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Apr 21, 2014
My review is entitled the top 5 criticisms of Kill La Kill and why I disagree or do not care. I guess this really is not in tune with the guidelines but what’s the point of reviewing if you can’t address the issues that everyone has on their mind?
1. Mako is so annoying.
The number one criticism is that Mako, the stupid best-friend character, shows up at inopportune times—usually in the middle of a hot action scene—and this ruins the mood. I think that’s the whole point. That’s not to say that the fact something is on purpose makes it a good idea but it read more
Dec 18, 2013
There are people out there who really hate Neon Genesis Evangelion because they think Shinji is a dirtbag. These types of folks hate dirtbag main characters. I don’t really trust people like that.

I think good people understand their inner dirtbag. Watamote is a test, developed by Silver Link Studios—a test to see who can really tune in to the higher levels of reality.

The kind of person who hates this program is the sort of person who cannot face their own short-comings.

I am one of the realest people on the planet; so, it’s no wonder that I loved this show read more
Jan 19, 2013
This is a romance series revolving around a girl who lives in a pretend world where she`s the centre of a crazy sci-fi fantasy novel/game (or something). I read the synopsis for this series and immediately concluded that it was a rip off of Denpa Ono (where the main girl acts like an alien). That wasn’t going to stop me from watching it, however, because, as we all know, all Kyoto Animation series must be watched by everyone on the internet no matter what.

The anime gets my endorsement. I liken it to a youtube video I saw the other day where read more
May 7, 2012
Man, Chihayafuru is freaking good. I wasn’t going to watch this show. You look at the promo. It’s a shoujo/josei type joint about some chick who plays Japanese cards or some nonsense. How can that be good?

I know a lot of people mess with those mah jong anime that keep coming out. I can’t hate but I never know or care about what’s going on in any of that stuff.

Lucky things happened though. Winter 2012 anime were failing hard so I had to start review crawling. MAL gave this thing an 8+ so figured I’d give read more
Feb 7, 2012
I decided, based on what I thought was sound reasoning to check out Manglobe's latest release Mashiroriro Symphony: The Color of Lovers. I'm not the biggest fan of eroge interpretations but when I have liked them they were usually produced out by the higher tier studios. I dug the output from studios like Kyoto Animation (Clannad, Kanon, etc.), Shaft (Ef series), and P.A. Work (True Tears) because those studios were able to mask the usual problems with harem/game based series with great animation, direction or story writing.

I don't play eroge myself so I am not too certain about how often the source read more