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Toaru Majutsu no Index III
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
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Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
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Pumpkin Night
Nov 29, 2018 6:15 AM
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kaninn Jan 27, 11:54 AM
Death Note was horiffic. From mis-casting to lack of direction, bad acting and logic errors, 'flix butchered it something awful. Them and hollywood seem to be dredging up beloved series left and right to make into crappy movies.

Staying in during storms is definatley cosy. No ice here, just the usual dark, occasional high winds and cold. I live on the edge of an orchard, got off the bus ten minutes earlier last week to walk through it and found a tiny grave! Uminstakeble shape and there was raised earth by it. My accomodation is a little on the outskirts with just a birth clinic next door and they don't allow pets. So I've been wondering for a while what it could be for. A little creepy if its related to the birth clinic, eh?

New season looks dry to me. I'm watching Kakeguri XX (too early to say how I feel) and Boogiepops lined up but thats all. Tackling the backlog is probobly a better use of time!
kaninn Dec 6, 2018 2:43 AM
I read those comics since they were short, I enjoyed them! The noir/detective style is unusual but contrasts/compliments the cosmic horror nicely.

Netflix are making a live action Cowboy Bebop series, what do you think of that? After what happened to Death Note it's crazy anyone trusts them.

I'm envious of all the snow you get, although I suppose it makes travelling to work difficult. There's been continuous rain here and winds so high that when you walk down the street, soda cans and bits of rubbish will fly past your face, your scarf unravels itself, etc. Of course I have a cough as my immunity tanks at the first sign of cold weather. My noisy flatmates left for christmas already so I'm happy packaged away in my room- it's nice not to have to travel to the library, or be forced to work whilst listening to an obnoxious TV blaring in the background.

Stay healthy!
kaninn Oct 11, 2018 6:40 AM
The kind of horror that gets to me involves decision making. In movies like SAW where people are forced to make choices, just knowing the character is somewhat involved in their own horrible fate, or that things could have been different, has a big effect!

I think there are a lot of obstacles involved in producing horror animes in Japan. For example I heard some stores refused to sell the Corpse Party OVA. Even games (Resident Evil 7, The Evil Within) were censored. Its really a shame.

I didn’t read the walking dead comics! Any good?

The VVitch I really enjoyed! Only critique would be the ending where it seemed to blow all of the intrigue out of the window but was on the edge of my seat for most of that movie which is rare! Mandy looks brilliant, trailer gave me the same vibes as The Devils Rejects!

I’ve moved ten minutes from the coast for studying, often don’t leave the library until 8 or 9. The bus journey home is freezing and often end up using maps to tell me when I’m at my stop due to how dark it is. Autumn is certainally here! Will you go to any seasonal events?
kaninn Aug 26, 2018 12:56 PM
RE7 has a VR mode, but I’m too chicken to use it!

I tried the first episode of the Junji Ito animation. The palette is bleak, but the show has no tone. Characters barely blink, action scenes are stiff; they reused backgrounds noticeably. I struggled to watch the episode and ended up rereading Ma no Kakera next to it.

Yes, I am a Hero could have gone on much longer. The manga gave us lots of source material though, so it’s easy to imagine new scenarios for Hiro continuing on.

I spent my summer on Game of Thrones- managed to catch a few horrors but other than ‘The Void’ I don’t think I saw any from Netflix. I’ve been meaning to watch Veronica and The Ritual, as I often read about those, but I’d like to watch Texhnolyze and Mushishi, also. I keep going to old favourites instead.

July was hellish here, too! For a month it felt as if the air came from a microwave. Now the evenings are back to getting dark at 7, and I fall asleep to the sound of wind rustling trees. Autumn will be more suited for us!
kaninn Apr 12, 2018 3:36 PM
I love horror games at the moment, getting more into them and am neglecting manga and anime. Resident Evil 7 is super scary for the first 4 hours. Then after that its samesame. But those first 4 hours triple your blood pressure.

I didn't go near that Junji anime after I saw some clips, its really unfortunate it got treated like that. I know Junji would be hard to animate but... what a waste of potential.

Finished 'I am a Hero' today, I felt massivley dissapointed by the ending. Premature without solving a lot. I guess you could say thats how a 'realistic' zombie apocalypse would go down, but it feels poor to introduce all these troupe-like topics in a fresh way to build up interest then fail to explain them properly. The rest of the manga was very enjoyable so I gave it 9/10. The ending just needed more flesh. What did you make of it?

I'm busy with study at the moment so I don't have netflix, I've heard Annihilation is pretty good for their originals. A lot of their stuff (Stranger Things, Black Mirror) I think I'd really enjoy so when my school finishes during summer I think I'll catch up! One movie I keep getting reccomended is 'Split,' did you see that?
kaninn Dec 27, 2017 3:32 AM
I'm not sure about that, I think games are the medium championing horror latley. Resident Evil 7 managed to get my hands trembling, and games put you in that position, whereas other mediums make you a spectator. Manga does convey creepiness very well though- I still remember the slow boil disturbation I got from Franken Fran!

I also didn't like Pennywise in that movie, I'm glad you agree! More than an ominent sense of evil or a pressing, stressful threat he seemed like a casual source of scares during occasional moments who was going to freak the kids out but never really make any serious attempts to claim them. This is something I dislike: when you have an all-powerful evil that has revealed itself, but it's sitting idle and just letting its opposition get stronger, and there is no explanation provided for why this evil is idle. In the movie they explained PW being idle as 'letting their fear grow so they tasted better,' but then the movie actually showed them becoming more confident and less-afraid as they teamed up together, so surely Pennywise should become more agressive (yet he doesn't actually do this until the kids come after HIM). Anyway, Pennywise in the movie felt ridiculous to me- I didn't buy that a cosmic being who has been alive for ages, who has been killing and frightening for ages, with a power level similar to Lovecrafts: 'Crawling Chaos' could get 'bested' but a group of determind kids. This didn't really happen in the book and because there was more going on, it felt like Pennywise was doing more and not laying dormant. Meh... not a fan of the film. I do stand by the book though.

No snow for me, I live by the coast so it wasn't expected since winds are high and the air is salty. Lots of heavy rain though, I have a gutter outside of my bedroom window which clogged up and the rain got onto the pavement.

I worked a 14 hour shift christmas day since my family celebrate 'christmas' on boxing day. Boxing day I had the entire family with me, very busy. Christmas eve, I had a nice suprise- my first choice university shortlisted me for interview! I didn't expect them to look twice at my application but now I have an interview late January!

Enjoy the new year!
kaninn Oct 24, 2017 6:48 AM
Attack on titan is up to chapter 98 now-- somehow I am still reading. Bookmarked a lot of Junji stuff manga-wise as well, due a revisit.

Dies Irae airs this fall! Another anime I’ve postponed watching until I’ve read the VN. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou seems melancholic and cute, I think I’ll save that one. Let me know if you think there’s anything exceptional going.

Haha. my first job was an apprenticeship, so I’m used to work and study! It’s busy though. On days when I have classes, I stay late to use the library and get the last bus home. Hobby time is cut heavily. I’d forgotten my dislike of public transport too. I’m enjoying the classes a lot though; the work is interesting.

Just yesterday I received my first two biology assignments back and passed both with the highest mark on first submission! So, I’m exceptionally pleased. I was going to work extra shifts during half term (starts today!) but think I will cancel them to stay home to get extra research into my current assignments.
There will probably be a Halloween sale for PC games soon, so I hope I can focus.

I was unhappy with the IT movie. It’s heavily coming of age instead of horror. Has a distinctly different feel to the book. Pennywise isn’t a sense of foreboding evil, and more like an inquisitive summer activity for the kids. The child actors aren’t fantastic. A few sleazy jump scares, yes. Lots of Easter eggs referring book events but they’re not relevant and stand out oddly. Most creepy things are described instead of shown... Bah. You’ll have to watch it and tell me your verdict.

I heard Gerald’s Game is well-received, but haven’t seen it yet- I did think the book was one of King’s weaker ones, in honesty. Watched a lot of very good horror movies so far this month. Other than that, work and studying, classes, rinse repeat.

There has been no snow where I live for more than five years, but there have been heavy storms lately. Frequent powercuts. Strong wind that busted my bedroom window. Lots of cold rain that lasts through the night. And a strange event where sand from the sahara made the sky turn yellow, which I somehow missed.

Fog here too! It gets so white and thick you can’t see your hand when you hold it in front of you. When I walk to work at 5am, I normally never see anyone on the way. But when I do and it’s foggy, people make me jump everytime.

It must be nice to have snow though. If you have any pictures, you should show me.
Enjoy your Halloween.
kaninn Sep 20, 2017 4:59 AM
SNK has been blown massively out of proportion. I haven’t checked if the manga is finished yet, but I expect you’re right about the end.

I must watch ‘Made in Abyss,’ it looks very cute. While reading the synopsis and watching clips, I thought it’d make a good video game story. (Like Nino no Kuni.)
Anything convinced you this season?

Barely doing anything for 4 weeks sounds like an ideal! I loved travelling around the UK with my best friend last year but after he started a card club, he found replacements for me, so my summer was a bit empty this year too. I picked up a lot of extras then had a week of holiday for driving lessons. I did have a colleague around my house, though. She cried at work so I invited her over afterwards to talk, however she remained silent, ignored my questions and asked to leave after ten minutes. I gave her a birthday card, but she handed it back to me unopened the next day. Who knows what’s up there.

I attend classes twice a week and work two thirteen-hour shifts on weekends with one seven hour shift each Monday! But... it feels like too much. If I can afford it, I wish to further cut my hours due to the amount of assignments.

IT released!! Did you watch it yet? I’m excited because of the good critique. Finally finished the novel, it almost has an eldritch touch that I deeply enjoyed. I wonder if Lovecraft was in mind when King planned that.

I haven’t played Windwaker, there’s another one on WiiU (Skyward Sword) I didn’t play. I had twilight princess with Links crossbow training, loved that. It really is a great franchise. The re-release of Majora’s Mask was worth buying a 3DS for. Even with Spirit Tracks, I had lots of fun.

Stay healthy this autumn! Cold season is coming!
kaninn Jul 8, 2017 1:40 PM
They are good books! I have a shelf full of reccomendations, mostly from you, and I can pick up any one and become interested quickly. Though the content has a lot of trends, his style is very quick to digest.

SNK isn't enjoyable for me anymore- what happened in the manga happens in a lot of animes. The creator attempts a huge plot twist that blows it out of proportion... I'm a fan of plot twists you can't see coming but they should be clever... not ridiculous. It also felt like every character could shift into a titan, and when you make a huge, cool ability like that commonplace and take away all the odds against the main character, I don't find appeal.

Netflix re-earned my subscription, I watch Better Call Saul there along with Castlevania (ohh yes) the horror movie selection is ok I suppose. I like some documentaries but UK Netflix isn't overall vast.

How is your personal life going? I'm starting driving lessons, have my theory test booked for the upcoming Thursday and took my first lesson this morning. The accelerator freaks me out because of it's sensitivity. I put my foot down (not even hard) and the car starts at about 40mph. Even when I just curl my toes against it, it goes to 20mph. I'm good at changing gears but forget how to start the car and stall it. driving feels nice though. So, I hope I get used to it soon, 'cause it's expensive too!

I'm also going back to studying in September, my work hours will cut from 45 p/w to 32.5 p/w so I can have two study days.

Ah, I wanted breath of the wild on my dads wii-U, but I have too many unplayed games on my computer. So, even if I got it, I would never find time to play. Zelda games have always been tight and fun though.
kaninn May 1, 2017 7:20 AM
The plot makes sense to me, but the writing style of Stephen King back then- it was confusing. Some sentences lasted entire paragraphs and used too many adjectives, other times not enough. I like this though; for me, in horror, it works.

With anime lately I find myself easily bored, even for background material... these past three seasons seem weak.

The SNK manga has become a beautiful mess. You’re up to speed so I assume you saw the double spread page of titans being dropped from a zeppelin like bombs? I hope that’s animated.

Watched anything good lately? Last week, a friend took me to the new showing of: ‘ghost in the shell-‘ apart from us, the entire cinema was empty... hah! It’s simple and forgettable but not as godawful as people claim. The visuals were fantastic. (Spoken by someone who doesn’t like huge amounts of CGI.)

Do you normally have blizzards once a week in the spring? It’s the opposite here: too hot. Makes it hard to sleep.

Do you use a computer for video games?

I hope your spring (...summer?) is going well!
kaninn Apr 5, 2017 4:15 AM
Hello, it's been a while!
Did you see the trailer for the upcoming IT film? It's too early to say how it will turn out yet but I'm excited in the build up to it's release! Still only 2/3 of my way through the book.

I enjoy Ash Vs Evil Dead, the comedy sits really well with me. There is definatley going to be a season 3!

Been meaning to watch more anime, one I keep getting reccomended is Flip Flappers, have you seen that? Haven't started any spring anime yet but I saw the opening for season 2 of SNK has dinosaurs in it- that was pretty funny. Anything in general you'd say is worth my time?
Not sure if I qualify for surgery because I was told the issue may self correct if I keep to glasses. They feel comfortable now but I would like to go back to not needing them eventually.

I called my clinic (about a month ago) and they offered me a phone consultation, where they asked me questions over the telephone then said I had a chest infection, but how can they know without looking at me? Hurr. I was perscribed antibiotics and all's well now apart from some lingering symptons in my throat/ears/nose. I got REALLY bad a while back, there were two nights where I kept losing my sight and hearing suddenly like I was being plunged in and out of darkness, and I couldn't get warm. It didn't matter whether I had one layer or multiple ones on top of each other, four blankets, a double duvet and a hot water bottle, both ways I was shivering but didn't have a fever, my body was freezing to touch and wouldn't warm up. It was scary, I thought I was going to die and still have no idea what happened.

Glad you had a clean christmas, how is the new year treating you?
kaninn Dec 1, 2016 6:16 PM
Meh, I'm not gonna try AHS, it could very well be good but there's no willingness on my part to invest time.

I'm behind on TV shows and anime, I've watched some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! animes purely because my friend competes in tournaments otherwise priorities have gotten in the way. All I know is that there is a new Geass anime, and Steins;Gate 0 coming soon.

I have glasses now, I've never needed them before and I can't get used to them! They're just for reading and writing but since I'm at my computer frequently they spend a long time on my face... the benefits are noticeable (heh) and reading is far more comfortable. the only drawbacks I've realised are that I have to constantly clean the lense, and after wearing them the top of my nose itches, as if the bridge between the glasses should be resting there.

Its good to hear you're doing well, I haven't been so fortunate. xD Winter is a very bad time for me, last year I'm not sure if you remember but I was very ill for very long, my cold stretched over several months and I had episodes of collapsing that I put down to overworking, a similiar thing seems to have happened this year, I've had a cold since the day before halloween and I'm entirely uncertain whats happening at this stage because it hasn't degressed a bit, I cannot sleep due to coughing and am frequently sick. I've had the flu jab, antibiotics for a sinus infection (which I contracted, that isn't fun), I've tried vapor rub, nasal spray, honey and lemon drinks, I've increased my eating and sleeping to the point where I've spent entire days in bed when I'm not working, I frequently wash bedding- none of it works! I don't understand why my immune system is so poor! I have christmas free this year but I think I'll spend most of it asleep at this rate.

I hope the christmas period is kind to you!

kaninn Oct 10, 2016 2:25 PM
AHS season six is out! Have you watched it yet?

Recently I haven’t watched any new TV shows, mostly just rewatch old ones. I give up on new ‘horror’ programs, they’re all either ‘teen dramas’ or underwhelming... blah. I do really like Ash Vs Evil Dead, though... it has my sense of humour.

Disney are famous for lack of ethics, but the way they handled the fan material in the Star Wars universe was insulting to all of the authors who can no longer publish books- the childish quality of episode 7 was the final punch in the gut. I've got no interest in Rouge One.

Have you read any of the Star Wars expanded universe? Personally I love the Darth Bane novels, the ‘Galaxy of Fear’ series and ‘Dark Empire’ comics. Star Wars with gore, intrigue, unquestionably evil villains and overall done right!

I utterly missed all of summer's anime, anything good? This season, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, Occultic;Nine and Luger Code interest me, I swear I'm going to keep up with some!

How was your summer? Mine was bad, I was pushed and as a result broke/cracked my ribs (not sure which one as the nurse I saw said it isn’t normal to give x-rays on the ribs) ...had to take three and a half weeks off work where I received barely any sick pay, my mum also called the police out so I had to deal with that as well. I definatley feel better now it's all over.

On a more positive note, I caught up with some horror movies on my backlist while I was off, watched the ‘Jason’ series (most whilst simultaneously reading, the films are all essentially the same xD) That series... confuses me. Jason goes to Manhattan, he goes to ‘Hell,’ then he goes on a space ship... what is happening with that franchise??? Why does Jason go to space??? Also, the ‘Jason goes to Hell’ movie is a lie, Jason does not go to hell at all. And Freddy vs Jason underplayed Freddy badly. Ahhh.

The next series I’m going to watch is ‘Childs play’ because I hear there’s a 7th movie soon, and I’ve only seen the first one. Have you watched them?

Any good films in general watched on your end?

Mayoiga disappointed me, both the main boy and girl have weak personaloties and the monster itself is pretty tame. With the huge character cast, I thought we were going to have a lot of deaths and kids picked off one by one, but bleh... no such luck. xD

Stay healthy this autumn!
kaninn Jun 28, 2016 9:25 AM
The Gaga news dissapoints me but it doesn't suprise me. I heard a bunch of AHS actors quit perminently because she's staying.

Not watching much western tv, can't find anything which interests me enough to stick; it’s a little embarrassing but despite hating it the only show I’m following is the TV series of Scream. I can’t tell you why I have so many problems with it yet jump on it every week, maybe it’s something about annoying teenagers dying. I think I have some deep rooted, undiscovered psychological problem, it’s the only explanation for why I keep watching.

I remember reading that Star Wars VII is: ‘the A New Hope of this generation.’ This generation must be pretty awful.
Hear about the IT movie coming out in 2017?

Any movies to recommend? I’ve seen a lot of the popular horrors this year (Jeepers Creepers, Shaun of the Dead, JAWS, Cloverfield...) but the only ones I enjoyed were: ‘The Witch’ and ‘American Psycho.’

How is your personal life? A lot happened for me and I’m pretty tired but managing all the same, there was a big period where I thought everything was going well then it all turned upside down. Hope summer’s been better for you.

I’ve watched hardly any anime series this spring, started ‘Big Order,’ due to a joke recommendation but it became so nonsensical and moronic I was determined to make sense of it yet I've no idea how. Mayioga was one I thought looked promising, unfortunately it has no depth to me. Summer anime to look forward to soon!
kaninn Mar 27, 2016 5:59 PM
Thought American Crime Story would be a detective version of AHS, disappointed to find out they’re not connected. Probably a good thing after ‘Hotel.’

Used to love the Walking Dead comics, it’s strange I don’t like the show. Do you watch Better call Saul? Bob Odenkirk has a weird appeal to me, I don’t understand it but I can’t deny it either.

How did they end AHS? No, wait: how did Gaga get an award?! I’m pretty sure all she did was stand around and look facetious, is that acting skill 101 now or did talent get redefined?

Joe Hill’s books... you know when you watch a horror movie and the character goes into the unlit basement of a clearly eerie house alone and unprepared, you want to shout at them for being an idiot? It would work if the characters JH writes about WERE idiots, but he writes them as clever then repeatedly makes them do moronic things... the protagonist of HSB is also fifty years old but his dialogue (...dialogue in general) is childish. Combined with holey plots and antagonists who swear victory at any cost then do nothing (seriously. The protagonist went out to dinner in a restaurant in the middle of being hunted down by a supernatural force which could have struck at any time, that’s how non-threatened he felt.) It was hard to finish his book. I wanted to like it, him being Stephen King's son.

‘The Thing’ is on par with the first ‘Alien’ movie, love them both, saw the remake of ‘The Thing’ in the cinema, not as good as the original but still worth your time. I absolutely love ‘The Shining,’ another favourite, Shelly Duvall nailed her performance.

last night I watched: ‘Cabin in the Woods,’ it didn’t bore me but I was unhappy with it. Watched ‘The Ninth Gate,’ too... THAT movie bored me.

Work never gets better, I need to pick up overtime because my funds are short (I don’t want to.) Hope your health is alright, we had a ‘typhoon,’ here yesterday but that’s standard wind and rain for Cornwall. I’d love to see a blizzard, even if it’s just once. No snow near the coast.

I follow the manga of Boku dake ga Inai Machi and plan to watch the anime at some point, tell me what you think. I don’t know if anime seasons are getting more disinteresting or if I’m harder to please, both probably.
MAL’s new interface is definitely not a thing of beauty, at least we can change the lists back though, those disgusting coloured bars on my profile page aren’t going anywhere.