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Aug 7, 2010
Genius party brings a group of directors, each of which assigned an 5 to 20 minutes episode. The result? 7 unique pieces of anime from across the board. When I think anime, this is the kind of thing I imagine - the huge variety and depth only animation can achieve.

Genius Party. First is a 5 minute ride through the surreal. It is lively and compelling and appears to take you through the unknown in this bizzare world. Fantastic. 8/10

Shanghai Dragon. Second shows that even a simple kid can save the world. It glimpses the somewhat "genius" of children, and their huge imagination which have read more
Jul 27, 2010
Durarara is nothing like Baccano, I can guarantee you that. Don't be fooled by its action scenes, non-linear storytelling or awesome opening sequence. Durarara is a ride which twists your insides really tight then suddenly explodes in your face.

Story: 7/10.
Its uniqueness lies in the story. What makes Durarara stand alone is its depth into the dark side of human psychology. This anime tackles suicide, exceptional forms of love and abuse. These aspects are hidden within the main focus of comic relief and fast paced action. Not to mention its fair share of the supernatural, from souls possession to urban legends.

Durarara has such a large cast read more
Aug 26, 2008
After watching Full Metal Panic (which I suggest everyone to do before considering watching this to make sense of it more), I was reluctant to watch this spin-off from it. Mainly because I saw no point in watching when there wouldn't be much development of character, nor continued storyline, and the school setting seemed off-putting. But I was glad that I started it, as I enjoyed it immensely. The reasons? I shall try to explain.

Story 8/10
This was far from disappointment, it was brilliant how they made everyday normal scenarios, and exaggerated it into the context of military warfare (mostly by Sousuke's nature to take read more
Jun 4, 2008
I started this thinking "alas, another predictable action anime which I may end up dropping" but it had me sucked in to the very end. The reasons? I'll try to explain:

Storyline: 8.5/10
Most action fans would see the storyline as very cliched and predictable, having seen it all played out before. It's storyline does lack, with some filler episodes (such as amusement park visits and hot bath days), and random bad guys which pop up, get defeated, and so moves on to another scenario. However, even though it does lack originality, it's done well and to a good enough standard to enjoy watching it all unravel.

Art: read more
May 31, 2008
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
There are many types of anime, though you can generalise them in being either fulfilling your expectations, or not. However, every so often, there is an exception of a unique anime which is by far superior though you never expected it to be. The latter defineately describes clannad.
I started with no expectations from clannad, but it turned out to be one of the best anime I have ever seen, if not the best.

Story: 10/10
On the outside it seems to be the ordinary slice of life drama - ordinary boy meets many girls, helps them, and in the end benefits too (not to forget read more
May 29, 2008
Well as it was only 5 minutes long, I'll make this extremely short. It's simply a 5 minute preview of all the famous clamp characters between 1995 to 2006, set to a cheery song by Maaya Sakamoto. Just 5 minutes of happiness to see all your favourite clamp characters do their thing. ^^
Apr 4, 2008
This isnt a review as such, but a comparison to the first season (as this is what i wanted to see when i was looking whether to watch the second season or not)

well the advantages is that its a continuation of the anime - so you see the characters again, more action, romance etc. theres also more characters (which are more your confidence determined rock solid women), you find out secrets, and the princesses character is developed more.
i found the animation more crisp in the second series as well. the storyline at the end was more emotional and more action in the second season as read more