for years.

Cue a resolution, where the younger ends up forcing himself on the older, lots of hot sex, and eventually the older realises that ...
Apr 6, 2012
Menkui! (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings

I think that is how I would describe Menkui.

Why? The story starts out well enough. The "normal" younger brother of the most gorgeous older brother. The class full of attractive people. The love interests...

It begings as a really sweet romance.

But It Goes Nowhere.

Oct 19, 2011
Tiger & Bunny (Anime) add
I wasn't going to watch this show. Nothing about the preview appealed to me in the slightest. Over the top action heros? Fighting in suits? Boring.

The funny thing is, that statement is absolutey correct, and absolutely false. Yes! it is over the top action heros fighting in suits. But it isn't boring in the slightest. From the first episode I was hooked. And the reason --> Kotetsu - Wild Tiger, the main character of the show.

Kotetsu is thick, honest, well meaning, and one of the most endearing characters I have come across in recent times! From the start, you find yourself totally on ...
Oct 6, 2011
This is the epitome of slow paced and slice of life. The story centers around Alpha, a very human robot, and her life at the Alpha Café, the people she meets, the friends she makes, and her mysterious owner.

Across the 14 volumes there are less than 10 named/important characters. This is quite impressive, given that the story spans something in the realms of 20-30 years. The author has created a tale which is happy – Alpha and her friends! Alpha’s adventures! But at the same time, without looking too deeply, there is a pervasive melancholy. Perhaps it is the references to the past, the ...
Oct 2, 2011
Mixed Feelings
This is a 4 chapter story about Luna and Miyabi. Luna is a highschooler who is unlucky in love, Miyabi her neighbour from years ago who is a couple of years younger. The story is pretty much about the two's relationship. But this is far as it goes. There is no depth, no excitement. It is boring.

The art is nice enough, and clean to read. The characters are very two dimensional (although they are somewhat better in the first chapter. The final three are just boring!). OVerall I would say: there are plenty of fun things out there, read one of those.
Oct 2, 2011
This is pure and adulerated BL smut.

Despite that, there is a little bit of story line in this series of 8 one shots. Many seem to involve the girly one dressing in.. well, in a girly fashion. For your uke expect feminine types, with lots of tears. And I do mean A Lot Of Tears. In every story, the uke cries. *shakes head* a bit much.

There are misunderstandings and unstated feelings on both sides. But lets face it - it isn't about the relationships. You read it for the smut. And it is good! The drawings are nice and convey everything (through implication if ...

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