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Oct 17, 2015
Twintails is a special breed of show, you go into it saying "Yeah this is gonna be shit"; but come out saying "Shit that turned out to be fun enough that I want more". Twintails has a stupid plot but it is driven by the crazy characters.

Earth has been invaded by the Ultimegil a race of fetishistic creatures who all seek attributes to feed their desires but serve greater masters, the greatest of which enjoys Twintails (really long pigtails Miku Hatsune style). A hero rises up to face them with his equal, if not greater, obsession with this hair style:

Sōji Mitsuka

This guy is so obssessed read more
Oct 17, 2015
So today I watched Black Lagoon Roberta's Blood Trail, it was good and left me wondering about myself and my own rage. Roberta's Blood Trail is an OVA which takes place directly after the end of Second Barrage.

It tells the tail of the aftermath of a NSA assassination which took out Roberta's master. Now if you have seen the original series you will know that Roberta would have killed everyone in Roanaper if it meant saving her master and his child. With the master dead, she goes after the NSA which have taken up residence in Roanapur for a little while. Garcia and another maid read more
Oct 17, 2015
Nisemonogatari Review: Supernatural Little Sisters
Well I finished Nisemonogatari, taking it much slower than I did Bakemonogatari and I think I liked it more. This may be due to my love for shows like Oreimo and other shows having to do with little sisters, but I liked it a decent amount. So here is the review of Nisemonogatari:
This season focuses on three characters which got essentially no screen time in the first season:
Karen, Tsukihi, and Shinobu,

Now personally I loved all these characters with Shinobu being my favorite, followed by Karen, then Tsukihi. I was predisposed to Shinobu though because she is the whole reason I read more
Sep 20, 2015
Well I just finished Black Bullet, surprisingly it turned out better than I thought it would. The show had felt mediocre and I didn't think I would think too highly of it, though the last few episodes end up shining against the rest.

For most of the show things felt oddly pointless, characters seemed like they had their own personalities but they still felt a little flat. That is how the entire show felt, flat. Deaths felt like they had no meaning and were just sprinkles on your freezer burned ice cream. It was like the show saw how successful Attack on Titan was and decided read more
Jan 12, 2015
Personally for me I loved this manga all the way through. I watched the anime and loved it so I decided to read the manga. The manga is leaps and bounds different and it expands on so much more while accomplishing a lot more. I currently own the entire series Plus all the side stories, the new volume for the new series, and the two doujinshii collections that were released. As you can tell I over this series. The story is great and feels authentic. The characters are wonderful and have many hilarious quips along with huge personality. The art is great, being read more
Dec 28, 2014
*Spoiler Warning* (also this is something I typed a while ago just after I finished the show so it’s a little old but still was my honest opinion) I just finished Zankyou no Terror. It was a journey to say the least, I saw no flaws in the characters and I am holding back tears as I type this. It is a bittersweet ending that I partially saw coming but didn’t want it to happen. After 5 died I had suspicions that it was possible that the drugs had shortened their lives as well as the other children’s. I noticed a definite tone shift in read more