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Sep 22, 2018
Don't let the fan service discourage you from giving this show a try. Harukana Receive is more than just that.

What makes Harukana Receive different from other sports anime this season is that it's light and fun to watch. This is one of those shows that I'd like to watch after a tiring day or when I just want to watch something and relax.

The story isn't complicated but it's definitely not shallow. The characters are lovable. While we often see them just enjoying beach volleyball, we also get to see the competitive side of it and see how different characters react to the frustrations of losing. read more
Dec 25, 2017
Many people will probably dismiss Imouto sae Ireba Ii. as another Eromanga-Sensei, or straightly drop the show after seeing the first minutes of Episode 1. People can’t blame them since the first episode was a giant normie filter.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t judge it based on just the first impression.

If you’re someone who’s new to watching anime, or someone who’s not comfortable watching 'unconventional' scenes, then this anime will probably throw you off. There’s a huge amount of sexual comments even in the first episode. The show doesn’t hold back when it comes to fan service. It’s a giant normie barrier.

Your normie friend will go read more
Dec 19, 2017
I've watched the movie in theaters so I decided to do a review about it. Please do take note that I didn't watch the 1993 film nor read the manga adaptation.

This review will be solely based on the anime adaptation.

Minor spoilers ahead:

"Fireworks, Should We See it from the Side or the Bottom?" or simply "Fireworks" was an enjoyable movie, but has some elements that can be considered problematic for other audiences. However, don't let these things discourage you from watching this film.

Art Style:

The art style just screams Shaft. The way they did the art style was really great. The still moments, the scenery, the character read more
Dec 7, 2017
Fortunately, 'No Game No Life: Zero' was screened in my country so I managed to watch it on big screen. Madhouse, you beautiful creature. Bless everyone who made this movie possible.

Let's go with the important question first:
Should you watch this movie?

Those who love or enjoyed 'No Game No Life' or NGNL should definitely watch the movie as it serves a prequel to the said TV series. While it can still be enjoyed regardless of whether you watched the TV series or not, I strongly recommend that you watch 'No Game No Life' first.


The story takes place six thousand years before the arrival of Sora read more
Nov 2, 2017
Updated Review.
Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead.

I'll be tackling some things here that I believe is part of the anime's strong points.

First of all, the art style and animation.

You'll probably thinking, "are you serious? The art style is probably one of the anime's weak points!". Well, I beg to disagree. While the art style definitely doesn't appeal to a certain number of viewers, I can say that the art style fits in very well. Take a look at the battle between Gran and Tiamat as an example. Coupled with a great soundtrack, the art style and animation gives you a certain feel; telling you that you're watching read more
Nov 2, 2017
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: 365-nichi no Jikan is a compilation film of the Assassination Classroom TV series. While the film is mostly a compilation, I strongly advise that you finish the whole series before watching this.

There's not much to say about the Art and Sound since it's almost the same with the TV Series. When it comes to enjoyment, I couldn't say that I "enjoyed" it since ninjas are cutting onions in the film.

So here's the question: Should you watch it?

Definitely. One thing worth noting is that the film have anime-only epilogue scenes. Unfortunately, many details were left out since the film only has around 90 read more
Aug 10, 2017
I'm glad that this is not a sequel. The ending of the main series was already great the way it is.

I'll keep this review short to avoid any spoilers.

91 Days Special is mostly focused on the Vanetti family and how they rose into power, while the later part of the episode is focused on the interaction between Angelo Lagusa and Nero Vanetti. All these information contributes to the overall story of 91 Days; givings us an idea behind the characters' motivations.

So, should you watch this episode?

I'd definitely recommend watching it since it add details to the overall story. But of course, you can still read more