Dec 7, 2017
sixfourone (All reviews)
Fortunately, 'No Game No Life: Zero' was screened in my country so I managed to watch it on big screen. Madhouse, you beautiful creature. Bless everyone who made this movie possible.

Let's go with the important question first:
Should you watch this movie?

Those who love or enjoyed 'No Game No Life' or NGNL should definitely watch the movie as it serves a prequel to the said TV series. While it can still be enjoyed regardless of whether you watched the TV series or not, I strongly recommend that you watch 'No Game No Life' first.


The story takes place six thousand years before the arrival of Sora and Shiro into the world of Disboard. It mainly follows the story of Shuvi and Riku as they try to put an end to the Great War on Disboard.

There are some parts of the movie that might leave the viewers baffled if they haven't watched the TV series. But overall, the movie managed to tell a great story. It gave more depth to the world of NGNL.


The art style and color scheme managed to create a unique atmosphere for the movie. While the art style is similar to NGNL, it managed to differentiate itself through its color scheme. The action scenes, for me, is probably one of the best things about this movie. Bless you, Madhouse.


The soundtracks were great, especially in establishing the atmosphere of a scene. But what I love the most is the ending soundtrack of the movie. It really fits well with the feels of NGNL Zero.


I cried. I just wanted them to be happy. Why did you have to do that, Jibril? Putting all those things aside, I really enjoyed the interactions between the characters. My only problem is that there was little character development for most of the characters. But that is understandable considering the duration of the movie.


As mentioned earlier, NGNL Zero can be enjoyed even if you haven't saw the TV series yet. But to fully appreciate it, it is strongly recommended that you watch NGNL first.

Will I watch it again if given a chance?
Fuck yes.

Personally, it's a 10/10 for me. This anime managed to give the the hype and excitement that I was looking for.