Nov 20, 2019
red4scare (All reviews)
After really disliking Case 1, I was expecting Case 2 to be equally bad. But it is actually good.

Now, one hour is way too short for a movie, so it still feels a bit rushed and some characters get so little camera time that their appearances feel more like a cameo. But the story is solid. Nothing outlandish, just a plain old revenge tale, but solid indeed. And we get a great deal of character development as this takes place before season 1, so we get a peek at some characters life before that time.

It also gives us a look at how the military functions under the Sybil system, so we get some nice world-building for the PP universe in the same package.

All in all, a 7/10. And it could have been an 8 or even a 9 if it had got some 30-45 extra running time to tell the story at a nicer pace.