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RazorRamona200 Apr 30, 2014 10:00 AM
Denada chico.
LoneWizzy Apr 24, 2014 2:07 AM
you are also right it was not worth was really incomplete and rushed(a 2cour anime would be a masterpiece)...but still if i remember a music after i finished an anime it means it was a success for my point of view.And also i dont see much plot twist i didnt suspect even the slightest everyday so it cought me off-guard
LoneWizzy Apr 23, 2014 1:46 PM
lol,yea ofc i appreciated your effort(im surprised you got 5 helpful btw :O)
sad thing in that review is that your review was really good(cant say same thing about angel beats it could have been better,dont know why but i read all your reviews)
RazorRamona200 Apr 23, 2014 1:29 PM
"SAO" cool of u 2 make such review, chico.
Saeedpoppa Apr 23, 2014 10:35 AM
'tis the life of being a reviewer on MAL, don't worry about the Helpful/Unhelpful votes, they're just used to see how many fanboys agreed/disagreed with you regardless of the actual quality of your review.

That said, to be honest your review wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either, it was fairly decent, though it would have been better and if you were more objective, made the review a little more organised and did a better job of reflecting your thoughts of the show in the score you gave it.
LoneWizzy Apr 23, 2014 3:59 AM
dont try to write a "good" review about SAO..there is so much hatred i cant understand why...Just write "This Show Sucks" and more people will like doesnt matter for them if you write a good review or not they will only look at your score and hit "not helpful"
WhiteJoker Apr 23, 2014 3:54 AM
Hi :) i just read your sakurasou review and it was great however i do have to disagree a tad with your sao reveiw i too dident find it all the impressive but hahaha i found the first part more better than the second as i found the fillers really quiete entertaining the second just ruined the hole anime in my opinion but i really like your reviews and how you do equal points on the good and the bad ^_^ my reviews are really quite awfull as i tend to be one sided haha ;D
but great job on your reviews! :):D
Valik93 Apr 6, 2014 3:41 AM
Sry for not replying for a while. I got banned for a week. I'm in something of a black list here, lol.

Anyway, back to our discussion...
Cynical... I don't think that's the best word to describe me.

Instead of looking at things with a lack of emotion, I rather try to look at things as they are. It's just that there is a line between real emotion and cheap devices to stir them up. Clannad's trick is music, since it's really damn good. The problem is that if you remove the music all you have in the end is a bunch of cliche to the core characters, a story that forces drama upon you using pretty cheap/stupid ways to do it, all wrapped up in a mediocre at most artstyle.

for example if you think Tomoya is designed to be self-inserted then he does have some traits of it. Anyway I didn't feel that particularly when I watched.
The fact that you don't feel it that way doesn't mean it isn't. Tomoya is a perfect example of what's called a self-insert character. (to spare me some time you can check haka's profile again for the list of cliches, he explains this part there)

Besides, I've personally seen many series with what you call "heavy" romance. I sincerely want to watch some "pure love" shows.
Well maybe I said it in a wrong way, but in that statement with "heavy" I meant that:
1. If the romance is a subgenre instead of the main one, it'll be extremely cheesy and take the whole anime lengh to develop even if it's freaking obvious who likes who from the very start. Also, the couple will most likely get into 3 tons of awkward moments.
2. Other shows (especially harems) will have a sexually oblivious main protag and girls will fall on him. He will pick the main one (it's pretty easy to identify her) around the end of the story.
3. Romance focused stories in anime usually follow up the harem formula with the exeption of "girls falling for the MC in an extremely obvious way". <<here's the Clannad anime>>

The number of anime that take love as it is without this "shy" all over it aren't in the majority... By "heavy" I actually meants "mature".
In this aspect Clannad~After Story is a step forward compared to Clannad, but the main problem is still present: forced drama and a huge Deus Ex Machina.
"Forced" drama means that the author didn't come up with a decent storyline and events before the drama itself that would actually lead to it. Lazy writting at it's best.

I won't disect the comment further, but connect all the dots instantly...

I can enjoy the emotion, but that's only when I can relate to the stuff happening + characters and their actions.
Deus Ex Machina is one of the cheapest tricks that exist since it solves all the problems without giving a damn about the story. This way any kind of stuff can be pulled off.
>Hey! Your wife died. No problem, we can turn back time.
>Hey! Your daughter just died in your hands. No problem, we can turn back time.
>Hey! Your life is miserable. No problem, we can turn back time.

See where I'm going? Also look at my comment below for my explanation for the miracle. We're just closing our eyes on that stuff and eat the happy end. You know... There's a place where Tomoya is with his dead daughter in his arms because he felt like taking her out while she was in a horrible shape.
Isn't that a bit heartless to just ditch that story and switch to our happy ending?

Yes, romance is not about kisses and sex, but don't you think that two lovers would at least hold hands and stay close to each other? Idk about you, but I had the feeling that in Clannad~After Story they're still highschoolers. I remember the scene where they were IN SEPARATE BEDS while being a married couple for fk sake!
This again brings me back to the "heavy" point, since all their love is taken too lightly. Way too lightly!

As for recommendations... It's a hard one since I didn't watch a whole lot of romance focused anime.

I can suggest watching Ef a tale of Memories/Melodies. I consider the second one to be really great, it only had one huge negative point to drag it down, but everything else is pretty much on top.

Spice and Wolf is a very enjoyable experience if you can handle the extremely slow pace and lack of action from time to time.

There are also more crappy anime like Toradora, but depending on your taste it can still be pretty enjoyable. (it's still cheese if you ask me tho)

I also know several more, but I didn't watch them so I prefer not to suggest any other stuff. (maybe if haka drops by again he'll leave a bunch of titles)
Also you can always use the forum.
Valik93 Mar 28, 2014 1:35 AM
First, the producer spends many episodes in developing their relationship slowly and carefully.

Actually... It's not that new or good. Truth is that it happens very often for the MC to be a beta, therefore the build up of the relationship takes a lot of time. Maybe he's not too beta, but as a self-insert character, Tomoya must not be a playboy or be extremely good in his relationships with women.

The slow build up you're thinking about is actually the integration of the other routes from the Visual Novel and nothing close to further development of the Tomoya-Nagisa relationship. This is pure fanservice made for the fans of the other girls and the actual development doesn't take that much time.

They don't even kiss, and holding hands is also scarce.

Loled at this one. This is again extremely often met in anime. Just think about who is the target audience for this anime (aka the majority of anime watchers). Introverted male teenagers. It's obvious that in order to self insert them into Tomoya, you gotta take it slow.

This actually can be viewed as a negative aspect, since in a normal relationship things happen. While here... things don't happen or happen out of screen.

Even in the After Story, I couldn't see simple hugs between Tomoya and Nagisa that often. Hell, they even slept in different beds.

These scenes are heavily used in other series.

You're wrong. "Heavy" romance is pretty avoided in anime (especially the ones with multiple heroines) since it scares off the fans for unknown reason. Just like you won't get any romance in a shounen series.
The fact that you say this actually proves that you're not familiar with the medium.

Second, the death is implied very early.

Foreshadowing isn't something 100% positive. It all depends on how it's pulled off.

In our case we have Nagisa dying purely because of her idiocy.
Any normal person would go to the hospital considering her condition. It is just plainly retarded to stay at home. Which again proves that the actual drama has no strong basis and could've been avoided easily.

In many other shows characters die without obvious reasons or just for plot need.

This is what actually happened, you know...
Try to name me one reason for Nagisa to stay at home in critical condition while being pregnant. She doesn't even imply one damn reason and all we get is "Bcoz I want so".
Isn't this just using the character for plot convenience?

Last, the resurrection is a part of its world setting. The Dream World appears in the very first episode and throughout the whole series.

It's again a simple foreshadowing that doesn't save the show from a huge Deus Ex Machina. We never know wtf the dream world is and it's connection to the real one.

I'll add up here a bit since I've read the original and it explains a bit more stuff than the anime:
It goes something of a parallel worlds story. The Kotomi route gives lots of clues on that. They also use the parallel words stuff to explain the different routes. O well...
Here is what happened: We simply got switched on another world where Nagisa stays alive despite her idiocy.
Here's a thing for you to thing about then: the fact that we got switched on our view, doesn't mean the Tomoya with his dead daughter in his hands stopped existing. The world we got on still continues and our happy end is nothing of a happy end since all we did is go watch another story. The autor simply told us to close our eyes on that story and eat a happy ending in the face.

With that, the whole impact of the After Story was FOR NOTHING since ofc we can just switch to another story w/e we want. The whole plotline starts to lose all it's sense and reason to exist. There are no consequences.

Therefore, it's just an EXTREMELY cheap trick to fool the audience into thinking this is a well deserved conclusion obtained by the power of the characters themselves. It's just a sad DEM that exists to pull out some tears.
Valik93 Mar 27, 2014 7:39 AM
As I said, reviewing is not that much about your personal opinion. Your main focus is to explain what the anime is about (without spoilers ofc) and show it's positive and negative aspects. Different people have different taste, so it's useless talking about what you liked when you review. Keep that part at minimum.

Listing everything you did wrong would take a huge ammount of time, so I'll let most of that job for you.
Look for terms as: setting, plot consistency, plot holes, pacing, depth, plot twists, originality, character development and use them to enforce your arguments in a review.
You should construct a logical analysis.
Work on this if you want to review stuff.

You can forget the fanbouy part since (thankfully) it didn't apply to you. Usually people tend to rage on net if you go against their opinion.
A_Lam_Ma_El Mar 27, 2014 7:18 AM
>but I just don't know how to identify fanboys.

It's fairly easy, just talk to them or observe them and you will learn to see the difference between them and regular fans.
A fan will try to introduce more people to the work he is a fan of, while a fanboy will talk about his favourite anime like it's the best thing ever created by man kind and if someone doesn't watches it, then he is wasting his time.

A fan is likely to defend his series in an argument if it's attacked, but will use logical arguments to fight back or may even agree with you and see your point, while a fanboy will immediately get offended if you try to talk in a negative fashion about his favourite anime, and quickly go to insulting the attacker, they always refuse to see the fact that the series they like might not be flawless.

A fan realizes that every series has some flaws one way or another, even his own series, but he will remain a fan of it regardless of it's flaws and doesn't ignores them, while a fanboy refuses to even accept the possibility that his favourite has negatives, and will think and say that his show is perfect.

A fan won't talk constantly about his favourite show, while a fanboy obnoxiously continue to mention it every chance he gets regardless if it's actually relevant to the topic or not.

A fan will probably love shows similar to his favourite ones, while a fanboy will get offended and proclaims that the similar anime is a 100% copy and ripoff of his favourite anime.

If a fan makes a review of his favourites, he will tell you about both the positives and the negatives of the show, while a fanboy will base the entirety of his review on subjective remarks and points, and will not mention a single flaw or negative in the series.

> My habit is that I don’t like to give a very low score even if the show is completely pointless.
Valik93 Mar 27, 2014 12:56 AM
Meh tier reviews and huge ammounts of bias.

Read the guidelines (read them again if you already did). You're lacking analysis and you focus way too much on what you liked. Do note, the fact that you liked it doesn't make it good.

Also, have some interesting reads:
>Deconstruction Corner > Clannad and Angel Beats, both are there.

I hope you'll read and understand these points instead of going mad fanboy mode.
Have a nice day.
CorruptFlame Mar 16, 2014 10:11 AM
Nice Clannad review! Very fair and talked about both the positive and the negative of the show. i too really enjoyed the clannad series and can agree with almost everything that you said. Good work :). Oh and I see you have recently started Steins;Gate. That too is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy it!
Bakeryphresh Feb 14, 2014 9:56 PM
Pretty good Sakurasou review. I'm just looking and you have toradora on your watch list. I just finished that and oh gawd it's fantastic. Idk right now i'm just kinda derping around MAL so don't mind me.