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Nov 27, 2022
Dr. Slump (Anime) add
I have been curious about this version of Dr. Slump since I watched the first op when I was still a kid. I had already read the manga, and at first I thought the change in character design of a few characters in this version was weird, especially Arale's... Honestly, Arale having dark brown hair instead of her iconic purple hair is the only change that still bugs me a bit in this version. Much later I learned that this version didn't seem to be very popular... But after I started watching it and now that I finished it I can say for sure: this ...
Jul 22, 2022
As a big fan of the original Alice in Wonderland book, I'm often attracted to its multiple adaptations. The vast majority is not all that impressive, to be honest. I expected this one to not be so good as well, especially considering the low score and the negative reviews here in MAL. Boy, was I wrong.

I'm not one to say stupid things like "if you disliked (thing), it's because you didn't understand it," regarding any kind of media, but I really can't avoid thinking that the reason why so many peope disliked Alice in Dreamland was simply because it was very different from what they ...
Jul 14, 2018
Juuni Taisen (Anime) add
Ah, Juuni Taisen, one of the series I enjoyed the most last year. It took me a while to finally write this review, but here it is.

First, I see way too many people complaining that the story was "predictable" because the ending theme shows who was gonna die in order. But honestly, if this is the reason why you're mad at this anime, you totally missed its point. This was obvious from the beginning.

- Story 8/10
This is the original 12 Zodiac Animals story told as a battle royale. The story follows the order of the original myth - The last one to arrive at ...
Feb 17, 2018
Persona 4 The Golden Animation is an anime made for Persona 4 fans. If you haven't played the games or at least watched the previous anime you most probably won't enjoy this anime and I'll explain why.

Story 8/10
It's all about Marie. Marie's story is a subplot in the Golden version of the game. However, as the original game was already animated in Persona 4 The Animation, this one is almost completely focused on Marie, and the main plot of the game becomes the subplot. If you don't like Marie or don't know her and have no interest in her character, this anime isn't for you. ...
Nov 30, 2015
CLAMP School Detectives is a 90s anime based on a CLAMP manga. And it is, in my opinion, a very entertaining show. I just finished this series and decided to write a review about it - my first review, actually. Here we go.

• Story - 9/10

In the first 20 episodes there isn't a story. We follow the lives of three elementary school boys that happen to be in the Elementary School Council and are also (self-proclaimed) detectives. They - well, mostly their "leader", Nokoru, wants to help all the ladies he sees in trouble. He doesn't want to see any girl crying and is willing ...