Apr 8, 2012
sweeny (All reviews)
This is just delightful!

This is sweet, sexy, charming, and just a lovely read.

The story follows Hatsune (a heir to a tea master), and Tokumaru (a not so smart jock). This is the story of their relationship. Tokamaru is forced to attend lessons by his sister, so he can lean some manners. He.. doesn't really. Across the story Hatsune lightens up, and learns to reveal what he thinks, rather than keeping an adult face, and Hatsune (needs to!) learn how to keep his smart alec mouth shut during sexy times. The feel between to the two is just lovely!

The art is clean. It took me a little to get used to - the style is a little more angular than I usually read - but in the end I really feel like it suited the characters.

Unlike most yaoi's I have read it is not particularly angsty. The two main story lines are the growth of the relationship between the two, and the process of following your dreams and finding out what you want to do. Both of these are done well.

Koi Cha No Osahou is an easy 4 volume read. I can really reccomend it to those who like sweet romances!