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Jan 28, 2012
This is technically a Mai HIME story, as it's actually set in the Mai Hime canon. Following up on the teaser ending in Mai Hime were we saw Arika in the background, this mini-episode features her in Fuka Academy. A very sweet, very cute episode that implies there is a link between the Hime and Otome worlds. Saying anything else would be a spoiler.

While I wish this had been regularly animated, I thought it was very enjoyable.
Jun 2, 2009
This would be a very good series if the art was more consistent. As it is I had to drop this series because I just couldn't take the artwork. Which is sad because the story is actually quite cute.
May 31, 2009
Negima had a fairly good start, with a stylistic retelling of the battle with Evangeline, then gradually declined. The art and characters are all quite good, but the plot falls apart after the first half and is clogged with filler.