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Dec 9, 2011
The almighty and legendary Cowboy Bebop. Well, here goes my best shot.

Story: 7,5
At first to me it seemed like Cowboy Bebop will be an episodic anime, which ones are usually plain bad and become boring after a few episodes. But Cowboy Bebop is a proof that anime mustn't evolve a single plot straight only to conclusion. Truth be said most of the Cowboy Bebop episodes are fillers, but not to the bad meaning of the fillers that you usually see in Naruto or Bleach or any other anime.

In Cowboy Bebop these episodes are more like expansions off the characters and mini stories with read more
Aug 31, 2011
Story - 6

After watching the first season I hoped that the plot would finally unfold in to something bigger and better then the first season. Well it didn't!

For the most part it was worse and only close to the end got better. The problem with the story is that it isn't directional and is repetitive. It's because some villain shows up from the religion side (usually) and wants to do something bad. And then Touma comes to the rescue. And this happens like every time through out the season. Seriously the villains seem to change like every 3-5 episodes and only thing that they have read more
Aug 30, 2011
Shiki Specials is just a two episode long, but somehow it manages to do something that none other horror, mystery or whatever kind of anime category could do in just 2 episodes.

Story - 9.5

If you haven't seen Shiki then watching this by itself won't work. All of the storyline is in the original series and without watching Shiki you won't understand a thing so go watch Shiki before this. As to not spoil it for you I'm gonna say that it is thought provoking and scary - pretty much like Shiki, but with a bit more of scary in it.

Visuals - 9

Visuals are read more
May 31, 2011
Story - 7
The plot is set in Academy city in which studies the effects of scientifically advanced supernatural students with psychic or esper powers. One of those students is Touma who is a lvl 0 psychic or esper, but even though his lvl is zero he has his right arm which has the power to negate all supernatural powers like magic and other esper powers. And then one day he meets a girl named Index who has 103 000 magical books sealed inside her brains and people from magical society wants to gain the important knowledge she has in her memory. Touma being a typical read more
May 23, 2011
The second season of Haruhi Suzumiya. What a total crap it was compared to season 1. I really wonder what were the creators thinking.

Story- 4
Once again SOS brigade goes on random adventures. There wasn't anything about how Suzumiya had such powers or anything else. Really this season was almost a filler if there wouldn't be said that Haruhi maybe isn't a GOD, but maybe she is someone who has been given godlike power by someone else. Also the world wasn't created by Suzumiya. Those 2 things were the only things that moved the story forward from total randomness. And I already had one of read more
Apr 27, 2011
Story: It starts out like a revenge story, but becomes more off Kyoko's development story about how she becomes from nobody to somebody in the acting biz with some romance mixed in. But be careful the romance part of this show only shows itself after episode 20 or so with some. Most of the time until then it kinda is more like a comedy story about Kyoko and her career.

Art: It was better then I expected for a Shoujo anime. Almost all of the time pretty, shiny man didn't get into the screen to obscure my view. Also characters were drawn very good, but I read more
Apr 26, 2011
Story: It was a good and very promising story until episode 14. Then it just threw you in the bath full of water and you woke up wet all over with a face wondering WTF happened? The story is inconsistent, but interesting.

Story development: Until episode 14 it was developing very good and it was asking for some dramatic change, but it went bazzurk and did something that nobody could expect and failed a bit. Not like after episode 14 the anime becomes bad its just worse then it was.

Art: It had too good art for that time ( It first aired in 1995). Had read more
Feb 20, 2011
Story - 5
The story was bad to say the least. It was badly paced as most of the time your stuck to seeing something between shonen- anime glued together with a lot of dramatism. And that means that action fight's are predictable and almost seem pointless and the Allen or Lenalle or other guys from the Order cry after almost every fight about something. The story had so much plot-holes that there were more holes then the plot. Also on the end all you get is about the same were this anime started. The last episode everyone is still fighting akuma's and more read more
Aug 8, 2010
Story: 7
World has gone zombified in few hours and some high school students try to survive. Basically the story isn't the most original ,but it is very good. Only thing I really don't like about the story is that there isn't an explained how the zombies became so much in few hours, but maybe it will be explained later. The fan-service theme doesn't kill the story like in most fan-service animes.
Art is awesome. Nothing else is needed to be said.
The songs of the anime are great and background noises are too.
I like most of the characters (Komuro, Hirano, Shizuka, Saeko). Also the character development read more