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Oct 13, 2021
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Well, this was a very nice surprise this year.

Good story, good characters, well handled mature themes, does not treat the viewers as idiots and some slick mecha action. That ticks all the checkboxes for me!

The story has a couple plot holes (mainly about why no 86 unit rebels or goes AWOL) but it is otherwise solid. The characters are well written, the female lead gets a nice developing arc, and over the episodes we get some nice backstory for most characters.

But the main success of the series is that is able to treat themes of racism, genocide and war with respect and good taste. It read more
Mar 31, 2020
In a word: Meh.

The story is bland, boring and predictable. And the characters are not better. Also, as a reader of the novels and fan of the franchise: That´s NOT Takeshi Kovacs.

Envoys are not just combat specialists, they are infiltrators with an uncanny sense sense for body language. They´re supposed to be amazing character readers that smell treason a mile away and can understand the motivations and desires of every person in the room after just 5mins of conversation. And then use that info to manipulate everyone around them. And here there are SO MANY things go over the MC´s head that is not even read more
Feb 4, 2020
Yet another anime with an incredible good premise that has all the signs of going downhill as the season progresses.

There are some very cool ideas going on here, and some are well executed as well. The premise can be a hard pill to swallow, but that's not really a problem if you can look past it: A magic technology that captures particles from the subconscious of killers and allows recreating said subconscious in a computer simulation, where a special type of cop delves to investigate. A bit like The Cell movie, with Jennifer Lopez, but accessing a copy of the killer mind instead of read more
Dec 13, 2019
No reviews at the time of writing, so here goes mine :)

Red Planet is a surprisingly decent movie. It does not excel in any department but it does not fail in any neither.

I know many people hate the computer graphics but here it kinda fits the setting. Most of the time we're shown spaceships, corridors, bugs, and soldiers in full armor; and it looks really good. It does not look that good when the focus shifts to unarmored humans, or when the soldiers remove their helmets. Normal humans move... weird (for lack of a better term) and faces look off too.

The story and characters read more
Nov 20, 2019
In a word: Mediocre.

Classical story of fallen hero that redeems himself by taking care of a child. You´ve seen it countless times in different mediums. And when done correctly it can work pretty well.

But Case 3 does not do it very well. The characters are all extremely one-dimensional. Even Kougami, who is a very interesting character in the first and second seasons, gets here reduced to just "revenge is bad so I won´t kill anyone anymore". And he takes that motto to ridiculous lengths.

One also wonders why someone who is renouncing violence travels to the hottest warzone in Asia. It really makes no sense. read more
Nov 20, 2019
After really disliking Case 1, I was expecting Case 2 to be equally bad. But it is actually good.

Now, one hour is way too short for a movie, so it still feels a bit rushed and some characters get so little camera time that their appearances feel more like a cameo. But the story is solid. Nothing outlandish, just a plain old revenge tale, but solid indeed. And we get a great deal of character development as this takes place before season 1, so we get a peek at some characters life before that time.

It also gives us a look at how the military functions read more
Nov 20, 2019
What the... did I just see?

Season 1 is one of my few 10s here in MAL. I´m in the minority that liked season 2 quite a lot as well. And I even found the first movie half-decent. But this? No story, no character development, no action, no nothing. Sure, art and sound are quite good but... who cares if everything else is so poor?

The worst offender is the totally absurd and nonsensical plot. Without going into any kind of spoilers, just remember that in Psycho-Pass world there are TONS of drones and robots for industrial and police work, as it has been established in previous read more
Nov 19, 2019
First, quick disclaimer: I dropped the show after 6 episodes, so maybe it improves afterwards (don´t think so). Oh, and very mild spoilers on some action scenes ahead (no spoilers on the story, though).

Special 7 depicts a Shadowrun-esque world, similar to Copcraft, but one where magic use is very restricted and really powerful. It follows the adventures of an elite police unit that for reasons unknown operates independently from, and it´s despised by the rest of the police force.

It loosely follows the GitS template so we have the usual array of members. We have the MC (or more like audience surrogate), a normal human and read more
Oct 7, 2019
Decent anime that feels like a missed opportunity. It has potential but it never makes use of it. It mostly suffers from being too episodic. There is a nice story arc in there, but episodes 4 to 8 barely touch it, so the pacing suffers.

The art is not great (too many static pictures used) but it´s serviceable. The characters have potential but we get very little background from them along the way.Although watching them banter with each other is fun, the typical cop-buddy stuff is well done.

The story has a very nice noir flavor (sex, politics and violence) with some anti racism message thrown read more